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Havard Sharia Finance: Laughing All the Way to the (West)Bank and Selling American Women Into Slavery, Part II

Havard Sharia Finance: Laughing All the Way to the (West)Bank and Selling American Women Into Slavery, Part II

2010 April 21

“Islam is not, even after all the apologizing and equivocating of our elected political officials, a doctrine that has historically spread through peaceful and reasonable means. It remains the only religious doctrine of which I am aware, thanks to the elucidating works of Robert Spencer, that mandates violence against people who are not followers and believers. The West has yet to fully awaken to that reality.”

This is the conclusion of NewsReal Blogger, John L. Work’s article Westerners Make Huge Mistake In Evaluation Of Islam. Work introduces NRB readers to the new documentary by Robert Spencer, director of Jihad Watch. Spencer is one of the few scholars in the West who has the courage to declare that the anomaly in Islam is not “radical extremism,” but what we self-soothingly refer to as “moderate Islam.”

Central to Islam is the directive to wage Jihad, to bring about the universal imposition of Islamic Sharia Law, in all its vicious and totalitarian splendor. The degree of violence by which Jihad is waged depends on the circumstances, but the goal and obligation for each true Muslim to be involved remain. In Western countries, it behooves Muslims to disguise their intentions while engaging in what Spencer named, “Stealth Jihad.”

Harvard Sharia Finance Geniuses: Lying all the way to the bank and Selling Women into Slavery Part 1, illustrated this Stealth Jihad by acquainting readers with Islamic Banking. Examining the backgrounds of important participants at the Harvard Islamic Finance Project reveals the profound link between Sharia Finance and the global drive to establish Sharia Law as the universal code of conduct.

Allow me to introduce Mr. Iqbal A. Khan, the keynote speaker for the Sharia Finance Banquet held during the Harvard Islamic Finance Forum on March 27, 2010. According to Harvard, he is the Founding member of the Harvard Islamic Finance Project, the Founding CEO of HSBC Amanah. He launched and is still CEO of Fajr Capital Limited and Chairman of the Executive Committee and a board member of Jadwa Investment in Saudi Arabia. Mr. Khan is a board member of Brunei Islamic Development Bank in Brunei Darussalam and Waqf Trust Services Limited in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. He directs similar Sharia Finance institutions in Malaysia.

In addition to these international undertakings, Mr. Khan is a Trustee of the London Muslim Centre and Chairman of the Business and Economics Committee for the Muslim Council of Britain. The London Muslim Center is attached to, and facilitates services offered at the East London Mosque.

The Chairman of the London Mosque is Dr Muhammad Abdul Bari. Bari caused a stir in England by suggesting:

“Arranged marriages are a good idea. These are not forced on children but it is a way of parents helping to guide their children to make the right choices. In youth, you are very emotional; you just go on instinct. Elders can look at compatibility, background, intentions. It is a wonderful system. I had an arranged marriage. My daughter is 22 and we will help her to choose a man. But it will be a choice made by all of us. It would be a good thing for British society to take on board. Traditionally, you had far more of this; now, it is all done on impulse.”

While Bari insists that Islam is a religion of peace and that the East London Mosque deplores terrorism, the Mosque is the home to offices of the Islamic Forum of Europe. Dr. Bari is a former president of the IFE. The Global Muslim Brotherhood Report, published the following report concerning the London-based IFE, including the fact that Anwar al-Awlaki, the cleric consulted by Major Nidal Malik Hasan before he waged Jihad at Ft. Hood, was a guest of the IFE:

“According a report by the Center for Social Cohesion, the IFE operates out of the East London Mosque and shares many of the same trustees and senior management which includes Muhammad Abdul Bari, also the Secretary General of the Muslim Council of Britain (MCB). The CSC also reports that In October 2003, IFE invited Anwar al-Awlaki to speak at its ‘expoislamia’ event. Anwar al-Awlaki is the pro al-Qaeda imam based in Yemen whom the Fort Hood shooter had been in contact.”

“It should also be noted that the London Islamic Center, an $18 million facility built in 2004 that houses the Islamic Forum of Europe and its associated East London Mosque, also contains the offices of Muslim Aid, a charity that has been tied to Hamas fund-raising.”

The bottom line, literally, is that speaking the uncomfortable reality about Islam and Sharia Finance is not profitable. Muslims are using our universities and financial institutions to incrementally replace our financial system with Sharia compliant Finance. Sooner or later, we will each have to decide if we want to become Sharia-compliant Muslims, not only financially, but religiously and morally as well.

It is easy to pretend that Americans will never be confronted with this dilemma, but the spread of Islam will eventually impose itself on this profitable self-delusion. If we do not become the Islamic Republic of America, it will only be because, at some point in the next decades, we will understand the expansionist nature of Islam and fight back. A good place to start is by protesting the collaboration of Harvard University geniuses with Sharia Financial Jihadis.

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