Thursday, November 15, 2012

11-15-12: Petraeus Sex Scandal Could Have Sunk Obama (Plus: Bishops won't comply w/ObamaCare)

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·  See the Explosive Moment Israeli Forces Killed One of Hamas' Most Powerful Chiefs


·  Krauthammer calls Obama's comments "INDIGNANT" and issues a scathing review of his explanation regarding the misleading appearances made by Susan Rice after the attack in Benghazi, Libya.


·  Holder's handling of Petraeus scandal under fire: Since attorney general knew about sex scandal investigation months ago, was he required to immediately tell Pres. Obama and White House?


·  Obama was confronted today by Ed Henry from FOX News if he Made an Order to Protect Heroes in Benghazi (Libya)....DOES OBAMA GIVE AN ANSWER?


·  Obama sends confusing message with Susan Rice Libya comments: President reveals White House sent out UN ambassador to address Benghazi attacks, but says she had 'nothing to do' with Libya probe


·  The search for answers in Benghazi, Libya gets more muddy: Sen. Lindsey Graham on how scandals involving CIA director Petraeus and U.S. commander in Afghanistan complicate the quest for truth


·  Amb. John Bolton weighs in on the International impact of General Petraeus and General Allen investigations


·  GLENN BECK: Sex, Lies and Libya


·  European Socialism Is Collapsing. Is America Next?

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Krauthammer: White House potentially used affair to influence General Petraeus' Benghazi, Libya testimony

·  Congressman Demands Special Prosecutor in Benghazi Scandal: Don't forget - there are 4 Americans DEAD - the U.S. ambassador, his aide, and the two Navy Seals attempting to defend Americans in Libya.

·  RUSH LIMBAUGH: The Obamacare Nightmare Comes True -We're not talking about the abstract any longer. It's the law of the land.

·  Businesses announce cuts due to health care law: Benefit cuts, possible layoffs expected at WalMart, Applebee's, Papa John's

·  ***MUST WATCH: Bill O'Reilly Berates ‘Secular Progressives' Who Are ‘Bent on Destroying Traditional America'

·  Feinstein: I'll subpoena CIA about Petraeus trip to Libya after Benghazi attack

·  Reporter Confronts Cantor On Why He Kept Petraeus Scandal Quiet Before Election

·  How does Petraeus scandal impact national security? KT McFarland weighs in

·  ABC: Petraeus Could Face Charges for Affair

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Cardinal Dolan: U.S. Catholic bishops won't comply with Obama rule on birth control coverage in insurance

A top American bishop said Tuesday the Roman Catholic Church will not comply with the Obama administration requirement that most employers provide health insurance covering birth control.

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Petraeus Sex Scandal Could Have Sunk Obama

In short, it is the worst scandal of the Obama Administration and makes the third-rate burglary in the Watergate scandal look minor by comparison.

Panel Connects-the-dots on Benghazigate, Suggests Urgent Questions for Congressional Investigators

Did President Obama order the U.S. military not to come to the aid of Americans under attack on 11 September 2012?

Obama Administration Gave Petraeus's Wife a $187,605-Per-Year Job

The Obama administration named Holly Petraeus--wife of Gen. Patraeus, who resigned last week as CIA director--to a $187,605-per-yer job in the newly formed Consumer Financial Protection Bureau.

Camp Bastion Families Want Answers About Afghanistan

While Secretary Clinton boozes it up in Australia and the Pentagon grapples with more floozy eruptions, outraged military families are still waiting for answers about the forgotten 9/14 attack on Camp Bastion.

Angela Merkel Calls Christianity the ‘World's Most Persecuted Faith'

Angela Merkel, a product of a Lutheran family, addressed concerns about religious freedom at a recent talk.

How Morsi Took Power in Egypt

How did Morsi pull it off? How did the lamb slaughter the butcher? Why did so many analysts not see this coming?

Israeli Strike Kills Hamas Commander

TEL AVIV-Israel pounded the Gaza Strip with artillery shells and about 20 airstrikes on Wednesday, killing Hamas's top military commander and at least seven other people in the most violent assault on the coastal territory in four years.

Michigan's Insane 25x25 Proposition: A Postmortem

Why Michigan voters wisely rejected the crazy idea of 25% electricity from renewables by 2025.

Egypt's president Morsi recalls ambassador from Israel

Mohamed Morsi recalls the newly appointed ambassador to Tel Aviv hours after Israel escalated assaults on Gaza Strip killing commander of Hamas military wing


A New Kind of Civil War

When I read that, I kept hearing Hitler saying the same thing to masses of uniformly clad zombies held rapt by this oratory.

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