Monday, November 26, 2012

11-26-12: Susan Rice Chose 'To Be a Puppet' regarding Libya


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Hamas likes to ensure that their own people get killed, too, which is why they put their rocket launchers next to schools, hospitals, and playgrounds.


Susan Rice Chose 'To Be a Puppet' regarding Libya -She had access to all of the top secret classified info, and she knew the story she was giving out was not entirely true.


Deadly attack on Muslim Brotherhood building -Steve Harrigan reports from Egypt


Liberals and the Left Using 'Freak Show' Tactics to Control Senator Marco Rubio 'Image'


MEDIA WATCH: FOX's Juan Williams Bashes Israel's "Overkill" and Charles Krauthammer set Williams straight


Egypt's New Pharaoh -Protests continue in Cairo over Morsi power grab


The coming cost of health care reform - ObamaCare


Stakelbeck on Terror Show: Israel vs. Hamas

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Ronald Reagan Thanksgiving Day Address 1985


Krauthammer comments on Israel cease-fire: Netanyahu is giving the cease-fire a chance because Iran is the bigger issue and Netanyahu doesn't want to upset his relationship with Obama.

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Thanksgiving Video Flashback: President Bush Makes Surprise Thanksgiving Visit to Iraq, 2003


Rush Limbaugh: The True Story of Thanksgiving


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