Monday, December 10, 2012



          Raoul Wallenberg

Charles Adler on Raoul Walleberg and his
pride of being an immigrant to Canada.

“Over 500,000 Hungarians in the land of my birth were murdered during the Holocaust.  If there is one human reason for my existence, if I am able to breathe freely tonight and speak to you it is because of one person, Raoul Wallenberg.

How do I thank a man for my own existence?  I will thank the man representing the Canadian government who made sure that Raoul Wallenberg is memorialized in the country that gave me and my parents’ sanctuary.

My expression of gratitude to the Government of my country on behalf of so many  of the thousands of children who are now living in Canada would never have been possible if not for the man known as the world’s most righteous Gentile, Raoul Wallenberg.”

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