Friday, January 18, 2013

01-18-13: Prop-a-palooza: The Use and Abuse of Kiddie Human Shields (Plus: Senator Marco Rubio)

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greg gutfeld _FOX the five

·  Bob Beckel and Greg Gutfeld go into a heated exchange over gun violence and the National Rifle Association

manti _ LARGE

·  Legal implications for those involved in Manti Te'o hoax

Obama Unions

·  Non-union jobs taking off in manufacturing sector

march 4 life _ stop abortion - LARGE

·  A Nation Rises - March for Life (Narrated by Obama?)

marco_rubio 2011

·  Senator Marco Rubio outlines his immigration vision


·  NBC's Chuck Todd Runs Down the Ways America Is Not Better Off After 4 Years of Obama

OBAMA_exiting white house door

·  White House 'Seeking Clarity' On Algeria Hostage Crisis


·  The Interior Dept spent $222,000 to renovate the secretary's personal 100-square-foot bathroom- and Audit Finds You Paid for It!

·  Hurricane Sandy Victims Say Red Cross Abandoned Them



In Case You Missed It

pope benedict

·  O'Reilly: The culture war goes worldwide: Example - while the Pope was conducting public prayer, protestors stripped off their clothes and tried to shout the Pope down.

rand paul _ LARGE

·  Sen. Rand Paul Will Introduce Legislation to ‘Nullify' Obama's Executive Orders on Guns

2012 + OBAMA+ WINK

·  Obama, kids as political props


·  Jimmy Kimmel Segment Featuring Los Angeles News Stations Freaking Out Over ‘Freezing Cold' 50-Degree Weather

gore_al 08

·  Media coverage of the Al Gore-Al Jazeera story - The National Media is Corrupt!

obama laugh

·  Mark Levin: Obama's Executive Orders aimed at curbing gun violence ‘Un-American,' ‘Fascistic'


·  Allen West : Former congressman sounds off on credit downgrade fears for the US, former Secretary of State Colin Powell's comments on GOP.

DONt MESS with TEXAS _ large

·  TX State Rep. Who Vowed to Fight Obama's Gun Control Measures Has Fiery Clash With CNN Host

obama way up

·  BREAKING: 23 EXECUTIVE "ACTIONS" Obama pressures Congress to act swiftly on gun control


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Prop-a-palooza: The Use and Abuse of Kiddie Human Shields

During the legislative battle that rammed the Obamacare takeover down our throats, Obama and the libs piled up youth props around them like bunker sandbags.

Iran has Plans for Us

If America increases sanctions or conducts a military strike on Iranian nuclear sites in the next six months, the mullahs will unleash terror teams in the United States.

White House publishes YouTube videos of children advocating gun reform

The White House posted a set of four videos Thursday of children reading their letters to the president encouraging a solution to the problem of gun violence.

Good Guys and Defiance

Bad guys aren't going to register their guns either, nor will background checks stop them because they don't buy their guns legally.

Is it Really 2013? My How The Time Does Fly! Reflections of a Distant Curmudgeon

If you live long enough, it was once said, you not only see everything and experience quite a bit, but you are no longer fooled by fancy rhetoric, pretty pictures and utopian dreams.

The Dilemma of Changing IQ outcomes

It is a bit of a shock to learn that the average American IQ in 1900 was 67, which today would be mentally handicapped.

Vanishing Vote: Rural Influence Dwindles

"We lack political influence because we don‘t give money to campaigns, and we don‘t need handouts."

Chuck Hagel - It's the Anti-Americanism, Stupid

Chuck Hagel hates Jews. Or should I say, he hates Jews who think that Jews have rights and that their rights should be defended, in Israel by the government and the IDF, in America by Israel's supporters.

Egyptian court sentences Christian family to 15 years for converting from Islam

"Now that Sharia law has become an integral part of Egypt's new constitution, Christians in that country are at greater risk than ever." - Jordan Sekulow


Court Rules in Favor of the Taliban

That would mean that KSM, the mastermind of the 9/11 attacks on the U.S., would be able to meet with his fellow terrorists outside his cell five times a day to "pray."

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