Friday, February 22, 2013

IW News Brief: Welfare Jihad, Public School Da'wa, and More

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IW News Brief: Welfare Jihad, Public School Da'wa, and More

by David J. Rusin  •  Feb 22, 2013 at 11:48 am
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Islamist Watch (IW) maintains an extensive archive of news items on nonviolent Islamism in the Western world. The complete collection can be found here; lists organized by topic are accessible on the right side of the IW homepage.
The following are some of the recent developments covered in the IW database:
British radical promotes welfare-funded jihad
The UK's Sun secretly recorded cleric Anjem Choudary as he urged Muslims to further their jihadist pursuits by claiming public benefits. "The normal situation is for you to take money from the kuffar," he said, using a term for unbeliever. Ridiculing Britons with jobs, Choudary noted that some Muslims hardly ever work and instead focus on jihad. Based on research from 2010, Choudary "received £15,600 a year in housing benefit to keep him in a £320,000 house" and pocketed another £10,140 in council tax allowance, income support, and child benefits.
Islamists are known for living on the Western dole, especially in Britain, a scandal examined in a 2011 IW article by Kathy Shaidle. Recipients of UK benefits have included the bomb plotters of July 21, 2005, hate preacher Abu Hamza, and Abu Qatada, dubbed "Osama bin Laden's ambassador in Europe." (Unable to deport Abu Qatada, the government recently moved him into a three-bedroom home near a synagogue.) The phenomenon is not limited to the UK, as seen in new data indicating that Swedish citizen Taimour Abdulwahab, who blew himself up during a botched 2010 attack in Stockholm, had procured 750,000 kronor ($119,000) in student aid.
Left: Anjem Choudary was recorded saying that Western leaders deserve to be killed and that freedom must be rejected. "We are going to take England," he boasted. "The Muslims are coming." Right: Mohammed Alharbi and his kids passed out pro-Islam material in a U.S. public school, but "not a single staffer or a teacher ever uttered a word," according to WTHI.
Muslims advertise Islam at Indiana public school
Officials are investigating a bizarre incident at Terre Haute's Dixie Bee Elementary on February 8 in which Mohammed Alharbi and his three daughters, all students there, distributed religious messages while school was in session. Going room to room, they gave each instructor a flower and a card stating that "Mohammed is a Prophet of Mercy" and advising: "Do not defame people lest you make them your enemies." Reasoning that this should be considered a history lesson, not proselytizing (da'wa), administrators permitted the father to bring the material to the main office after the school's legal counsel cautioned against "viewpoint discrimination." They argue that Alharbi broke an agreement not to go beyond the office, but nobody can explain how he ended up walking freely through the halls. Alharbi insists that the principal had approved his plans.
Pro-Islam views have been creeping into secular U.S. classrooms, most often via slanted books, troubling guest speakers, and Islamist-run charter schools, even though any adult's participation in religious endorsement at a public institution is legally problematic. The ease with which Alharbi reportedly gained access to teachers and students, despite a parent's claim of airtight security, also recalls a recent case in which staffers' ignoring of protocols enabled a niqab-clad woman to abduct a girl from a Philadelphia school; both events suggest PC-driven reluctance to say no to Muslims. Would a Christian with cards about Jesus have gotten as far at Dixie Bee?
The never-ending Fort Hood fiasco
The tragedy at Fort Hood did not conclude with the last bullet fired on November 5, 2009, by Nidal Malik Hasan, a Muslim U.S. Army major who killed 13 and whose radicalism had been repeatedly excused by superiors. An ABC News report highlights victims' statements that the Obama administration's labeling of the attack as simple "workplace violence" has deprived them of the recognition, compensation, and medical care available for combat- or terrorism-related injuries. Secretary of the Army John McHugh denied knowledge of any complaints and then abruptly exited the interview with ABC's Brian Ross.
Survivors have filed suit and congressmen are bringing pressure to bear over the "workplace violence" designation. The Army contends that altering it would complicate the case against Hasan, but the legal proceedings are a circus already. Hasan's trial has been delayed for months due to his assertion of a religious right to sport a beard in military court. Though a new judge has attempted to sidestep the issue, she did accede to Hasan's request for prayer breaks.
Left: ABC News has released previously unseen footage of the aftermath of the Fort Hood massacre. Right: A photo of a block in Acton, London, shows multiculturalism in bloom.
Londonistan rising: One woman's grim portrait
"I feel like a stranger where I live." That is the title of longtime Londoner Jane Kelly's riveting essay about the "new identity" of her Acton neighborhood, now defined by halal fish-and-chip shops, veiled women, and unsolicited advice that she should cover up as well. "I feel that public spaces are becoming contested," she notes, citing a store's sign that not only bans alcohol inside, but also states that it is not permitted on the street either. "The scale of immigration over recent years has created communities throughout London that never need to — or want to — interact with outsiders," Kelly observes. She plans to join the "white flight" from London.
Another memorable firsthand account of England's metamorphosis is a 2011 article by the anonymous wife of a priest. "I have been away for four years, living as an ethnic minority in a monocultural part of the world," she writes. "Yes, I am very glad to have left Britain's second city" — Birmingham. Her tale involves verbal abuse, cockfighting, truckloads of illegals, and a new arrival's joyful pronouncement: "Everybody know. Birmingham — best place in Europe to be pure Muslim." Though personal experiences vary, it is indisputable that Islam's growing footprint in the West has sparked profound changes. We should listen to those on the front lines.
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