Wednesday, February 27, 2013

We're under attack. An important request from Ezra Levant

Our fight for the Sun News Network
has just taken a troubling turn.

As you know, we've applied to the CRTC for a must-carry licence to bring Sun News on a level playing field with our competitors.
But that fight is getting ugly. In the final hours of the CRTC's official comment period, far left-wing activists from the United States are trying to hijack the process and flood the regulator with opposition to our bid. We can't let them get away with this.
There is one final thing you can do: double-down on your existing support and forward this email. Get at least three other people you know to sign our online petition at before it's too late. Tell them about Sun News and the important work we do. The truth isn't always easy to find and without me following up on a new lead or Brian Lilley bringing you that can't-miss interview, our stories -- your stories -- won't be told.

You know the facts. Sun News is 100% Canadian, produces 96 hours a week of original content and is only asking for what CTV News Channel and CBC Newsworld had when they launched.
You know what Sun News stands for. We are the voice for the other side of the story - our side. A network that fights for individual liberty and freedom, a team that covers contentious issues and a steadfast commitment to bring you the truth wherever it may lead.
Take a minute now and get on the phone, send an e-mail or explain the situation to a family member in your household. Get them over to right away. We know that the extremist censors on the other side are working tirelessly to do the same.
Don't let them get away with it. Our petition is open until noon eastern time on Wednesday.

Yours in freedom,
Ezra Levant
PS: Check out my monologue from last night. I promise you won't be disappointed:
Latest Stunt From Spence A Total Waste
(click here to watch)

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 From: "Jeremy Waiser -" <>
Date: February 22, 2013 5:39:27 PM EST
Subject: Stop "Fox News North"

Dear friends across Canada,

The CRTC could make us all pay for American-style right-wing media as part of our cable packages -- unless we flood their public comment process now with our messages of opposition. Click below to help protect Canadians from a "Fox News North" channel funded by our own cable TV fees -- then forward this email to everyone:

Send a message
The CRTC could make us all pay for American-style right-wing media as part of our cable packages -- unless we stop them.

Quebecor created a "Fox News North" to model the kind of hate-filled propaganda with which Fox News has poisoned U.S. politics. The channel is run by PM Harper’s former top aide and so far it doesn't have enough of an audience to survive. But now it's applying to the CRTC to be forcibly added to all of our basic cable packages!

The CRTC has the power to stop this crazy plan and they are accepting public comments right now.  Let's let them know that Canadians don't want "Fox News North". When we reach 50,000 comments, we'll have enough broad support to hire a crack legal team to help present our case in front of the CRTC. Click below to join and send this to everyone you know:

In 2010, tens of thousands of us banded together and stopped "Fox News North" from getting a similar deal -- even contributing to Harper's aide, Kory Teneycke, resigning as head of the network! But then, the network sneakily hired him back and now they are launching a similar application, hoping we won't speak up while they try and recoop their $17 million in losses from our pockets!

Fox News fuels hate. While constantly claiming to be “fair” and “balanced”, it allows hysterical anchors like Glenn Beck to compare President Obama to "Hitler". Bill O’Reilly, another anchor, has threatened to boycott Canada, and Anne Coulter says Canada is lucky the US allows it to "exist on the same continent.” The network has calculatingly spawned the tea party movement in the US, a mobilisation of the fringe right with members who threaten violence upon its opponents and wear guns to political rallies.

This is a fight for the soul of Canadian democracy. Our media is not perfect, but a ‘news’ network that slavishly serves a political agenda through mass manipulation and fear threatens the fabric of our democratic society.

Canadians don't like watching "Fox News North", which is why they are losing millions and need a sweet government deal to survive. But we can stop them, and stop the CRTC from taking money from our pockets to pay for right-wing news. Click below to send a message and help us build a big enough call to bring a legal team in to hammer home our best arguments:

"Fox News North" threatens to make the country we love look more like the U.S. Thankfully, the CRTC and their public comment process stands in the way -- let's use this chance to be heard and stop "Fox News North" for good

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