Wednesday, May 10, 2017

NY Public Schools Promote Course Justifying Suicide Bombings

NY Public Schools Promote Course Justifying Suicide BombingsThe course has been offered for a decade. It disappeared from the list after it was exposed.Get Informed
Muslim Brotherhood in AmericaHow much of a threat does the Muslim Brotherhood pose in America?Read
Despite Turkish Threats, Trump Arms Kurds for Showdown Against ISISThe U.S. is arming the most effective force: the Kurds.Read
EXCLUSIVE: Meet the Kurd Leading the Fight Against ISISHe's Maj.-Gen. Aziz Weysi Bani, commander of the Zerevani Peshmerga.Watch
When an Iraqi Christian Returns HomeJoin Rita as she returns to her church and home in Telskuf.Watch
Where Does France's New President Stand on Radical Islam?Macron firmly believes that Islam is fully compatible with France's secular values.Learn More
Delaware State Trooper Shot Dead by ‘Budding Jihadist’  During a standoff with police, the murderer recited verses from the Quran.Read
Readers Write
“Where is the outrage from the feminists that march in streets?”
“Has there ever been a group in the history of mankind with the word "Brotherhood" in the name that isn't full of extremists and bigots?”
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