Wednesday, January 9, 2019

Sharia Law Political Party Must Not Be Allowed

The formal certification of a political party so diametrically opposed to democracy and to our way of life, and which could ultimately result in our enslavement, is completely unacceptable

Sharia Law Political Party Must Not Be Allowed

By -- Jeff Goodall—— Bio and Archives--January 9, 2019
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The Islamic Party of Ontario (IPO) has officially reserved its name with Elections Ontario, and is part-way along the path towards becoming an official party.

According to their website, the soon-to-be party will be guided in its policy formation by the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms, which starts with, ‘Whereas Canada is founded upon principles that recognize the supremacy of God and the rule of law” - and we are further informed that “The Islamic Party of Ontario believes in ‘Supremacy of God’ and understands that it is our constitutional requirement to make all the rule of laws of Provinces and Federal in obedience and according to the will of God.”
That might sound harmless enough, but they are not referring to “our” God, they are referring to “their” God - and there is an immense difference between the two.

Indeed, it might be fair to say that the IPO intends to gut and shred our rights and freedoms by installing and enforcing Sharia Law in Ontario.

More explicitly, we are informed that “(The) Qur’an is the latest and final edition of divine books that provides complete guidance to all mankind in all walks of life that include politics and governance under the belief of Supremacy of God… All other Books of God are now obsolete after the final revelation of God, the Quran.”

And, finally, “Qur’an and Sunnah are the two sources of guidance given by God, the Creator of human beings and the whole universe, to shape our private and public life both… Islamic Party of Ontario sets its policy of governance, economy, social justice, human dignity, healthcare, family life, environment, and justice, etc. according to the Qur’an and Sunnah… Islamic Party of Ontario believes in the rights and freedoms of all faith and religious beliefs to practice their faith in their private lives, and the establishment of places of worship with full protection of life, wealth, and dignity… To achieve the objective, Islamic Party of Ontario will follow the peaceful and democratic means provided by the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedom.”

“To achieve the objective” indeed! It would be thoroughly inconsistent with Islamic principles to protect “the rights and freedoms of all faith and religious beliefs” so we can take that with a grain of salt, particularly bearing in mind their policy to “ban blasphemy”.

So, after all the sugar-coating is removed, what are we really looking at?

According to the Wikipedia entry Divisions of The World in Islam, “In classical Islamic law, the major division are dar al-islam (lit. territory of Islam), denoting regions where Islamic law prevails, dar al-sulh (lit. territory of treaty) denoting non-Islamic lands which have concluded an armistice with a Muslim government, and dar al-harb (lit. territory of war), denoting adjoining non-Islamic lands whose rulers are called upon to accept Islam.”

In case you are unsure, that latter part includes us, despite Wikipedia’s assertion that “The concept of dar al-harb has been affected by the political fragmentation of the Muslim world and has little significance today”. My observations over several decades indicate that the “territory of war” is constantly being attacked, ranging from individual assaults on non-Muslims to bombings and other organised acts of terror throughout the Western world.

When we add to this the religious duty of Jihad, which means both an inner struggle towards self-improvement, and a war against non-Muslims intended to force them into submission to Allah, we start to realise the dangers which we face simply by allowing Muslim immigration into the West.

According to Raymond Ibrahim’s article Islam’s Doctrines Of Exception in the Middle East Forum, “Common sense or ‘universal opinion’ has little to do with Islam’s notions of right and wrong. Only what Allah (through the Quran) and his prophet Muhammad (through the Hadith) have to say about any given issue matters… According to sharia, in certain situations, deception - also known as ‘taqiyya’, based on Quranic terminology, is not only permitted but sometimes obligatory.”

It seems clear to me that, as this party is clearly designed to utilise our democratic rights and freedoms to enable foisting a dictatorial religious ideology on us in accordance with the principles of Jihad, they are following a religiously approved course of deception, and lying to us in order to enslave us.

It is worth noting that there are a number of similarities between Islam and the Mafia; also from the Middle East Forum and by the same author, we find the article Ten Ways the Mafia and Islam are Similar . I particularly note the sections “ Allah and Muhammad/Godfather and Underboss”, “Death to Traitors”, “Deception and Dissimulation”, and “An Offer You Can’t Refuse”. As far as the latter is concerned, our three choices are to convert to Islam; pay the “Jizyah” tax and live precariously as barely-tolerated “dhimmis”; or be killed.

The formal certification of a political party so diametrically opposed to democracy and to our way of life, and which could ultimately result in our enslavement, is completely unacceptable.

It is thus vitally important that Premier Ford and Elections Ontario be told in no uncertain terms that such a certification would be an outrage, and must not be allowed.

They can be reached as follows:
Premier Ford - Tel 416-325-1941, Fax 416-325-3745, or
Elections Ontario - Phone: 1-888-668-8683, Fax: 1-866-714-2809, or

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