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Mastermind of evil terror regime Islamic State revealed as Saddam Hussein's spy chief

Mastermind of evil terror regime Islamic State revealed as Saddam Hussein's spy chief

A FORMER spy chief who served under Iraqi dictator Saddam Hussein has been uncovered as the mastermind of Islamic State’s (IS) reign of terror.

Saddam Hussein is now linked to Islamic State through his former spy chiefGETTY
Saddam Hussein is now linked to Islamic State through his former spy chief

A newly-unearthed "blueprint" for the jihadi group’s murderous campaign has revealed how surveillance and espionage as well as kidnap and murder were all employed in a bid to gain control of Syria and Iraq.

Among the handwritten scrawls by ‘Lord of the Shadows’ Samir Abd Muhammad al-Khlifawi is a plot to infiltrate and intimidate families and communities  across the region.

The 31-page document, obtained by a German newspaper, shows the former colonel in the intelligence services of Hussein’s air force planned to recruit a legion of spies as the group’s sphere of influence expanded.

It shows detailed charts, lists and schedules for how the group, which has claimed thousands of lives, would swallow up more territory.
The notes reveal Haji Bakr, as he is better known, planned to blackmail those who didn’t comply with the regime’s strict religious code, using conscripts as young as 16.

The group even married off women to influential families in a bid to widen their influence.
The plans were drawn up after Bakr was left “bitter and unemployed” when he lost his job after US forces disbanded the Iraqi army in 2003.

He subsequently spent time in the notorious prison camp Abu Ghraib, run by the US, and was reportedly killed in a firefight in Iraq in January 2014.

The report claims IS is still using information gleaned from years of surveillance – including data from banks and land registry offices – to wring money from millions of people who live under IS control.

The papers were handed to journalists at Der Spiegel after IS fighters were forced to abandon their headquarters in Aleppo, Syria, last year.

Christoph Reuter, the report’s author, wrote: “What Bakr put on paper, page by page, with carefully outlined boxes for individual responsibilities, was nothing less than a blueprint for takeover”.

The pages show that plans by the architect of IS stretched back years, with detailed notes on how the group would spread across northern Syria using command posts disguised as missionary centres.
The latest revelation offers the best glimpse yet into the secretive jihadist organisation.

Until now, experts have explained the rapid rise of IS as either an off-shoot of the already established al-Qaeda terror group – responsible for the 9/11 attack on America – or a mafia-like network of influential families extorting money from  already-impoverished communities in the region.
But the cache of secret documents reveals undeniable links between the cult and Hussein’s bloody dictatorship.

It says Bakr’s blueprint was simply a modified version of plans used by Hussein to maintain absolute rule.

The papers also hint at links between the current Syrian regime and IS, with a map of the chain of command scribbled with ballpoint pen on the Syrian Defence Ministry’s letter-headed paper.
Journalist Mr Reuter dismissed the link with the Syrian president Bashar al-Assad’s regime as “presumably a coincidence”.

Body of Saddam Hussein's ex-right hand man paraded through the streets of Baghdad

Body of Saddam Hussein's ex-right hand man paraded through the streets of Baghdad

THE BODY of Saddam Hussein's former right-hand man and Islamic State ally Izzat Ibrahim Al-Douri has been paraded through the streets of Baghad today.

The body of Al-Douri was carried through the streets of Baghdad REUTERS

The body of Saddam Hussain's right hand man Al-Douri was carried through the streets of Baghdad
Al-Douri was reportedly killed by security forces and insurgents during a government operation in Hussein's hometown of Tikrit on Friday. 

Today, his body was delivered to the Ministry of Health in the Iraqi capital flanked by members of the armed forces, as jostling civilians gathered to get a closer look of the dead 72-year-old.

The scenes of Al-Douri being carried in a glass coffin with transparent panels revealing his lifeless body as he was transferred from a van to a government vehicle were aired on Iraqi state television.
Al-Douri was known as the 'King of Clubs' in the deck of playing cards given to US troops to help identify key members of Hussein's regime.
Crowds flocked to catch a glimpse REUTERS
Crowds flocked to catch a glimpse
Al-Douri was reportedly killed by security forces and insurgents during a government operation in Hussein's hometown of Tikrit on Friday
The fugitive militant leader was the deputy of the former Iraqi dictator, helping to lead Hussein's 1968 coup.

He and Hussein came from the same Tikriti tribal background.

His daughter was married to Hussein's eldest son Uday, who was killed by US forces in Mosul in July 2003.

He has been on the run since US-led forces invaded Iraq in 2003.

Al-Douri has had a large bounty on his head for years, which has amounted to as much as £6million.
Following the execution of Hussein in December 2006, Al-Douri became the new leader of the banned Ba'ath Party.

Al-Douri led the Naqshbandi Order insurgent group, a key force behind the recent rise of IS.

Al-Douri was known as the 'King of Clubs'REUTERS
Al-Douri was known as the 'King of Clubs'
This comes after it was revealed that a former spy chief who served under Saddam was the mastermind of IS reign of terror. 

A newly-unearthed "blueprint" for the jihadi group’s murderous campaign has revealed how surveillance and espionage as well as kidnap and murder were all employed in a bid to gain control of Syria and Iraq.

The body shown on state TV today had a bright red beard, perhaps dyed, and a ginger-coloured moustache.

Al-Douri was a fair-skinned redhead with a ginger moustache, making him distinctive among Hussein's inner circle.

Reports of Al-Douri's death came as Iraqi forces are trying to push back Islamic State fighters in Salahuddin province, where Tikrit is located.

It was not the first time Iraqi officials have claimed to have killed or captured Al-Douri.
Al-Douria and Hussein came from the same Tikriti tribal backgroundREUTERS
Al-Douria and Hussein came from the same Tikriti tribal background

ISIS, Taliban announced Jihad against each other

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ISIS, Taliban announced Jihad against each other

By Khaama Press - Mon Apr 20 2015, 4:30 pm
ISIS (2)

Mashaal Radio has published a report stating that Daesh and Taliban group have announced Jihad against each other.

Nabi Jan Mullahkhil, police chief of southern Helmand province has told Mashaal Radio during an interview that he has received documents in which both the terrorist groups have announced Jihad against each other.

Mashaal Radio which is related to Azadi Radio quotes Mullahkhil as saying when the matter of peace talks between government and Taliban comes into discussion some intelligence agencies make new groups to keep the war ongoing in Afghanistan.

Reports of minor clashes between the fighters of Taliban group and the newly emerged Daesh have published in the past.

Both groups oppose each other.

Abdu Bakar Al-Baghdadi, the leader of ISIS has called Taliban leader Mullah Mohammad Omar “a fool and illiterate warlord”.

Al-Baghdadi has said that Mullah Omar does not deserve a spiritual or political credibility. While on the other hand Taliban fighters have been ordered by their leaders not to let Daesh flag raise in Afghanistan.

JADE HELM’s Federalized Policing: A Lead-In To Martial Law. What’s The Ultimate Goal? Commentary By Adina Kutnicki

JADE HELM’s Federalized Policing: A Lead-In To Martial Law. What’s The Ultimate Goal? Commentary By Adina Kutnicki


(U.S. military Special forces marching in America in violation of Posse Comitatus!)

READERS who still believe that America is a sovereign nation, well, go back to dreamland. After all, a restful night’s sleep will become a rare commodity, when you awake to the (sooner than later) unfolding chaos. So, catch those zzzz’s while you can!
SUPPORTIVE of the above, how many have noticed countless non-stop implosions within America, since HUSSEIN Obama took over the helm? Are they just happenstances and Fed mismanagement, thereby, relegated to “business as usual” national issues?
ON the other side of America’s (realistic) continuum,  how many finally see a pattern of “planned chaos” as the epicenter? Actually, the wreckage appears to be the result of enumerable careening trains – let loose at the same time – via an orchestrated national collision course. And that isn’t conspiracy-talk!
CONSIDER: what exactly are the required ingredients, the pressure points, to destabilize America? Well, for starters, if the economy falls off the cliff; if illegal immigration catapults to the nth degree; if race relations are on a trip wire, and if Islamists are running amok within the White House and other power centers, isn’t that enough to deconstruct America? 
IN tandem, how many signals re martial law have to blare, before they are recognized for what they are?
Martial Law Prep One:
ADDITIONALLY, why are community police forces “armed to the teeth”, not unlike military forces, preparing to lay siege as if in battle formations? Hint: the reasons have zero to do with the “war on terror”!
Martial Law Prep Two:
MOREOVER, DHS, the umbrella where martial law is housed, is now America’s “standing army”, its forward-arm. Not only that, but do recall DHS’s MASSIVE, inexplicable stockpiling of ammo, unprecedented in U.S. shopping sprees, just a short while ago. For what? Now it’s coming full circle…the ubiquitous swirling Black Hawks too…
Martial Law Prep Three:
FINALLY, what about the purged generals and the training of red-like foreign troops on U. S. soil? But never mind. 
NOT only that, but the above is the SHORT list, albeit, the most recognizable. Know this: if readers really internalize how “in bed” HUSSEIN Obama’s top Feds are with Islamist forces, there would be little reason to even mention anything else. It is THAT serious.

AS previously noted, DHS/Pentagon’s ongoing exercises involve Russian, Chinese, E. European troops AND “targeted” lists. Yes, lists. What’s that about? 
 JADE HELM 15 Will Change America Forever
ONCE viewed, if you can hang onto your guts, just walk past the balderdash that the exercises have to do with “evolving” threats. 

The looming Jade Helm exercise, set for July 15 through Sept. 15, labels Texas and Utah as hostile areas. Global Research also reported the military says New Mexico “isn’t much friendlier.” Other states participating: California, Colorado, Arizona and Nevada.
Some of the social media commentary so far: “The Pentagon’s ‘Operations Jade Helm 15′: The Floodgate towards Martial Law and World War III?”
And another: “Using Foreign Troops with Jade Helm Martial Law is TREASON.”
Yet one more poster pointed to recent reported Wal-Mart closures in Texas, California, Florida and Oklahoma with concern, saying the cited “plumbing problems” cited as the reason for the sudden shut-downs just don’t meet the smell test.
“Employees impacted by the Wal-Mart closures were given just a few hours notice about the six-month shutdown,” the blog Inquisitr wrote. “Approximately 2,200 employees will now be without a paycheck during the ‘extended repairs.’ … The abrupt Wal-Mart closures announcement has reportedly left employees confused and Americans pondering the existence of Wal-Mart underground tunnels and Operation Jade Helm conspiracy theories.”
One of the theories?
Inquisitr reports: “One of the widely circulating rumors associated with the Jade Helm Wal-Mart story on the Internet speculates that the military will use the underground tunnels to move undetected around certain states with the stores being used as either a communications hub or FEMA camps.”
The fear is ratcheted by the fact city officials who govern the areas of the impacted Wal-Marts say the stores haven’t filed any permit requests for plumbing problems, Inquisitr said.
Meanwhile, a presentation made to Big Spring, Texas, City Council members by Tom Meade, a retired special forces senior non-commissioned officer, to explain some of the upcoming Jade Helm exercises emphasized residents shouldn’t worry about private property trespasses.
“We won’t trespass on somebody’s property without the agreement of that landowner,” he said, in a YouTube video of the presentation.
He also described the operation as a joint military-inter-agency activity involving members of all military branches, the FBI, the DEA and other law enforcement agencies. Meade said the FBI, for example, will do some questioning at one of the airports in Arizona.
One council member asked about the operation’s involvement of NATO and U.N. personnel.
“Currently … it is U.S. only,” Meade said.
SERIOUSLY, are they really expecting citizens to believe that WALMART’s closures are due to “plumbing” issues spanning across various sectors of America? How stupid do they think the citizens are? Apparently, very.
EVEN so, if folks still wish to look past the absolute Constitutional violation of Posse Comitatus – in tandem with too many others to count – again, go back to sleep. But know this: Obama Inc. is counting on said somnolence. On the other hand, if the birdie on your shoulder is telling you that something massively hinky is going down, well…
NOT only that, but JADE HELM 15 is more than operational in nature, per se. The exercises are part of a conditioning process, designed to gauge levels of resistance – or not. 
YES, as warned repeatedly, the transformation of America – part and parcel of HUSSEIN Obama’s “hope and change” campaign – is coming to its “natural” tipping point. Alas, little did many realize what he meant, even though alternative media kept warning of the dangers.
IN reality, all of the so-called chaos became “necessary” to aid in said “process”. Absolutely, the piper has come due. So, whether its coinage is paid after the exercises are over, or delayed for a more precipitous date, the fact remains that the only bulwark against their plans are the millions of (armed) patriots ready to stand up and take back America.
YET, some positive news is forthcoming:
Secrets Poll: Do you support gun control?
Exactly two years after President Obama’s bid for gun control following the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting died in Congress, a new poll has discovered a huge shift in public opinion to backing Second Amendment gun rights and away from controlling gun ownership.
The reason: Americans now believe having a gun is the best way to protect against crime, 63 percent to 30 percent.
Pew Research Center found that while support for gun control once reached 66 percent, it has dropped to 46 percent while support for gun rights has jumped 52 percent, the highest ever in the past 25 years.
“We are at a moment when most Americans believe crime rates are rising and when most believe gun ownership – not gun control – makes people safer,” said the survey.

To say the shift in opinion is radical is not an understatement. It follows a short period where Americans were torn over gun ownership, but eventually sided with gun rights groups during the Obama years.
The findings also track with support for the National Rifle Association which had its second biggest national convention earlier this month and whose membership has reached five million.
Pew suggested that the change is the result of Americans believing that crime is a big problem, despite statistics showing the opposite….
BESIDES, more than a few Sheriffs are bucking the Feds, and this is one more piece of glad tidings: Sheriff to Legislators: I refuse to enforce your unconstitutional gun laws!
THINK about it two ways: as dangerous as “average” criminals are, in comparison to the thuggish regime of Obama Inc., citizens should be much more wary of government forces, the likes of which will make garden variety burglars the least of their concerns.
MOST tellingly, ever since HUSSEIN Obama catapulted into office, the Second Amendment right to bear (legal) arms has been an obsession with this administration.

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Islamic State are now preventing women 'from being seen by DENTISTS'

Islamic State are now preventing women 'from being seen by DENTISTS'

TERROR group Islamic State are preventing women from being treated by DENTISTS in a city near their self-declared capital of Raqqa, it has emerged.

islamic state militants

Terror group Islamic State are said to be preventing women from recieving dental treatment
The evil organisation are said to be working to stop females receiving dental treatment in the city of Tabaqa, in Syria, on the grounds of preventing mixing between men and women, which is against the extremists' rules.

Dentists in the area were said to have been given a deadline by which to end all their treatment commitments with female patients.

An IS campaign was then launched to ensure the new rule is enforced - resulting so far in the whipping of two dentists by affiliates of the terror group.

A dentist in Syria explained that there are not enough female dentists to accommodate all the women in Tabaqa - meaning many were being left without dental treatment as they are forbidden from being seen by male dentists.
The number of female dentists inside Tabaqa is relatively little, and these doctors can not address all women of the city
A dentist in Syria
He told human rights campaign group Raqqa is Being Slaughtered Silently (RSS): "The number of female dentists inside Tabaqa is relatively little, and these doctors can not address all women of the city.

"But that did not prevent the group from the implementation of this resolution, which significantly affected the work of dentists because 70 per cent of the patients are women because they care about this subject more than men.

"Therefore dentists’ income decreased, as work hours also decreased to less than 3 hours per day, which led to the closure of some clinics and go to other areas in search of a livelihood with dignity."
The number of dentists in the area was thought to have dropped to less than 10 over recent months after IS stormed clinics to search for any irregularities.

However, dentists in Raqqa will still be able to treat female patients, unless otherwise instructed by IS.

The doctor continued: "Currently I started thinking about travel to Turkey or to [the Syrian government] regime’s areas in search of a job away from the state of tension and stress imposed by the group during the past months."

In other strict IS rules, the terror group have also previously banned Mother's Day cakes and have threatened to jail men for wearing skinny jeans.

Islamic State leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi 'seriously wounded' in Western airstrike

Islamic State leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi 'seriously wounded' in Western airstrike

THE ISLAMIC State's leader has been 'seriously wounded' in an air strike against the terror group, it is reported.

Abu Bakr al-BaghdadiAFP•GETTY IMAGES

Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi has been seriously injured in an airstrike, reports claim

Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi was injured after a bombing raid in western Iraq, according to the Guardian.
A source in Iraq told the newspaper al-Baghdadi had been injured in the attack by the US-led coalition in the al-Baaj district province of Nineveh, near the Syrian border.

Although his wounds were originally life threatening he has begun to make a recovery.
However, he is no longer in day-to-day control of the Islamic State.

The Islamic State's leaders met shortly after the strike to determine a new leader when they thought al-Baghdadi would die.
He was wounded in al-Baaj near the village of Umm al-Rous on 18 March with a group that was with him.
Hisham al-Hashimi
Iraqi official Hisham al-Hashimi told the Guardian: "He was wounded in al-Baaj near the village of Umm al-Rous on 18 March with a group that was with him."

It is believed al-Baghdadi had been spending his time in al-Baaj because there was barely any US military presence in the area.

Al-Baaj, which resisted the control of deposed Iraqi dictator Saddam Hussein, has been seen as a refuge for jihadists since the 2003 Iraq War.

Both al-Qaeda and Islamic State used the district's long-established smuggling networks to transport goods between Syria and Iraq before the US started to monitor the area.

This would not be the first time that al-Baghdadi has narrowly escaped being killed by a coalition bomb.

A close ally, Auf Abdul Rahman al-Efery, was killed when American jets bombed a convoy he was travelling in near Mosul, Iraq, on December 14.

His deputy, Abu Muslim al-Turkmani was killed at the start of that month.

Al-Baghdadi, 43, was the head of al-Qaeda in Iraq before founding the Islamic State in Iraq in 2010, while he was declared head of the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria in 2013.

In June last year, the Islamic State declared itself a caliphate, with al-Baghdadi declared as its 'Caliph' or ruler.

British family 'on way to Syria' arrested by Turkish police

British family 'on way to Syria' arrested by Turkish police

A BRITISH couple believed to have fled the UK with their four children to travel to Syria to join Islamic State (IS) have been arrested by police in Turkey.

Family Islamic State
Thames Valley Police

Asif Malik has allegedly taken his family to join Islamic State

Asif Malik and his partner, Sara Kiran, were arrested in Ankara and their four children were also taken into custody, according to reports that emerged this evening.

Mr Malik, 31, and his partner Sara Kiran, 29, were spotted boarding a ferry from Dover to Calais with their seven-year-old girl Zoha and three boys Essa, four, Zakariva, two, and one-year-old Yahya.
Family members say the pair had not mentioned going on holiday or taking a trip overseas sparking fears they were heading  off to join IS.

The young family, from Slough in Berkshire, have also been seen heading south through Europe.
They boarded the ferry on April 8 and are believed to have travelled by train through Budapest, Hungary, on April 12.

Relatives reported them missing on April 16.
We are in contact with the Turkish authorities and stand ready to provide consular assistance as required
Foreign Office spokesperson
Thames Valley Police confirmed this evening that the couple arrested in Ankara are the missing Britons.

Authorities in the UK said that there was no suggestion the family was doing any fighting in Syria.
But the Turkish official told the AP news agency that authorities believe the family was seeking to go to territory controlled by IS.

The official said that British authorities provided information to Turkish counterparts on Sunday and that police were able to track the family from the Greek border, where they crossed by bus on April 16.

Ms Kiran's family earlier made an emotional appeal earlier for her to get in touch, saying "we miss you".

In a statement released by Thames Valley Police, they said: "Sara, we want to let you know that we love you; we miss you, Asif and the grandchildren. You are not in trouble, we are not angry or upset, and we just want you to return home safely."

Police have stressed that their disappearance is still a missing persons inquiry, but were deeply concerned that the direction of travel appeared to be towards Syria.

A foreign office spokesperson said: "We are in contact with the Turkish authorities and stand ready to provide consular assistance as required."

EXCLUSIVE: Up to 60 girls per MONTH committing suicide following vile Islamic State abuse

EXCLUSIVE: Up to 60 girls per MONTH committing suicide following vile Islamic State abuse

UP TO sixty girls per month are taking their own lives in refugee camps following torture and sexual abuse by Islamic State fighters, it has been claimed.

Many displaced women have been forced to leave their homes as Islamic State makes gains
The shocking assessment, from an aid worker based in Iraq, comes as conditions for minority communities in the war-torn region continue to deteriorate due to intensifying attacks from jihadists.
Islamic State fighters have waged a war of terror on anyone they consider to be 'un-Islamic', including the Yazidi community who follow an ancient religion.

The terror group have taken hundreds of women and children hostage before subjecting their victims to torture and sexual abuse.

Speaking to Express.co.uk, an aid worker wishing to be identified only as ‘Yousif’, said he witnessed traumatised youngsters committing suicide at a rate of one or two a day.

He said: “Everyday between one or two commit suicide.

“There are different methods they use inside there, whether they hang themselves, cut themselves, different ways they do it.

Yousif, who is based in Canada, said the girls were driven to end their own lives because of “shame and honour”.

Many believe their families will reject them, especially the victims of the worst abuse, after they are released from Islamic State capture.
Yousif added: “They don't have hope that their people will accept them, at the same time they don't want their babies."

The claim is backed up by a report released this week, which details the high levels of suicide in make-shift Yazidi refugee camps established in the Kurdish region of Iraq.

Last summer, as many as 5,000 Yazidi men were massacred in the Iraqi city of Sinjar by the Islamic State while hundreds of women were captured or sold into sexual slavery.

Campaign group Human Rights Watch says women and girls attempted suicide to avoid rape, forced marriage, or forced religious conversion at the hands of the Islamic State.

The report includes accounts of girls trying to electrocute themselves in bathtubs or consuming what they thought was poison.
Women and girls in the Yazidi community are some of the worst affected

Women and girls in the Yazidi community are some of the worst affected
The sexual abuse carried out by the Islamic State – also known as Isis - led to one nine-year-old child becoming pregnant.

Yousif, who came into contact with the girl, said she had been transferred to Germany to be treated by doctors who fear how her body will cope with pregnancy at such a young age.

He said: “She is very tiny. If she delivers naturally or by caesarean, she will die.

“Her life was in jeopardy, they worry more about her life than the baby she is carrying.”
He added: “Nobody knows after that what is going to happen.

“Isis was the father, she had been raped by more than nine or ten men.”

The aid worker, who withheld his real name for fear of reprisals in Iraq, said many of the women and young girls left pregnant by Islamic State fighters were encouraged to abort their babies, or place their newborns in orphanages.

He continued: “There were different reactions, some of them [among the Yazidi community] said abort the babies, others said we don't want to do anything with them, some of them said they want them [the mothers] to get married to young people.”
He said local communities under the control of the Islamic State did not want ‘Muslim babies’ being adopted by Christian families in the area, leading to a spike in demand for places in local children’s homes.

“Adoption is rejected, because they will be in the hands of Christians,” he said.

“It is considered that these babies are Muslim babies.

“They don't want those babies to be adopted by Christians, adoption is against their religion.”
Aid organisations estimate that hundreds of thousands of people have been displaced by the fighting, and Yousif gave a depressing account of the conditions refugees are forced to endure.

He said some families were living in unfinished or abandoned buildings or large camps made up of thousands of tents on the outskirts of towns.

He added that those who managed to make it safely to a city faced the risk of being targeted by Islamic State "sleeper cells" lying dormant until given an order to attack.

"They are inside, they are just waiting for an order to blow up a populated area," he said.