Thursday, July 2, 2015

British truckers trapped for hours in 100F heat as Calais mob cause 38-mile M20 jam

British truckers trapped for hours in 100F heat as Calais mob cause 38-mile M20 jam

STRIKING ferry workers in Calais caused “absolute mayhem” on both sides of the Channel yesterday.

truckersJonathan Buckmaster/Rex

Truckers were caught in massive traffic jams in Kent

Traffic queues in Kent stretched up to 38 miles from Dover as the M20 became a giant lorry park as far back as Maidstone.

Meanwhile truckers caught in traffic jams in France are on guard for mobs from the 3,000 migrants camping around Calais trying to break into their vehicles.

The ferry crews vowed to step up their action today and tomorrow with plans to try to shut the Channel Tunnel and block the French motorway leading to Calais.

The queues coincided with the hottest day of the year.

Emergency services and the Red Cross distributed 20,000 litres of water and 1,000 snack meals to stranded drivers in Kent.
Truckers took advantage of the traffic jam and left their lorries to enjoy the sun
The only way to describe what is happening there is absolute mayhem. It is inevitably putting many lives at risk 
Richard Burnett, chief executive of Road Haulage Association
Road Haulage Association chief executive Richard Burnett, who went to Calais on Tuesday to see the chaos for himself, said: “The time for talking around the table has passed. The UK and French governments must acknowledge their responsibilities to all Port of Calais users, move in and act. If this means deployment of the armed forces then so be it.

“The scale of the current situation has to be seen to be believed. The only way to describe what is happening there is absolute mayhem. It is inevitably putting many lives at risk.”

David Cameron spoke to French president Francois Hollande for 10 minutes by phone about the crisis yesterday and the British ambassador visited Calais to liaise with the authorities.
The strikers, employees of MyFerryLink, are protesting against a re-organisation that will see many jobs lost.

While the road chaos continued there was a reprieve for air travellers as French air traffic controllers last night called off a two-day strike scheduled to start today.

UK Police Knew and Did Nothing to Protect Girls from Muslim Predators

UK Police Knew and Did Nothing to Protect Girls from Muslim Predators

Better to sacrifice some British kids on the altar of multiculturalism than overturn the altar altogether.


Raymond Ibrahim is a Shillman Journalism Fellow at the David Horowitz Freedom Center.

Not only do recent revelations concerning  the endemic sexual grooming of British girls by Muslim men demonstrate how crippling political correctness is, but they show how political correctness complements the most abusive elements of Islamic law, or Sharia.

According to a June 24 report by the Birmingham Mail, as far back as March 2010, West Midlands Police knew that Muslim grooming gangs “were targeting children outside schools across the city—but failed to make the threat public.”

A confidential report obtained under a Freedom of Information Act indicates that police were well aware that British pupils were being targeted by mostly Muslim men.  Several passages from the report make this clear:

In one heavily redacted passage, entitled ‘Schools’, it states: “In (redacted) a teacher at a (redacted) that a group of Asian males were approaching pupils at the school gate and grooming them. Strong anecdotal evidence shows this MO (modus operandi) is being used across the force.”

The 2010 report also reveals how these “Asian” gangs used victims to target other girls.  For example, by using “a young girl in a children’s home to target and groom other residents on their behalf….   The girl’s motivation to recruit new victims is often that the provision of new girls provides her a way to escape the cycle of abuse.”

Other victims were systematically “forced into prostitution and high levels of intimidation and force are used to keep the victims compliant.”

Although police knew all this, the Birmingham Mail said it “is unaware of any police public appeals or warnings from that time”—appeals and warnings that no doubt would have saved many girls from the Islamic sex rings.

So what paralyzed police from any action, even warnings to the community?  The report sheds light:

The predominant offender profile of Pakistani Muslim males... combined with the predominant victim profile of white females has the potential to cause significant community tensions…. There is a potential for a backlash against the vast majority of law abiding citizens from Asian/Pakistani communities from other members of the community believing their children have been exploited.

Once again, then, political correctness—this time under the pretext of fear of a “backlash”—was enough to paralyze the police from arresting Muslim sex predators and releasing their victims.

And what if a “backlash” were to occur?  Why is it okay for innocent children to be plied with drugs and passed around in kabob shops and taxicabs while police standby—but it’s not okay for the so-called “majority of law abiding citizens from Asian/Pakistani communities” to ever experience anything negative?

Maybe if they did, they’d actually reign in the sexual predators of their community—some of whom are, in fact, “pillars of their community.”   Maybe they’d implore their imams in the UK—the majority of whom reportedly promote the sexual grooming of “infidel” children—to change their tune.

In reality, the great fear is that a backlash would demonstrate once and for all that multiculturalism—especially in the context of Islam—is an abysmal failure; it would be an admittance that even the West is part of the “real world,” one full of ugly truths that must be combatted, not merely “understood” or appeased.

Better sacrifice some British kids on the altar of multiculturalism than overturn the altar altogether.
It’s also interesting to see that political correctness not only exonerates Islamic-inspired crimes, but has a symbiotic relationship with the supremacist elements of Sharia.

For example, some know that, while Islamic law bans any mockery of its founder, Muhammad, so too does Western censorship in the name of political correctness accommodate this Sharia statute (meanwhile, Islamic teachings—based on the precedent of Muhammad—holds it the right of a Muslim to curse, mock, and desecrate other religions).

In the case of Muslim-led sex grooming rings in Britain, just as Islamic law permits the sexual exploitation of “infidel” women, so too does Western political correctness allow it to flourish in Western lands.

Worst of all, it’s not just politicians and other jesters who are engaging in this form of Sharia-enabling political correctness.  In the UK, it’s the very police departments themselves.

Fury as the US blocks plans to fight ISIS in Syria and Iraq

Fury as the US blocks plans to fight ISIS in Syria and Iraq

AMERICA has blocked plans to fight ISIS - causing uproar amongst US and British allies.

Allies blasted the US for lacking strategy in bombing ISIS

The United States rejected attempts made by its Middle East allies to fly heavy weapons directly to Kurds fighting ISIS in Iraq.

Some of America's closest associates have slammed Barack Obama and other western leaders, including David Cameron, suggesting they are not showing leadership over the ISIS threat.

They have claimed that they have no other choice other than to "go it alone" and supply weapons to the Kurds - with officials seeking new ways to battle ISIS without America's approval.

A senior Arab official said that they will "have to find new ways of dealing with the threat" if western leaders are not prepared to do anything serious to defeat ISIS.

He said: “With [ISIS] making ground all the time we simply cannot afford to wait for Washington to wake up to the enormity of the threat we face.”
Kurdish forces have been fighting ISIS and have successfully managed to drive the terror group back, allowing them to reclaim control over parts of north-west Iraq.

However they are fighting the terrorists with limited weapons.

Millions of pounds-worth of weapons were bought by European countries to help arm the Kurds.
But American commanders overseeing military operations against ISIS are blocking arms transfers - leading at least one Arab state to consider arming the Kurds directly, without US permission.

Allied forces have also slammed the US over a lack of clear planning over their bombing campaign.
One Gulf official said there is a severe "lack of coordination in selecting targets".

He said: "There is simply no strategic approach."
The extremists use the internet to recruit young people and schools should be teaching about the dangers of that
Whitehall Source
David Cameron is hoping expand Britain's role in the war on ISIS, suggesting that MPs will be given a new vote on whether to bomb the terror group in Syria.

Cameron urged Britain to keep calm amid the threat of ISIS, after British holidaymakers were savagely gunned down by an ISIS gunman in Tunisia last week.

The Prime Minister also appealed to teachers to look out for pupils being groomed by Islamic extremists.

A Whitehall source likened radicalisation of young people to child exploitation and said that the guidance sent to teachers will tell them that it must be treated as a "safeguarding issue".
They said: "The extremists use the internet to recruit young people and schools should be teaching about the dangers of that."

Wednesday, July 1, 2015

The Bloody Horror of the Ferocious Isles

The Bloody Horror of the Ferocious Isles

Commentary by Sea Shepherd Founder, Captain Paul Watson

The aftermath of the Hvannasund slaughter.The aftermath of the Hvannasund slaughter
Photo: Sea Shepherd/Rosie Kunneke
The Danish Navy and the Faroese Police are strict in enforcing the laws that protect the whalers but there seems to be a lack of concern and enforcement in response to the violation of the laws by the killers.

Illegal killing techniques are seen in this video, shot by Sea Shepherd in the Faroes yesterday – the use of the knife and the intentional infliction of suffering to the whales. The Faroese say the whales are killed instantly and do not suffer, yet the intense pain experienced can be seen in the long, bloody thrashing of these dying whales.

This video exposes the lie of the two-second kill, the myth that the Faroese constantly parrot in their justification of this horrific slaughter.

It is illegal to stress the animals, yet the driving of these whales onto the beach to be killed is intensely stressful.

Last year, Sea Shepherd crew were charged with stressing the whales by interfering with the intent to kill them and this year it is now illegal not to report sighed whales to the whale killers. Sea Shepherd volunteers – or any tourist in the Faroe Islands – can now be charged for not reporting whales to the whalers.

Denmark has laws against cruelty to animals, but not in the Faroes. The killing of whales is illegal under European Union regulations, but the Faroes, despite annually receiving millions of Euros in subsidies, are exempted from these laws.

It is illegal to feed toxic meat to the public and especially to children, but despite the dangerously high levels of methyl-mercury found in pilot whale meat, the Faroese do so without investigation or warnings.

Ripping fetuses from the wombs of the mothers, mutilating the bodies, hacking out the teeth, having children play upon and mutilate the bodies, carving numbers into their flesh, stabbing with knives, ripping their flesh with boat props, decapitating them, stressing the animals with banger poles and forcing these gentle, intelligent, social and sentient beings to witness the slaughter of their family members around them in their own blood before they are slain is viciously barbaric and has no place in any civilized society.

Why does Denmark subsidize this? Why do the Danish Navy and the Danish police defend this? Why do the Danish people tolerate this horrific cruelty and this disgracefully primitive violence that masquerades under the pretense of culture and postures under the justification of tradition?

The world must condemn this crime against nature, and Denmark must say to these killers that as a compassionate nation such an abomination of ecological principles and common decency should be tossed upon the dustbin of history with the likes of slavery and animal brothels.

Operation Sleppid Grindini
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Operation Sleppid Grindini
site for more information.


"A song for a Hero" by Maxime Ginolin
Musique dédié à Paul Watson et à la merveilleuse organisation Sea Shepherd !Song dedicated to Paul Watson and the amazing crew of Sea Shepherd !
Posted by Maxime Ginolin on Friday, May 1, 2015

Extremism and Censorship

Gatestone Institute
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Extremism and Censorship

by Samuel Westrop  •  July 1, 2015 at 5:00 am
  • There are obvious shortcomings in the British government's demand that all "beliefs" deserve "mutual respect." While it is important in a free society to tolerate beliefs we dislike, we should not be required to "respect" them.
  • If the government would stop funding and backing religious separatism, and start using existing laws to prosecute preachers who incite violence and promote terrorism, these measures would go a long way to preventing extremists from operating with impunity. Censorship, on the other hand, will harm everyone.
Islamic preacher Abu Usamah at-Thahabi of Birmingham, England: "Take that homosexual man... and throw him off the mountain. If I were to call homosexuals perverted, dirty, filthy dogs who should be murdered, that's my freedom of speech, isn't it." The Racial and Religious Hatred Act and various Public Order Acts prohibit incitement to violence, but, despite advocating murder, Thahabi has never been charged. (Image source: Green Lane Mosque video screenshot)
On May 27, a few weeks after the elections, Queen Elizabeth II addressed the British parliament with a speech that laid out a number of important proposed bills, including changes to immigration and the welfare system; a referendum on Britain's membership of the European Union, and, most importantly, a series of new measures to tackle Islamic extremism.
The "Extremism Bill," the government has announced, will "unite our country and keep you and your family safe by tackling all forms of extremism." It will also "combat groups and individuals who reject our values and promote messages of hate."

Turkey's Wrong Bet on Syria

by Burak Bekdil  •  July 1, 2015 at 4:00 am
  • Today, instead of the free movement of labor and capital, there is, around the border area, the free movement of bombs and bullets.
  • Ankara considers the real security threat from Syria as not the jihadists, but the secular Kurds who fight the jihadists.
  • Turkey has worked so hard to create a "Peshawar" (Afghanistan) across its border with Syria -- hoping instead to create a Muslim Brotherhood zone.
Hundred of Syrian Kurds gathered along the border with Turkey in the hope of crossing over, as Kurdish militias battled ISIS in nearby Tel Abyad, June 13, 2015. (Image source: Reuters video screenshot)
It was supposed to be Turkish gambit: Syrian President Bashar al-Assad's days in power were numbered; the Nusayri (Alawite) man would be toppled by Syria's Sunni majority in a popular revolt. The Sunni majority would set up in Damascus a Muslim Brotherhood type of regime that would be subservient to Ankara, and Turkey's southern border with Syria would be now be a borderless Sunni "Schengen" zone; cross border trade would flourish with the free movement of labor and capital. Peace would prevail along the 900-km border, and Turkish and Syrian Sunni supremacists would advance their agenda in the not-always-so-Sunni lands of the Middle East.
Today, instead of the free movement of labor and capital, there is, around the border area, the free movement of bombs and bullets. Turkey's miscalculated foreign policy on Syria has led to the creation of a neighboring Peshawar (Afghanistan) across its border.

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NEW VIDEO: The World Stayed Silent


Over 1.1 million people have now seen our Iran short films and over 40,000 letters have been sent to Congress!

We are excited to present the 7th and final film in our Iran film series, The World Stayed Silent.

We live in an era when once again the world faces a new destructive force. Iran seeks nuclear weapons while its leadership calls for the destruction of Israel.

The world stood silently by while millions of Jews were slaughtered in Europe. Now, more than ever, with the nuclear deal deadline looming, is the time to speak out against Iran and its destructive ambitions towards the US and Israel.

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WEDNESDAY Security Update: Documents Confirm White House Officials Set Hillary Clinton’s Benghazi Response

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Israeli news sources over the weekend claimed that the U.S. has caved on inspections of nuclear facilities in a final agreement, a report that is consistent with other reports this month about such a concession.

NATIONAL DEFENSE BRIEFS is a series aimed at informing readers with timely military and homeland-security news updates, trends, definitions, and short commentaries.

The Census Bureau numbers dramatically demonstrate America's abandonment of the traditional family.

I now belong to an exclusive club no one wants to join: parents who have lost a child.

An email sent at 10:15 p.m. on September 11 further confirms the White House approval of Hillary Clinton's statement tying the Benghazi terrorist attack to an Internet video.

And now our men and women serving in the Middle East have received a reminder about respecting Ramadan.

Indeed, if anyone has dark shadows in their history, it is Muslims.

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·  Oklahoma Court: Remove Ten Commandments statue (court rulings spur religious liberty concerns)
·  Bolton: Iran Deal ‘An American Munich'
·  Beck Says the Past 10 Days Have Been a ‘Slapping of God's Face' Unlike He Has Ever Seen
·  NYT Reporter: State Dept. Redacted Two-Dozen Clinton Emails
·  Ann Coulter and Geraldo Rivera debate illegal immigration
·  Why Greece's debt crisis matters to the U.S.

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