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Michael Coren & Douglas Murray - The Rotherham Islamic rape gang

Published on Aug 29, 2014
24 May 2007

A schoolgirl was murdered by a fast food shop owner who joked that she had been "chopped up" and put into kebabs, a court was told yesterday.

The prosecution alleged at Preston Crown Court that Charlene Downes, 14, was killed by Iyad Albattikhi, 29, owner of a food shop in Blackpool, who had sex with her.

Charlene was one of a number of young girls who visited an alleyway in the town to have sex with older men who worked in the fast food shops, Tim Holroyde QC, prosecuting, told the jury.
Charlene, from Blackpool, was "well and happy", the court heard, but had a "chaotic" home life. Expelled from school, she spent her time hanging around shops on the Blackpool Promenade. She was last seen on the evening of Saturday Nov 1 2003. After kissing her mother goodbye she left alone - and vanished, Mr Holroyde said.

A missing persons inquiry began but police later launched a murder investigation after receiving information that Charlene had been "killed and chopped up", the court heard.

No trace of Charlene's body has ever been found.

Mr Holroyde told the jury that a witness had heard Albattikhi and others talking about her.
"These people were talking about sex with white girls, and there was mention of having sex with Charlene," he said.

"Albattikhi laughed and said she was very small - the plainest possible indication that he was lying to the police when he said he did not know her. He and others present then laughingly said that Charlene had gone into the kebabs."

Albattikhi, a Jordanian immigrant, is charged with murder. His business partner and landlord, Mohammed Reveshi, 50, is accused of helping dispose of the body.

Both deny the charges and have told police they did not know Charlene.

Albattikhi and Reveshi were joint owners of the food shop, the court heard, which Albattikhi ran.
Charlene became a "familiar figure" hanging around the shops where she would sometimes get free food.

Mr Holroyde said: "In addition she was one of a number of adolescent white girls who sometimes went at night to the alleyway behind the restaurants. She and others went there to meet much older men from the restaurants, and it seems perfectly clear that there was at times some sexual activity."
Albattikhi took advantage of one of those vulnerable girls - Charlene Downes, the jury was told.
Mr Holroyde added: "It is the prosecution case that the background to the murder of Charlene Downes and the disposal of her body is some sexual activity between her and one or both of the defendants.

"Sexual activity between these adult men and a 14-year-old girl would be a crime which could be expected to have serious consequences for them."

After Charlene's disappearance, both the accused were questioned and told police they did not know her, the court heard.

In 2004, Albattikhi had a dispute with his brother, Tariq, who told a witness, David Cassidy, that he knew what had happened to Charlene - "she had been killed and chopped up and there had been a lot of blood", the court heard.

Mr Cassidy was allegedly later offered a £20,000 interest-free loan from Reveshi.

Police searched the flats of both accused men but found nothing. Detectives then bugged the premises and Reveshi's car, and Mr Holroyde told the jury some of the recordings were "revealing".

Muslim Rape in Rotherham

Muslim Rape in Rotherham

RotherhamReprinted from
The failure of British authorities to act on the horrific, long-term sexual abuse of 1,400 children in one area over a 16-year period because the culprits mostly were Pakistani Muslims has reportedly outraged the world, including the United Kingdom’s Pakistani community.

“Race, religion or political correctness should never provide a cloak of invisibility to such grotesque crimes,” said Muhbeen Hussain, founder of the Rotherham Muslim Youth Group, according to the Associated Press.

But American experts on the issue say the costly toll of lives ruined in Rotherham because of worry over being accused of “racism” is only a tiny fraction of the price the world’s innocent pay for political correctness regarding Islam, say experts.

“These victims represent millions of victims who suffer under Islam – and the free world does nothing because it lives according to the Left’s and Muslim Brotherhood’s rules,” said Jamie Glazov, managing editor of FrontPage Magazine and author of “United in Hate” and “Showdown with Evil.”
To order United in Hate, click here.
“Our leaders and media follow Islamic blasphemy laws now, and most people are terrified of being called ‘racist’ and ‘Islamophobic’ – and so therefore the Left, which controls our boundaries of discourse, achieves its traditional hellish feat: sacrificing millions of innocent people on the altar of its utopian ideals,” Glazov told WND.

The AP report noted the outrage among Muslims after a report was issued by author Alexis Jay citing what the news agency called “appalling acts of violence” between 1997 and 2013 in Rotherham, a city of 250,000.

The report said charities that deal with abused children have expressed shock at the number of victims, but that authorities feared being labeled racist if they acted.

Officials of Britain’s Labour Party called for the local police commissioner to resign even as the report’s author warned Rotherham is not the only British city facing the issue.

Glazov said the 1,400 in the Rotherham case “is just the small number we found out about.”
“They represent millions of the women and young girls around the world suffering from the barbaric, vicious and sadistic monstrosity of Islamic gender apartheid and Islamic misogyny,” he said.
“What is happening to these young girls in this tragic case is rooted in Islam; the perpetrators are inspired and sanctioned by Islamic theology to carry out this sexual rape and slavery against the kafir females,” said Glazov.

Robert Spencer, whose Jihad Watch monitors the damage inflicted by Muslims worldwide, told WND that ignoring Islamic violence in the name of being politically correct “is the norm today, in all sorts of ways.”

He noted that a few years ago, newspapers “refrained from printing the Muhammad cartoons even when reporting about them, and FBI agents have guidelines about how to avoid giving offense when making arrests in mosques – it is taken as a given today that one must go out of one’s way to avoid offending Muslim sensibilities.”

“This incident is just one of very many – and Muslim groups have never been shocked about any of the others,” he said.

Islam expert Pamela Geller, author of “Stop the Islamization of America: A Practical Guide To The Resistance,” and who runs the Atlas Shrugs website, told WND that special consideration for Muslims isn’t unusual at all.

“Muslims in the U.K. and the U.S. have been demanding and receiving special, preferential treatment for years. I founded my organization, the American Freedom Defense Initiative (AFDI), in part to fight against this practice and to insist that there should in free societies be no special rights for special classes.

“And now Muslims in the U.K. are appalled about Muslim rape gangs? This is outrageously deceptive. These rape gangs have been operating for years. Muslims didn’t rally with the Sikhs and the EDL against them. Where were these enraged Muslims then?”

In his book, “The Marketing of Evil,”  WND Managing Editor David Kupelian cites additional examples of extreme political correctness serving to protect and enable the growth of radical Islam in the West.

“Before they paralyzed the Washington, D.C., metropolitan area for three bloody weeks in October 2002, Beltway snipers John Muhammad and 17-year-old Lee Boyd ‘John’ Malvo had praised the Sept. 11 skyjackers and had threatened to commit major terrorist acts within the U.S. Yet, after their capture, most in the media, in their search for a motive, ignored Muhammad and Malvo’s known jihadist sympathies. … In fact, the standard analysis of what made Muhammad tick seemed to include anything and everything except jihad.”

Kupelian also points to the Egypt Air Flight 990 crash into the Atlantic shortly after takeoff from New York in October 1999, which killed 217.

“Two-and-a-half years later, the National Transportation Safety Board finally reached the same conclusion that virtually everyone else had immediately after the crash – that the plane’s Egyptian co-pilot, Gameel El-Batouty, had cut power to the engines and intentionally sent the plane plummeting into the ocean, killing all aboard. But the government panel declined to suggest a motive, except to speculate that El-Batouty might have ‘committed suicide.’”

As the plane headed to the ocean, the NTSB said, El-Batouty continually repeated, “Tawkalt ala Allah,” which translates, “I rely on Allah.”

Glazov agrees that the politically correct treatment of Islam is the norm.

“Look at our president and media that cannot even call ISIS by its true name and to be honest about the word ‘Islamic’ that is in the title of the terrorist group,” he said. “Our leaders and culture can no longer be honest about why the members of this monstrous jihadist group point to Islamic verses and texts to justify what they do and what they call themselves.”

He said the “story of what happened to these poor girls in U.K., and what is happening to many more of them that we don’t know about, not only in the U.K. but around the world, is tragic, and the left is doing its best to let it keep happening because it cannot allow its agenda, which is to destroy its own society and the system of democratic-capitalism, to be challenged or interrupted.”

Glazov did a two-part interview on his  Web TV show, “The Glazov Gang,” with Gavin Boby, who is fighting Muslim rape gangs in the U.K.

“What he says crystallizes the dark truth,” Glazov explained:

 Part I:

Part II

Jihad Comes To Europe

Gatestone Institute
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Jihad Comes To Europe

by Guy Millière  •  September 1, 2014 at 5:00 am
Belgian security services have estimated that the number of European jihadists in Syria may be over 4000.
European leaders have directed their nastiest comments against the Jewish state, none of them has asked why Palestinian organizations in Gaza put their stockpiles of weapons in hospitals, homes, schools and mosques, or their command and control centers at the bottom of large apartment buildings or underneath hospitals. None of them has even said that Hamas is a terrorist organization despite its genocidal charter.
The majority of them are wedded to the idea of redistribution. Their policies are anti-growth, do not afford people any economic opportunity, and are what caused these economic crises in Europe in the first place. The United States seems to be following these thoroughly failed policies as well.
"Europe could not stay the same with a different population in it." — Christopher Caldwell, Reflections on the Revolution in Europe.
French politicians fear mass riots in the violence-prone suburban "no go zones" that surround major cities. In this photo, a car burns in Sèvres, France, during the 2005 riots. (Source: WikiMedia Commons)
A few months before murdering four people at a Jewish Museum in Brussels on May 24th, a French Muslim named Medhi Nemmouche had been released from prison and had already joined the Islamic State (at the time, called ISIS).
Nemmouche had left the Museum unmolested and was identified only by images from surveillance cameras. He was arrested two days later in Marseille during an anti-drug check, where it was discovered that he was about to take a boat to Algeria. He had with him his weapons and a black flag of the Islamic State.
The French police knew exactly who he was. Despite everything, he had not been placed under close surveillance.

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Iraqi forces claim to have broken ISIS siege of Shiite town

Iraqi forces claim to have broken ISIS siege of Shiite town

Fox News,  August 31, 2014:

Iraqi security forces, along with Shiite militiamen, broke a nearly two-month siege by Islamic State militants on the northern Shiite Turkmen town of Amirli, Iraqi officials said on Sunday.

Army spokesman Lt. Gen. Qassim al-Moussawi said the operation started at dawn Sunday and the forces entered the town shortly after midday, The Associated Press reported.

Speaking live on state TV, al-Moussawi said the forces suffered “some casualities,” but did not give a specific number. He said fighting was “still ongoing to clear the surrounding villages.”
Breaking the siege was a “big achievement and an important victory” he said, for all involved: the Iraqi army, elite troops, Kurdish fighters and Shiite militias.

However, U.S. officials would not confirm reports that security forces had broken the siege and Pentagon sources told Fox News to expect more U.S. airstrikes in the Amerli area throughout Sunday.

About 15,000 Shiite Turkmens had been stranded in the farming community, some 105 north of Baghdad. Instead of fleeing in the face of the Islamic State drive across northern Iraq, the Shiite Turkmens have stayed and fortified their town with trenches and armed positions.

Iraqi troops began the push to retake the town from ISIS on Saturday. Its water and electricity have been cut off since June and surrounded by militants since mid-July.

Some residents have said that the Iraqi military’s efforts to fly in food, water and other aid have not been enough amid oppressive heat, lack of electrical power — the town’s power station was destroyed weeks ago — and shelling from the militants.

The U.S. had been watching the area closely in case a slaughter of the Turkmen appeared imminent and air support was needed, said Michael Knights, who studies Iraq and the Persian Gulf as a fellow of The Washington Institute. U.S. airstrikes will hasten the success of the relief effort on the ground, he said.

About half of the town’s population is age 15 and under while many others are elderly, sick or wounded, Knights said.

“They are remarkably vulnerable, and ISIS is determined to kill as many of these people as possible,” Knights said, referring to an acronym for the Islamic State group. “As the Nazis felt about the Jews, so ISIS feels about the Shia Muslims.”

The Turkmen are Iraq’s third largest ethnic group after Arabs and Kurds. They make up about 4 percent of Iraq’s population. Iraqi forces were airlifted into the area on Saturday.

“We thank God for this victory over terrorists,” al-Bayati told The Associated Press by phone from the outskirts of Amirli. “The people of Amirli are very happy to see that their ordeal is over and that the terrorists are being defeated by Iraqi forces. It is a great day in our life.”

State TV stopped regular programs and started airing patriotic songs following the victory announcement, praising the country’s security forces. They have been fighting the militants for weeks without achieving significant progress on the ground.

On Saturday, the U.S. conducted airstrikes against the Sunni militants and air-dropped humanitarian aid to residents. Aircraft from Australia, France and Britain joined the U.S. in the aid drop, which came after a request from the Iraqi government.  The U.S. Central Command said another airstrike on Sunday damaged a tank used by Islamic State fighters.

The Pentagon’s press secretary, Rear Adm. John Kirby, said military operations would be limited in scope and duration as needed to address the humanitarian crisis in Amirli and protect the civilians trapped in the town.

The Islamic State extremist group has seized cities, towns and vast tracts of land in northeastern Syria and northern and western Iraq. It views Shiites as apostates and has carried out a number of massacres and beheadings — often posting grisly videos and photos of the atrocities online.

The Associated Press and Fox News’ Jennifer Griffin contributed to this report.

Islamic supremacists enraged: Michigan Governor affirms Israel’s right to exist at Hamas-linked ISNA convention

Islamic supremacists enraged: Michigan Governor affirms Israel’s right to exist at Hamas-linked ISNA convention


US Islamic Society Conference

Islamic supremacist academic propagandist Hatem “Hate ‘em” Bazian, a professor of “Islamophobia” at (where else?) the University of California Berkeley, has equated the Boston jihad bombings with “Islamophobia” and, several years ago, called for an “intifada” in the U.S. Tonight he is enraged that Michigan Governor Rick Snyder has dared to affirm Israel’s right to exist at the convention of the Hamas-linked Muslim Brotherhood group the Islamic Society of North America. He posted this on Facebook. Be sure to call Snyder and tell him, “Bravo!”:
Call Michigan Governor Rick Snyder and express that Palestinians have the right to exist, be free on their land and an immediate end to Israeli Occupation. You lost the Muslim-Arab vote in Michigan!
(517) 373-3400
Michigan Governor Rick Snyder spoke at the opening session of ISNA’s 51st Annual Convention on Friday held in Detroit and made it a point to declare that Israel has the right to exist without making any references to the Palestinians. The statement was completely out of context and seems intended to make a point to his audience as if to each them a lesson considering the recent situation in Gaza.
Being in America, one understands the political leadership taking its marching orders from AIPAC and repeating the same exact words every opportunity they have as if it is part of the US constitution. While the Governor is welcome to his point of view but to come to a Muslim convention and attempt to score points by pushing AIPAC’s agenda is insulting and demonstrate a lack of basic political respect to the community.
What is more glaring is that no one on the stage jumped to make any comments after him to indicate that the implied insult conveyed by the Governor in this speech is not acceptable to the Muslim community and for it to be expressed at this time considering the slaughter campaign unleashed by Israel on Gaza….

FINALLY! Sikh outrage over despicable ‘politically correct’ habit the British media have of calling Muslims “Asians” instead of what they are: “Muslims”

FINALLY! Sikh outrage over despicable ‘politically correct’ habit the British media have of calling Muslims “Asians” instead of what they are: “Muslims”

article-2009455-0CCAD63A00000578-10_233x144Sikh Federation in Britain accuse mainstream UK media of ignoring efforts to get them to stop using the generic (and virtually always erroneous) term ‘Asian’ when, in fact, what they should be labeling them is ‘Muslim.’ 


Sikhsiyasat (h/t Maria J)   The Sikh Federation (UK) press release issued yesterday titled: ‘Abandon term ‘Asian’ and call a spade a spade for the sake of child victims’ has largely been ignored by the mainstream media”, informs another press release by the UK Sikh body. In part this is no surprise as it criticises the media itself for being on the political correctness bandwagon. It is easy for the media to keep using the word ‘Asian’ and not be specific. Journalists should however view this as a form of self imposed censorship.


Being specific about perpetrators of a crime is not expressing views that encourage racial or religious hatred, instead it is exposing the truth and ensuring communities from which the perpetrators originate and those in positions of power address the serious problem at hand.


Whilst the mainstream media may have deliberately ignored the Sikh Federation (UK) press release it has struck a chord with leading politicians. Both the Home Secretary and the Leader of the Opposition retweeted the press release within hours of its release. This implies senior politicians are far more sympathetic with the line being taken by the Sikh Federation (UK) – the media has a duty to follow this up.


Hundreds of non-Sikhs have retweeted quotes by Bhai Amrik Singh, Chair of the Sikh Federation (UK) from the press release. Many have also positively responded to the Sikh Federation (UK) tweets. For example, in response to the tweet:


It is time for the media, police, local authorities and others to abandon political correctness and stop using the throwaway term ‘Asian’ 

Truth-Honest comment

Some of the reactions are below:

‘This is the most sensible suggestion I have read to date, well done.’

‘Please see what the Sikhs have asked. Drop the term ‘Asian’ it is misleading & offensive’

‘Absolutely brilliant, well said. Thank God for our friends in the Sikh community who love and care about Britain!’

‘Pity there`s not 4 Million Sikhs in the UK’

‘Indeed.. hard working resourceful people.’

‘Fully supported here. They use the term “Asian” as a deliberate attempt to fog the reality of what’s been happening.’

‘My wife is Japanese. She finds it offensive. No one uses “European” to describe French, Germans etc.’

‘Totally agree mate it’s turning and needs to! Stops tarring decent upstanding Asian communities.’

‘Agreed. As far as I know, most of the “Asian” perpetrators were of Pakistani origin. Why not say so?’

‘I agree 100%! I have been saying this for years! It’s an insult to Sikhs.’

‘BTW, re 2011 riots when some of you guys came out & guarded your temple. So proud you were British!’

‘Totally agree. The truth is out there, do use it. Muslim Grooming Gangs. Its not bigoted or racist. It’s the truth!’

‘Wouldn’t it be just ideal thing to replace UK Islamics with our Sikh friends. I’m very sorry you have been smeared by the media’

‘Sikhs are honourable people, their culture is the antithesis of Muslim culture.. they treat women as equals.’

‘Totally agree. I’m sorry media implying Sikhs involved in Rotherham abuse by only using term ‘Asian’’

’I agree, time to put the blame firmly where the blame and guilt lies…’



Yet another ‘politically correct’ media discussion about the Rotherham Muslim paedophile rape gangs where the media don’t dare use the word “Muslim”

Thanks to Bare Naked Islam for this

Yet another ‘politically correct’ media discussion about the Rotherham Muslim paedophile rape gangs where the media don’t dare use the word “Muslim”

What we do hear is a lot of double talk where no one takes responsibility for the rapes, exploitation, and sex trafficking of more than 1400 young white girls by Muslim men in Rotherham…a problem, according to a leading children’s charity Chief Executive, Jared Khan (Pakistani Muslim?), that is “all over England.” Yet the media refuse to call the Muslim perpetrators “Muslims,” for fear of being called “racist.”





#ReturnOfTheJihadi? How social media users are lampooning ISIS with tongue-in-cheek virals

#ReturnOfTheJihadi? How social media users are lampooning ISIS with tongue-in-cheek virals

  • Campaigns poking fun at Islamic State have appeared on social media
  • Tongue-in-cheek hashtag #AskIslamicState trended on Twitter last week
  • Earlier this month, users also tweeted spoof film titles under #ISISmovies
  • Some say it is a way of dealing with offensive being carried out by terrorists
  • Jihadist group has widely used social media to spread its propaganda 
They have been using Facebook and Twitter to devastating effect - even hijacking people's innocent tweets to spread their message of propaganda.

And now social media users are giving ISIS a taste of its own medicine -  by mounting a series of campaigns poking fun at the group.

In recent weeks, a wave of tongue-in-cheek virals ridiculing the terrorist organisation have been sweeping across the internet.

Scroll down for video 
Lee Hurst began the hashtag #AskIslamicState, which thousands of Twitter users had soon employed to poke fun at ISIS
Lee Hurst began the hashtag #AskIslamicState, which thousands of Twitter users had soon employed to poke fun at ISIS
Under the hashtag, one user asked: 'Did you cry when Patrick Swayze died in GHOST?' 
Under the hashtag, one user asked: 'Did you cry when Patrick Swayze died in GHOST?' 
While some criticise the trends as insensitive, others say it is a way to intimidate the extremist group 
While some criticise the trends as insensitive, others say it is a way to intimidate the extremist group 
Recent attempts to mock the jihadists include the Twitter hashtags #ISISmovies - which saw users come up with spoof film titles ridiculing the group  - and #AskIslamicState, which saw users pose satirical questions to the group in the manner of a political Q&A.
As the group continue their brutal offensive, while promoting their actions online - including posting sickening footage of beheadings and crucifixions - some have criticised the humorous take on the group as insensitive.
But others say it is a way to fight back at the Islamic State and make a small dent in their overwhelming social media presence.
As the #ISISmovies trend swept over Twitter, Libyan-American writer Hend Amry wrote: 'Sometimes, you have to mock, to belittle. Because sometimes, belittlement is your enemy's greatest fear.' 
The hashtag #AskIslamicState - which trended last week - was started by comedian Lee Hurst who wrote: '#AskIslamicState When do you expect the Caliphate to be opened up for tourism?'
He later tweeted: '#AskIslamicState I'm thinking of visiting, but hate the idea of missing Celebrity Big Brother. Do you show it?'
Earlier this month, under #ISISmovies, users re-wrote famous film titles using an Islamic State undertone
Earlier this month, under #ISISmovies, users re-wrote famous film titles using an Islamic State undertone
'Return of the Jihadi' (above), based on the Star Wars movie and 'Stoned' (below), the 2005 film about the Rolling Stones founder Brian Jones, were also tweeted by several users to mock the group 
'Return of the Jihadi' (above), based on the Star Wars movie and 'Stoned' (below), the 2005 film about the Rolling Stones founder Brian Jones, were also tweeted by several users to mock the group 
The spoof cover of Vogue which surfaced online was poking fun at the group's own magazine
The spoof cover of Vogue which surfaced online was poking fun at the group's own magazine
Soon, thousands of Twitter users had joined in with tweets. These included: '#AskIslamicState Did you cry when Patrick Swazye died in GHOST?'
One user tweeted: “#AskIslamicState Would you recommend a Burgundy or a Rhone to go with a pig’s liver & bacon casserole?;
While another wrote: “#AskIslamicState Do you think roller blinds are more effective than venetian blinds for blocking out lights ?”
As the trend gathered pace, Mens Rea tweeted: 'The great thing about Twitter is nobody is safe from Trolling, even Global, Violent, Hell-Bent Jihadists [sic].'
Under #ISISmovies, users re-wrote famous film titles, but with an Islamic State undertone.
One of those included 'To Kill a Mocking Kurd' - a take on the book, play and film To Kill a Mocking Bird.
'Return of the Jihadi', based on the Star Wars movie and 'Stoned', the 2005 film about the Rolling Stones founder Brian Jones, were also tweeted by several users. 
In another online satire, Twitter users mocked up a 'Jihadi Vogue' spoof magazine cover, making fun of the group's own magazine.
Earlier this month, Americans also clubbed together online to reverse one of ISIS's hastags #AMessageFromISIStoUS. It soon became #AMessageFromUStoISIS. 
ISIS has used online propaganda in its efforts. Rather than using a single hashtag to deliver its message, the group has instead hijacked other hashtags, including those used by World Cup fans
ISIS has used online propaganda in its efforts. Rather than using a single hashtag to deliver its message, the group has instead hijacked other hashtags, including those used by World Cup fans
ISIS has used online propaganda in its efforts to spread its message. But rather than using a single hashtag to deliver its message, the group has instead hijacked other hashtags, including those used by World Cup fans.
The group has also used hashtags to attack prominent figures. Previously, ISIS tweeted a picture of first lady Michelle Obama holding a sign that initially showed the hashtag #bringbackourgirls – a reference to the more than 200 kidnapped Nigerian schoolgirls.
That was the edited to say #bringbackourhumvee, a dig at the American-supplied Humvees captured by ISIS in northern Iraq.