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Teachers Union Slams FBI Anti-Extremist Site As Anti-Muslim
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Teachers Union Slams FBI Anti-Extremist Site As Anti-Muslim
The ‘Don’t Be A Puppet’ website has been slammed for unfairly singling out Muslims in the way it seeks to tackle radicalization. learn more
The decision to postpone the final hearing for a Christian woman set to be hanged on false blasphemy charges was a cowardly move by Pakistan.
The Sad Ending to Asia Bibi: Justice Delayed Is Justice Denied

The operation was given a green light by 'Caliph' Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi to prevent them from being taken captive by Iraqi forces.
Senior ISIS Jihadis Move Wives Out of Mosul

13 people were caned October 17 in Indonesia’s Aceh province for unlawful intimacy between the genders.
Indonesian Citizens Suffer Under Harsh Hudud Laws
Tears of Joy as Freed Chibok Girls Reunited With Their Families
The recently-released 21 Chibok school girls, in Boko Haram captivity for two-and-a-half years, are reunited with their parents in an emotion-laden church service in Abuja, Nigeria.
[Re:'Muslim Father Rapes Daughter for Being Too Westernized']: I'm glad she was brave enough to seek help.
[Re:'ISIS to Enemies: If You Approach We’ll Kill Yazidi Sex Slaves']: We should have destroyed ISIS as soon as they were formed. We waited for other countries to do it. They waited for us to take the lead. We led from behind. You go first, we will be right behind you. The wilted strength of America. We were war weary. It seems we lost our nerve and the will to fight. Not our soldiers. Not our military leaders. But our politicians and citizens. We see the destruction, the killings, the brutality against innocent children. We weep. But we don't turn that outrage into a strategy to kill the enemy. So they continue. They see our inaction as weak. They recruit from a perception that they are strong and God is on their side. They appear to be winners. No one joins the losers. If ISIS gets utterly destroyed and soundly defeated they will be seen as losers and not under God's protection.
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Liberal Submission: Protect Islam, Defame Christianity

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Liberal Submission: Protect Islam, Defame Christianity

by Giulio Meotti  •  October 23, 2016 at 6:00 am
  • If an imam violently protests something, the liberal elite always supports the false charge of "Islamophobia." If a peaceful protest is led by a Catholic bishop, the same elite always rejects it under the name of "freedom of expression."
  • The "Caliph" of the Islamic State, Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, ridiculed by Charlie Hebdo, triggered self-censorship because of "hate speech," while the work of Chris Ofili "The Holy Virgin Mary," in which the mother of Jesus is covered with feces and images of genitalia, was defended by the New York Times as "free speech." Does this now mean that some religions are more equal than others?
  • On Halloween night, only the "Sexy Nun" is available, while "Caliph" Baghdadi can rape his Yazidi and Christian sex slaves with impunity.
Spot the offensive costume -- or the hypocrisy. Online retailer Amazon removed the "Sexy Burka" costume (left) after accusations of "Islamophobia." But despite the protests of many Catholics customers, the "Sexy Nun" (right) is still on sale at Amazon.
The world's biggest shopping portal, Amazon, sells many Halloween costumes. One of the novelties in 2016 has been the "Sexy Burka", the typical obscurantist cloak that the Taliban and the Islamic State impose on women. But the sexy burqa, which on Amazon UK was priced at £18.99, did not last long.
The commercial colossus of Jeff Bezos removed the item from the website, after Amazon had been swamped with accusations of "racism", "Islamophobia," of marketing an Islamic garment with the white face of a model and using "a religious garment for commercial purposes". "You are disgusting, my culture is not your costume", wrote many users of the Islamic faith. Others used a less adorable tone: "Whoever you are, you should fear Allah. This is not a joke."

Turkey Targets Christians

by Robert Jones  •  October 23, 2016 at 4:45 am
  • In the last four years, more than 100 Christian pastors and other religious officials have been deported from Turkey, and banned from reentering.
  • "When Jesus reached 30 years of age, Allah gave him the duty of being a prophet. He then began inviting people to believe in Allah." — Turkish textbook on Christianity.
  • "[R]eligious minority students are faced with the option of taking the class or sitting alone somewhere else on the school premises during the classes, thus separating them from their peers and singling out their religious differences." — U.S. Commission on International Religious Freedom, Turkey Textbook Report.
  • It is high time that the activists of the global "human rights community" condemned or at least publicly discussed this "culture of hate" in the Muslim communities -- and particularly the Christianophobia.
(Image source: United States Commission on International Religious Freedom)
American pastors in Turkey are being arrested hand over fist.
American Pastor Andrew Brunson, of the Resurrection Protestant Church, was arrested in Izmir (Smyrna)on October 7 alongside his wife, Norine Lyn Brunson, for "threatening the national security of Turkey." Brunson is expected to be deported in 15 days. The couple is still being held in detention.
Turkish authorities also seized the residence permit of Ryan D. Keating, an American student pursuing a PhD in the philosophy of religion at Ankara University. Keating is a Christian who heads the Ankara Refugee Ministry for the Kurtulus Church. While he was leaving Turkey for work purposes, he was told at the airport that his residence permit in Turkey had been cancelled in September for "national security", meaning that he will not be able to reenter the country. His wife and children are still in Ankara.

U.S. Helps Muslims, not Christians
Muslim Persecution of Christians: July, 2016

by Raymond Ibrahim  •  October 23, 2016 at 4:00 am
  • The Obama administration has taken in 5,435 Muslim refugees, but only 28 Christians -- even though Christians are approximately 10 percent of Syria's population and are classified as experiencing a genocide there.
  • The logic of the pope's statement seems to be that violence done that contradicts the Judeo-Christian God's commandments -- such as the murder of wives and mothers-in-law -- is identical to violence done in accord with Allah's commandments to wage jihad on "infidels."
  • One million Christian children whose families have been displaced or affected by the violent activities of Boko Haram and Muslim Fulani herdsmen are starving. Boko Haram's seven-year rebellion has left 20,000 people dead and more than two million displaced. — Nigeria.
  • One social media posting by the Islamic State showed a picture of a young girl with the caption: "Virgin. Beautiful. 12 years old... Her price has reached $12,500 and she will be sold soon."
  • Countless reports continued to appear indicating that non-Muslim students, most often Christians, are being forced to convert to Islam through the public school system. Teachers force them to recite the shahada -- which when said before Muslim witnesses makes them a Muslim. — Pakistan.
  • The government is trying to "cleanse" the nation of Christians and create a homogenous Muslim state. — Sudan.
Father Jacques Hamel was murdered in France on July 26, in the church of Saint-√Čtienne-du-Rouvray, by Islamic jihadists.
As the Muslim persecution of Christians continues to reach critical proportions around the world (see report below), the average American shows much more concern than the current administration. Soon after it was revealed that the Obama administration has taken in 5,435 Muslim refugees, but only 28 Christians -- even though Christians are approximately 10 percent of Syria's population and are classified as experiencing a genocide there. A poll found that more than three-quarters of American respondents agreed with the statement: "It is important to me that the next US President be committed to addressing the persecution that some Christians face around the world (e.g.: imprisonment, beheadings, rape, loss of home and assets)."

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Op-Ed: PM Justin Trudeau: Are You Changing the Face of Canada Forever?

Op-Ed: PM Justin Trudeau: Are You Changing the Face of Canada Forever?

As Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau makes his way to Israel in order to attend Shimon Peres’ funeral, Iranian human rights activist Shabnam Assadollahi addresses an open letter to him, voicing her concerns regarding his policies: “Your policy is being interpreted as gullible, mistaken and a golden opportunity for the radical Islamic movements to change the face of Canada forever.”

PM Trudeau, you are building your legacy as the Western leader who promotes Islam as compatible with Western secular societies and open the door for massive Muslim immigration. These agendas of your liberal government might be exploited by radicals to destabilize both the U.S. and Canada to the point where Canada develops into a security threat for the U.S.

The rapid influx of so-called refugees out of camps in Lebanon is also causing angst because of the manner in which this operation is being carried out (perhaps as many as “pre-qualified immigrants” are).

Canada is a multicultural society made up of many expatriates from troubled areas who came to Canada to escape tribalism, oppressive regimes and threats to their personal freedom and safety. Now in Canada, we see a government that appears to be encouraging the kind of cultural changes and the promotion of ideologies of dictatorial regimes and regimes governed by sharia law—things those who fled had hoped never to experience ever again.

Changes to the immigration laws pose a threat to women and allow the possibility of abuses and loopholes that the former conservative government had been trying to close. Changes to citizenship laws also invite abuses to family reunification laws and security.

With your opening the floodgates to those whose politics clash with liberal democracies and whose stated purpose is to change our way of life rooted in Judeo-Christian heritage, the pro-democracy and secular Canadians are rightly concerned about the impact and possibility of 50,000 people bringing their old way of life and the grievances associated with it to this relatively peaceful, freedom-loving nation – especially when as many as 94% of refugees prefer to stay in their own country and Canada can support 12 refugees in Lebanon for the same cost as they can support one refugee in Canada.
Americans, too, are concerned about the Canadian border and the fact that the rapid citizenship process will allow many of these “refugees” to cross into the United States with a simple visa or in some cases no visa at all.

Equally concerning is the reopening of the Islamic Republic of Iran's embassy, which will allow their diplomats and spies to enter Canada where they have political immunity and walk freely in our communities. In the past, these personnel created an atmosphere of horror and fear among the Iranian Canadian nationals. This is in addition to the fact that an Iranian embassy in Canada opens a door to infiltration of Canada’s own security apparatus.

Moreover, it is inconceivable that Canada has normalized relations with the Islamic Republic of Iran and its current government without regard to Islamic Republic's daily human-rights violations,  executions of juveniles,  Iran regime's  war /fatwa against women, and Christians for their simple religious duties, state sponsorship of terrorism—disregarding Iran’s international law violations and the welfare of the regime’s own population and those in it seeking reforms and greater freedoms.
image description Trudeau Photo Credit: Wikimedia Commons

PM Trudeau, at the same time, in addition, Canada is increasing its support of terrorist organizations and abandoning those who are looking to Canada for support– like Egypt and Israel.

PM Trudeau, in a video message to the annual “Reviving the Islamic Spirit convention” held at the Metro Toronto Convention Centre, you said, “The Reviving the Islamic Spirit convention … is also about celebrating our shared beliefs in justice, fairness, equality of opportunity and acceptance. The work you do in communities across the country is what builds and strengthens our multicultural fabric.”

PM Trudeau, you have won the hearts and minds of Muslims in Canada by joining the Maghrib Prayer in Ramadan, visiting an Ottawa mosque led by an Imam who is a member of an organization lead by the radical Islamist Yousuf Qaradawi,  defending women's right to wear the niqab, portraying Islamic values as Canadian, opening Canada's doors to massive Muslim immigration and stating that your mission is to educate Canadians that Islam is compatible with Western secular societies like Canada while at the same time, ICNA Canada and a Canadian Imam contradict your statement and publicly state that  “Islam and democracy are contradictory, absolutely incompatible.”

PM Trudeau, no wonder you were called by a leading Canadian imam the Najashi of our era. (Najashi was the emperor of Aksum known for giving refuge to the numerous companions of the Islamic Prophet Muhammad).

American lawmakers are worried. Your policy is being interpreted as gullible, mistaken and a golden opportunity for the radical Islamic movements to change the face of Canada forever.

Prime Minister Trudeau, as a Canadian of Iranian origin, I feel I am without a state and have lost my Canadian identity since you have come to power and ruling over Canada without considering the views of Canadian citizens like myself.  There is growing radical Islam in Canada, and some of the policies being considered by your government can further enable Islamist radicalism, homophobia and attack on women's rights. As someone who was tortured in Evin prison as a teenager by the Islamic Republic of Iran, I want assurance by the Government of Canada that my interest, security and freedoms will be protected.

Sincerely and respectfully,
Shabnam Assadollahi

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JOL Blogger | Shabnam Assadollahi
Shabnam Assadollahi is a multi-award-winning human rights advocate,  public speaker and freelance writer/ journalist. She is a Canadian of Iranian origin who is also passionate about her Persian heritage. She has masters degree in Social anthropology and  has helped newcomers and refugees to resettle in Canada, worked as a radio broadcaster, and has spoken at many public events. Her public engagements have focused on issues affecting women, minority communities, and bringing to light human right abuses by dictatorial regimes.
Shabnam was arrested and imprisoned at age 16 for 18 months in Iran's most notorious prison, Evin. After her release, and during Iran-Iraq war, at age 18, she moved to Turkey with her family where she attend university and obtained her degree. In the late 80's, Shabnam worked for the Turkish Ministry of Culture as a student researcher with a focus on minority and language rights. While at this post, she also assisted refugees with their cases and represented them at the office of United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR). For over 25 years she has worked in various Canadian government- funded multicultural programs, helping newcomers, particularly women, to overcome challenges of settlement and integration. Shabnam has also served as an active executive board member and the treasurer of the Immigrant and Visible Minority Women of British Columbia, sat on Collaborative Committees on Multiculturalism, Immigrant Integration Coordinating Committees, as well as Antiracism and Human Rights boards.
She has worked in the world of radio broadcasting since 1992. At TransWorld Radio Canada, she produced over 200 international children and youth programs and translated 8 Christian children's books into Persian and broadcast them to Iran, Afghanistan, and Tajikistan. From 2003-2011, she was the program producer and host of Ottawa's Multicultural radio's Persian Program Hamseda. During this time, she delivered speeches at numerous venues on human rights violation in Iran, discussed the role of social networking and the media in influencing democracy building in Iran and presented at a UN parallel conference.
Shabnam has successfully demonstrated leadership by counseling new and prospective human rights activists from all over the world. Her name has been selected among 1000 most important women of the Middle East and The Arab world in a book published by Times Square Press in New York .
In 2011, Shabnam received a "Hero Award" in the United States, presented by Congresswoman Carolyn Maloney, in recognition of her human rights work. In 2012, she received "The Leading Women Building Communities Award" by The Honourable Laurel Broten, Ontario Minister Responsible for Women's Issues. The same year, she also received two Recognition Awards, given by MP, Royal Galipeau and Ottawa Deputy Mayor, Bob Monette, for her Human Rights Advocacy and for Extensively Helping Newcomers and Refugees Resettle in Canada. She is also the recipient of "2012 TESL Ontario Sparks of Excellence Award" which recognized her outstanding educational experience in teaching and mentorship that went above and beyond the day to day duties of her job.
Shabnam's selfless service and dedication to women's rights, equality and justice are emblematic of her compassionate activities and programs on behalf of women struggling for freedom and equality in Canada and around the world. She is a strong believer in education being the basic foundation for building a better, democratic and free society. This is the core principle that drives her work both as an educator and a human rights advocate. Having resettled in Canada herself from Iran, Shabnam understands the importance of compassion and understanding while adapting to another culture and language. Shabnam lives in Ottawa with her husband.

“Refugees” EXPOSED: Mohammedans Gang-Rape Interpreter Filming Documentary On “Plight of Refugees”! Commentary By Adina Kutnicki

“Refugees” EXPOSED: Mohammedans Gang-Rape Interpreter Filming Documentary On “Plight of Refugees”! Commentary By Adina Kutnicki

AS is said, truth is stranger than fiction. Yup, alternatively, you can’t make this sh-t up. Credo quia absurdum alike.
WHICH brings us to several interlocking themes explored at this site, some of which flow through the explosive pages of a recently released book by this investigative journalist and her co-author, Joe Newby. The blurb on the book jacket of BANNED: How Facebook Enables Militant Islamic Jihad reads thusly:
While militant jihad is exploding throughout the Islamic world, westerners are increasingly subjected to gravely perilous circumstances. Americans, Israelis, and Europeans are in their direct cross hairs.
Jihadists congregate on social media, “friend” like-minded Islamists, and plot global jihad. With over 1.6 billion users worldwide, Facebook is the world’s largest social media site. It has become the de facto Internet since nearly every site connects to it. With that size comes great power–the power to lift up and the power to destroy. CEO Mark Zuckerberg promised to stifle negative stories of “migrants” and assured Muslims he would make his site a welcoming place for them. Banned explains how social media in general and Facebook in particular seems to operate with a double standard that ultimately enables militant Islamic jihad.
Politicians talk about companies being too big to fail, but is Facebook so big that it can freely operate as a government unto itself?
MORE pointedly, an excerpt from page 147 spells out the absolute linkage between the explosion of rape-jihad and unfettered Muslim immigration, and the west’s concomitant insanity ala apologia after apologia. Mental besiegement. Derangement syndrome. 
Imagine, if you dare, laying out the welcome mat for “refugees” whose fellow militant jihadists have been known to rape, pillage, and otherwise wreck havoc across your country, and with other nations in tow, only to invite said related grouping of guests to a shindig of sorts, but this time with the expectation of good behavior! Pray tell, who are the crazies?
Albert Einstein is credited with saying, “The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again, but expecting different results. Conversely, isn’t it also rational and logical to assess the mental sanity of officials who behave counter-intuitive to normal parameters? For isn’t it abnormal to organize fantasy-driven gatherings for militant Islamic jihadists who commit rape, with the expectation of good behavior? Even more so, what about party officiants who insist on labeling said violations of civilized norms as incidents? In all honestly, aren’t such fantasists oozing with mental illness? If not, why not?…..
IN this regard, other than those who are comatose, it is impossible not to recognize that Islamic “refugees” AKA “migrants” are storming through the west’s gates, and then some. So much so, Sweden has been coined the “rape capital of the west” due to Islamic sanctioned rape-jihad as its impetus. This is no longer up for debate. Sheesh.
SO in light of everything which should be deemed obvious under non-Orwellian parameters, how shocking is the following: while filming a documentary in France entitled, “Plight of the Refugees”, an interpreter was gang-raped by 3 Muslim “refugees”, ipso facto, the (oy vey….pity-fest…poor dears….and all that mendacious, oozing crap) film had to be interrupted! Say it ain’t so….
The attackers were “a priori migrants” from Afghanistan, a judicial source told AFP, quoting witness accounts.
The alleged asylum seekers initially wanted to steal the pair’s equipment and camera.
One of the men then reportedly pulled out a knife and forced the interpreter to have sex with him, while two others stood nearby, threatening the journalist with a knife.
Once the attackers had let them go, the victims rushed to a police station in Calais to report the incident.
“The victim was examined by a doctor, who confirmed rape. Samples will… determine the genetic profile of the attacker,”Marconville said.
Police have opened a manhunt for the three attackers and have begun an investigation into the case.

The Calais ‘Jungle’ houses between 5,000 and 10,000 asylum seekers, according to estimates from different human right groups working on the site.
Welcome to the Jungle: Calais, France

Video courtesy of: Sanity4Humanity
On Tuesday, an administrative court in Lille upheld its decision to close the notorious camp. According to the court, dismantling of the camp “does not disregard the principle of prohibition of inhuman and degrading treatment.”
The removal of the camp “aims, on the contrary… to put an end to such treatment, to which migrants are currently subjected,” it added.
The inhabitants of the camp – who are mainly from the Middle East, Africa and Afghanistan – have traveled to France in the hope of crossing the English Channel to the UK, often having had their applications rejected elsewhere, or in expectation of better prospects in Britain than in the rest of the EU.
The topic of unaccompanied children in Calais has recently been widely discussed in the media. Earlier in October, the British Red Cross said there are currently some 1,000 unaccompanied children in the camp, with at least 178 of them eligible to go to the UK, due to existing family ties there.
MIND you, the (Islamic-laden) jungles of Calais have been duly exposed at this site. But no matter. Just disregard the truth-telling. After all, there are countless fantasies to spin and weave.
EVEN so, for the record, Americans have been forewarned of similar consequences, due to the massive uptick…a million and counting…of Islam’s soldiers for Allah entering the country under this and that “program” via Obama Inc.’s helping hands. Cause and effect.
RESULTANT, regardless of how much lipstick is painted on this pig (by leftist apologists and their Muslim overlords), with incessant whining and opining over the “plight of the refugees”, it won’t stop the truth from spilling forth from alternative sources.
TO be sure, not if this investigative journalist (Muslim Brotherhood expert too, with a full knowledge base of this arena from the inside and outside) has anything to say about it!

‘Expert’: Give Syrians Their Own City in Germany To Prevent Radicalisation

‘Expert’: Give Syrians Their Own City in Germany To Prevent Radicalisation


A left wing expert on Salafism has suggested that Germany has no real culture and that Syrians should be allowed their own city rather than be forced to integrate into German society.

Expert on Salafism and Green party member Kurt Edler is proposing a radical idea on how the German government should handle the integration of Syrians and other migrants into German society.
Mr. Edler contends that Germany has no real culture to speak of and that the migrants shouldn’t have to integrate and instead he claims they should be afforded their own city in an area like Vorpommern reports, Die Welt. 

Mr. Edler admits after the attempted bombing in Leipzig and other terror attacks in Wurzburg and elsewhere, that Islamism has formally arrived in Germany.

Speaking on the need for migrants to integrate into Germany he said, “the indigenous people themselves have completely disintegrated. The common word is dominant culture. There is none. There are lifestyle milieus.”

Since there is no common culture, according to Edler, there should be no problem in simply creating what he calls a “New Aleppo” in somewhere like German Chancellor Angela Merkel’s home state of Mecklenburg-Vorpommern. The Chancellor is still reeling from the  recent regional election loss to the anti-mass migration Alternative for Germany (AfD).

On the subject of the AfD Edler said support for the party was a reaction to the mass experience of “social modernization.”

The new Syrian city would foster a sense of community that Edler says those in the West have given up on. “Former British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher has said a wise phrase: ‘There is no society’. Indeed” he said.
Adding that the concept of a ho
meland, the German word heimat, and notions of the West were “pseudo utopias” he added “the West has long since perished.”

The idea of separate cities fro Muslims has been floated before by a German academic named Ulrike Gu√©rot who also agrees with Edler that the idea of “dominant culture” is “Fascistic.” The agreement of the two academics shows that the ideas may have growing prominence in German academic circles.

On the notion of young radical Muslims Edler echoed comments made by French scholar Gilles Kepel who called the third generation of Muslims the “Jihad Generation” due to the rising popularity of Salfism among them. Kepel warned these young people could be taking Europe down the path of future civil war.

Mr. Edler is more optimistic about the future of young Muslims claiming that Salafism will likely dissipate over time. “Much of what we experience as juvenile Salafism is a fashion and subculture,” he said. Part of the reason for this, he claims, is that the Islamic State is losing territory and battles proving that they aren’t the invincible warriors they portray in their propaganda.

Many experts, police and security agencies are fearful of the rise of radicalism in Muslim youths. Polls have shown that the rise in radicalisation among young Muslims is a growing trend and few have the answers to reversing it.

Foster mother discovered ’12-year-old Afghan refugee orphan’ was a 21-year-old jihadi: ‘I’ll kill you and I know where your children are’

Foster mother discovered ’12-year-old Afghan refugee orphan’ was a 21-year-old jihadi: ‘I’ll kill you and I know where your children are’

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Foster mother tells of horror when she discovered ’12-year-old Afghan refugee orphan’ she cared for was a 21-year-old jihadi

  • The boy, Jamal, was identified as being far older following dental checks
  • His carer, Rosie, had been suspicious of his facial hair and gun proficiency 
  • The refugee was found with Taliban and child abuse material on his phone
  • He since been arrested for assault and has been denied asylum
A woman opened her heart and her door to a 12-year-old boy who had fled the horrors of war in Afghanistan after losing his parents – or so she thought.

In reality, not only was the boy in her care, Jamal, almost a decade older than she had been duped into believing, but he also had Taliban and child abuse material on his phone.

A dentist’s check found his age to actually be around 21 and a subsequent investigation uncovered the shocking content on his mobile, according to the Sun.

However, the news did not come as a huge surprise to his foster mother, who gave her name only as Rosie, who had not only been extremely suspicious of his developed facial hair – which led to him being thrown off a bus as he looked too old for a child ticket – but also other characteristics.

Two unidentified young migrants (not Jamal) get off a bus as they arrive at Lunar House, which houses the headquarters of UK Visas and Immigration, in Croydon
She took Jamal to a climbing centre, where he displayed upper body strength far beyond his supposed years and also was able to completely strip a rifle at a shooting range.

While in her care, he shared a room with three children aged between 12 and 14.

Rosie told the paper’s Nigel Bunyan and Chris Pollard: ‘It’s ridiculous how everybody else could see it but not the social workers.’

Although she could not confirm if he was a terrorist, she was adamant he had spent time in a training camp.

She added that his last words to her were ‘I’ll kill you and I know where your children are.’

Jamal has since reportedly been turned down for asylum after being arrested for assault.

It follows fierce criticism of ‘children’ being allowed into Britain ahead of the demolition of the Calais jungle appearing to be well into adulthood.

Refugees, who the Government claims are aged 14 to 17, arrived at the UK Visas and Immigration office in Croydon, south London, by coach as part of a fast-track system to move youngsters from the French migrant camp.

After photographs of the refugees arriving were published, Conservative MP David Davies wrote on Twitter: ‘These don’t look like ‘children’ to me. I hope British hospitality is not being abused.’

Officials insist the migrants have undergone rigorous interviews and document checks to establish they are aged under 18.
Computer analysis of photographs of other 'child migrants' who arrived in London from the Jungle camp this week suggests many could be in their 20s and 30s
Analysis of photographs of some of the 'child' migrants arriving in London over the past few days suggests some could be older than they claim
The global software giant stressed yesterday that its How Old Do I Look? program was a 'fun app' that 'guesses how old you look using machine learning'
But it has emerged that this is simply a screening process where they are verified as a child based on their ‘physical appearance’ and ‘demeanour’, with social workers signing off an ‘age assessment’.
A Home Office spokesman admitted that routine medical tests, such as checking dental records, have not been carried out because it could be ‘intrusive’.

An aid worker in Calais also raised concerns that adults may be lying about their age to gain entry into Britain.

Town halls have  threatened a revolt if they were burdened with bogus child refugees.
Computer analysis of photographs of the ‘child migrants’ who arrived in London from the Jungle camp this week suggests many could be in their 20s and 30s.