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Muslim Student Association pledge

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June 22 – 24, 2011


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March 31, 2011

Muslim Students Association Pledge: “Jihad is my spirit”

MSA gateway to jihad

The first organization the international Muslim Brotherhood founded in America was the Muslim Students Association (MSA), in order to recruit young people into its fold.

This radical organization has chapters on hundreds of college campuses. As Erick Stakelbeck recently reported in his “Stakelbeck on Terror” program, the MSA has been “a virtual terror factory.”

Stakelbeck is a sought after authority on terrorism and national security issues and is one of our featured speakers at this year’s National Conference and Legislative Briefing. He has extensive experience in television, radio and print media. His new book, The Terrorist Next Door: How the Government is Deceiving You About the Islamist Threat, will release in early May.

At our conference Erick will expose how the government refuses to acknowledge the ideology driving radical Islam and continues to embrace Islamist organizations and leaders. To find out more about the conference, or to register, please click here.

And in this short video, you can view for yourself the MSA’s commitment to jihad as Muslim youth are led in a group pledge that includes “jihad is my spirit.”


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Eye on Iran: U.S. Presses Germany to Block Indian Payments to Iran for Oil

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Top Stories NYT: "Despite public embarrassment and pressure from the United States, German officials appear to be at a loss for ways to prevent a bank in Germany from being used by India to pay for Iranian oil, money that U.S. officials say could help finance Iran's nuclear weapons program. German officials said they had no legal basis to block the payments, made by India to the Hamburg-based Europäisch-Iranische Handelsbank, or E.I.H. The money flows through the German central bank, the Bundesbank, as part of the international payments system. The payments have apparently been going on for a few weeks, but attracted public attention in Germany only this week, after a report in a leading German business newspaper, Handelsblatt. The U.S. authorities have been pressing Germany to shut down the conduit, while the German authorities say they cannot do so without strong evidence that E.I.H. has violated U.N. sanctions against supplying the Iranian weapons program. Last September, the U.S. Treasury accused E.I.H. of handling payments for Iranian weapons development, including $3 million in 2007 used to purchase material for Iranian missile programs, and said it had acted as an intermediary for several Iranian banks with close ties to the government. The Treasury department added E.I.H. to its list of so-called designated banks whose activities are blocked." AFP: "Hong Kong said Wednesday it had passed laws to comply with UN sanctions against Iran, two months after 20 shipping firms in the city were accused of having links to Tehran's weapons buildup. The new laws -- which came into effect last Friday -- brought the city in line with the latest sanctions against Iran including visa bans and asset freezes on Islamic Republic of Iran Shipping Lines (IRISL). In January, the US Treasury Department slapped sanctions on two dozen shipping companies affiliated with IRISL, which it accuses of fronting Iranian businesses involved in Tehran's missile programmes. Observers have said firms dodging sanctions or engaging in other illicit activity often look to Hong Kong for cover given the ease of registering a business in the city, which is also a major shipping hub. In November, Hong Kong authorities detained a cargo ship linked to IRISL over an alleged loan default with a group of European banks. 'The amended regulations update existing sanctions against Iran to implement decisions of the United Nations Security Council under Resolution 1929,' a government spokeswoman told AFP Wednesday." NBC: "There's a new billboard in Hampton Roads that blasts Maersk for doing business in Iran despite U.S. sanctions against the terrorist-backed country. Maersk is the company that grabbed headlines when Somali pirates hijacked their ship, the Maersk Alabama, two years ago and took Captain Richard Phillips hostage. The United States has imposed sanctions against Iran, which means there's an embargo on dealings with Iran, and a ban on selling aircraft and repair parts to Iranian aviation companies. The billboard near the railroad tracks on Princess Anne Road reads, 'Tell Maersk: Shape up or ship out.' The billboard is paid for by United Against Nuclear Iran (UANI.) 'We decided to put up a billboard informing the people of the community that this company which is based there and employing a lot of members in the community is sending money to Iran at the same time they are accepting money from the U.S. military,' said UANI spokesperson Nathan Carleton."

Iran Disclosure Project

Nuclear Program & Sanctions Bloomberg: "Kuwait will deport three Iranian diplomats who, a court ruled, were involved with a spy network, Al-Qabas reported, citing Foreign Minister Sheikh Mohammed al- Sabah. The court, which sentenced two Iranians and a Kuwaiti to death for alleged involvement with the spy network, 'proved this cell's direct links to Iran, and precisely Iran's Revolutionary Guard,' Al-Qabas cited Sheikh Mohammed as saying. Kuwait recalled its ambassador to Tehran for talks, the foreign minister said yesterday in an interview. The Persian Gulf state will also summon the Iranian charge d'affaires to express its displeasure, according to Al-Qabas." AP: "An Israeli official said Wednesday that Argentina's foreign minister offered assurance his government is committed to investigating two terrorist bombings against Jews in this South American nation in the 1990s. Earlier this week, the Israeli government asked Argentina to address the matter after a newspaper reported that Argentine officials had offered to stop the investigation in return for better trade ties with Iran. Argentina has long accused Iran of being behind the attacks. On Wednesday, Argentine Foreign Minister Hector Timerman stated 'his deep commitment to the investigation,' said Nathan Sharansky, head of the Jewish Agency, which handles Israel's relations with Jews in other countries." Domestic Politics NYT: "Until the revolution, Iran was among the most cultured, cosmopolitan countries in the region. It had a progressive movement in art and literature and a sophisticated film and television industry. The mostly Shiite Muslim population was pious but not fanatical... These are anxious times for artists in Iran. Some have simply decided to remain outside the country... In the course of my stay in Tehran, I visited about a dozen galleries, met many talented artists and saw daring and progressive work. The good news is that Iranian art is alive and well. The bad news is that so much of the work cannot be shown publicly, or can be exhibited only for a few hours during an opening before being whisked into storage. The Ministry of Islamic Culture and Guidance keeps a tight rein on what can and cannot be displayed, and every gallery owner I met had a story about being called in to the ministry and asked to explain and subsequently remove the artworks on their walls. Pieces deemed offensive or blasphemous expose dealer and creator to prosecution." Opinion & Analysis
Josh Rogin in FP: "The State Department announced on Tuesday that it has decided to apply the recently passed Iran sanctions legislation to the Belarusian company Belorusneft. But GOP senators monitoring the implementation of the law said the move was marginal and unsatisfactory... State Department spokesman Mark Toner said on Wednesday that, in practical terms, the action prohibits Belorusneft from seeking assistance from the Export-Import Bank of the United States, obtaining U.S. government export licenses, obtaining private U.S. bank loans exceeding $10 million, and securing any procurement contracts with the U.S. government. Belarusneft, the largest oil company in Belarus, hasn't actually tried to apply for any of those things, but Toner explained that the new announcement 'also sends a message to our partners in Europe as well that this is a company that we've decided to sanction. And I'm sure they have access or would seek access into European markets.' Toner didn't say if State was pushing the EU to follow suit. Three senior senators who have been intimately involved in the Iran sanctions law and its implementation immediately shot off a letter to Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, obtained by The Cable, criticizing today's announcement as too weak. 'We are writing to express our disappointment with today's announcement that the administration designated only one additional entity for violating U.S. sanctions with regard to Iran,' wrote Sens. Jon Kyl (R-AZ), Mark Kirk (R-IL), and Joe Lieberman (I-CT). 'We do not believe this represents full compliance with the sanctions regime put in place by Congress.' These senators have long been calling for the administration to penalize companies that hail from other countries, especially China. 'It appears that Chinese firms in the energy and banking sectors have conducted significant activity in violation of U.S. law,' ten senators wrote to Clinton on March 10. 'We cannot afford to create the impression that China will be given free rein to conduct economic activity in Iran when more responsible nations have chosen to follow the course we have asked of them. We are sure you agree.' ...The GOP senate offices in question see today's designation as marginal, especially as the parent company, Belneftekhim, was already sanctioned by the U.S. government in 2007 through Executive Order 13405, which targeted firms connected to President Alexander Lukashenko for human rights violations, and three other subsidiaries were sanctioned in 2008. 'It's a complete disappointment,' one senior GOP aide told The Cable. 'You would have thought they had already found a way to only designate the lowest hanging fruit when they sanctioned NICO. Alas, they found a lower hanging fruit.'"

Eye on Iran is a periodic news summary from United Against Nuclear Iran (UANI) a program of the American Coalition Against Nuclear Iran, Inc., a tax-exempt organization under Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code. Eye on Iran is not intended as a comprehensive media clips summary but rather a selection of media elements with discreet analysis in a PDA friendly format. For more information please email United Against Nuclear Iran (UANI) is a non-partisan, broad-based coalition that is united in a commitment to prevent Iran from fulfilling its ambition to become a regional super-power possessing nuclear weapons. UANI is an issue-based coalition in which each coalition member will have its own interests as well as the collective goal of advancing an Iran free of nuclear weapons.

United Against Nuclear Iran PO Box 1028 New York NY 10185

Beware Giving in to the False Concept of Islamophobia

The Phyllis Chesler Organization

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Beware Giving in to the False Concept of Islamophobia

by Phyllis Chesler Israel National News March 30, 2011

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We are drowning in anti-Israel propaganda, and still it never stops coming.

Simultaneously, the "Palestinian narrative" appears to us as if in a dream, over and over again, always slightly surreal and yet overly familiar. By now the "Palestinian narrative" is a brand and we have all been hypnotized. This is not surprising.

For more than 40 years, the Soviet, Arab, and Saudi Lobbies, eventually joined by the Iranian Lobby, have funded the demonization of Israel and the popularization of Palestine. The condemnation of Israel for crimes it has never committed ("ethnic cleansing," "genocide," "apartheid") and the call for a Palestinian one-state solution is echoed, similarly, in films, books, poems, academic papers and lectures; we see and hear this on television, at conferences, at campus demonstrations, in the halls of the United Nations, the European Union, in Parliaments, and, of course, in the Arab and Islamic worlds.

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The Phyllis Chesler Organization

03-31-11: 3 Middle Eastern Men Tried to Enter U.S. Marine base...Was it a wrong turn or perhaps a dry run?

Caption Contest

March 31 - April 5

Can you come up with the funniest photo caption?


 1. Video: 3 Middle Eastern Men Tried to Enter U.S. Marine base Camp Pendleton...Was it a wrong turn or perhaps a dry run? 2. Video: Ohio Legislature Voted To Severely Limit Collective Bargaining Rights of Public Workers 3. Video: Speaker Boehner (R) On Budget: "Pass The Damn Thing" 4. Video: Barney Frank (D): Bachmann ‘Cuckoo', Tea Party Doesn't Understand Constitution 5. Video: Coworkers compare Libya and Iraq 6. Video: Bill O'Reilly Interviews Donald Trump - 03/30/11 7. Video: Horror stories of Christian persecution in North Korea 8. Gadhafi's son was on U.S. internship until crisis 9. Video: Ohio town is taking the 'Easter' out of its annual egg hunt 10. Video: Nanny State - Mass. College Considers Banning Perfume, Cologne on Campus

What Has Happened to the Anti-Defamation League?

Is opposition to sharia a social crime?

Alyssa A. Lappen

The Anti-Defamation League appears to be sinking to moral relativism where criticism of sharia is presented as a flaw, and where a lawyer who opposes sharia is personally smeared...

Recognizing Libya's Rebels

Gary H. Johnson, Jr.

There is talk in Washington and London of arming the rebels in Libya. If the real motives and affiliations of the rebels are still unknown, how can this be a wise course of action?

Administration: 'Brazilian Oil is Greener than American Oil'

Peter Gadiel

The administration tries to redress American guilt for past perceived wrongs and to implement a concept of "the spirit of social justice." Global warming and clean oceans are just phony fronts...

Latest al-Qaida Magazine Praises Arab Revolutions

Steve Emerson

The new version of "Inspire" magazine, the al-Qaida online publication, urges jihad against America and celebrates the revolutions against "tyrants" in the Arab world.

America and Syria

U.S. leaders should not excuse the brutality of Syria's dictator.

Claudia Rosett

Assad has chosen to fight and kill protesters in Syria. Assad's Syria is a threat to the U.S. and its democratic allies - notably Israel. It should not escape admonition.

War in Libya: Act II

James Carafano, PhD

One of the Libyan rebels, Abdel-Hakim Al-Hasidi, is a member of the Libyan Islamic Fighting Group, which is linked to al-Qaeda. Can such rebels be bypassed?

Today's Hot Topics

We choose, you peruse.

EPA: And the Beat-Down Goes On

Paul Driessen

Proposed EPA rules - based more on hysteria than science - will not "protect the environment" and will do more harm than good for human health, especially for minorities.

Hezbollah Snakeoil: Will the Obama Administration Buy It?

Diana West

The head of Iranian-funded Hezbollah wants the American government to throw Israel under the bus, in exchange for him being slightly less obnoxious. Any takers?

Quote of the Day - March 31, 2011

Will America arm the Libyan rebels?

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Infidels Around the World Unite

Infidels Around the World Unite

Infidels Around the World Unite

Posted: 30 Mar 2011 01:07 PM PDT

AS I HAVE said before, whoever is the most organized will win the conflict between orthodox Muslims and non-Muslims. And a new tool has been created to help the non-Muslims organize. It's a Facebook-like social media platform called Infidels United. It looks like Facebook and works a lot like Facebook, but will never censor you for posting something about Islam. I don't recommend you give up Facebook, because we can use it to reach those friends and family who still need to be educated about Islam (here is how to use it for that purpose). But for mutual support, for insider news, for sharing with each other good links, articles, and arguments — and for launching coordinated actions — Infidels United is perfect. All of us should sign up and get our fellow counterjihad friends to sign up too. You can use an alias freely at Infidels United, unlike Facebook. The creator of the site understands the danger of our work and respects our need for anonymity. When coordinated action needs to be taken, it would be helpful to have a central communications hub where the message can get to everyone. Infidels United fits the bill.