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ep. Wolf requests IRS probe of CAIR

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Rep. Wolf requests IRS probe

One of the planks of our ten point “Citizens Appeal to the 112
th Congress,” which we delivered earlier this year, was a call for stronger enforcement of the Foreign Agent Registration Act (FARA).

There is ample evidence that CAIR, the Council on American-Islamic Relations, has solicited and received funding from foreign entities. Because CAIR frequently attempts to influence public policy and public officials, and because of the evidence that it has received millions in foreign funding, in August, 2010, we sent a letter to the Justice Department asking for a formal investigation of CAIR and its alleged violations of FARA.

You’ll be shocked to learn that we received no response.

So we turned our attention to Congress, and we’re pleased to pass along the Fox News story below in which Congressman Frank Wolf calls for an investigation of CAIR’s foreign funding sources.

We know there are those who put out petitions and never do anything with them. That’s not the way we do things. We use petitions as one tool in mobilizing grassroots action and leveraging that action with elected officials. For instance, Lisa Piraneo, our Director of Government Relations, recently met with key congressional staff members about one of the planks on our “Citizens Appeal” petition.

Next month we plan on taking our grassroots “people power” to Tulsa, Oklahoma, to protest the demotion and suspension of police Captain Paul Fields. Help us speak out with a strong voice by signing our petition on behalf of Captain Fields today.

Virginia Rep. Wolf Requests IRS Probe Into CAIR Donations in Light of Filing Problem

Published June 28, 2011



Rep. Frank Wolf speaks during a news conference on Capitol Hill Jan. 18.

A Virginia congressman wants the IRS to investigate the Council on American-Islamic Relations -- a major Muslim advocacy group -- after its tax-exempt status was revoked over an apparent problem with its paperwork.

Rep. Frank Wolf, R-Va., in a letter to IRS Commissioner Douglas Shulman, requested an investigation into whether the group "may have violated U.S. law in soliciting or accepting money from foreign governments or agents" during the period when CAIR "failed" to file required forms to the IRS.

It's unclear exactly what CAIR failed to file. The group was included earlier this month on a list of 275,000 organizations that the IRS said were losing tax-exempt status because they did not file annual reports for three consecutive years as required by law.

Reached for comment last week, CAIR spokesman Ibrahim Hooper described the matter as a "technical paperwork issue" and said CAIR was trying to sort it out with the IRS.

Hooper told that the organization's accountant says CAIR "filed promptly in the last several years." He said the status problem stems from "questions" over filings dating back to 2006 or 2007.

"We'll be doing whatever's necessary ... to rectify the situation," Hooper said.

But Wolf cited concern about the possibility of CAIR improperly seeking foreign donations. His request to Shulman cited a purported letter from CAIR Director Nihad Awad to Libyan leader Muammar al-Qaddafi in 2009 asking for his support in launching a "Muslim Peace Foundation" -- that letter would have been sent long before Qaddafi launched attacks on his own people, triggering a NATO-led military campaign to protect civilians. CAIR officials have since come out against Qaddafi.

Wolf also claimed to have "information" indicating CAIR representatives "may have" traveled to Sudan to seek donations from President Omar Bashir.

"I am concerned that Awad and CAIR may be soliciting -- and receiving -- funds from other unsavory foreign governments and organizations, including some that may be sponsors of terror," Wolf wrote.

The required IRS annual reports typically include information about a group's donations and other sources of revenue, as well as expenses, activities, investments and compensation of employees. Revenue information would include a breakdown of how much money is coming from various sources like membership dues and fundraising events, but not necessarily information on specific donors.


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Following UANI's Year-Long Campaign and Recent U.S. Sanctions, Maersk Cuts Its Ties to Iranian Ports Managed by Tidewater Middle East Co.


June 30, 2011
Contact: Nathan Carleton,
Phone: (212) 554-3296

Following UANI's Year-Long Campaign and Recent U.S. Sanctions, Maersk Cuts Its Ties to Iranian Ports Managed by Tidewater Middle East Co.

New York, NY - United Against Nuclear Iran (UANI) President, Ambassador Mark D. Wallace, issued the following statement in response to an announcement by Maersk, the world's largest shipping container firm, that it has suspended its shipments to Iranian ports managed by the sanctioned Tidewater Middle East Co.:

For a year, UANI has been calling on Maersk to cut its ties to Tidewater Middle East Co., an entity controlled by the Iranian regime's notorious Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC). We are pleased that Maersk has finally decided to stop shipping to Tidewater-managed ports, and we urge them to completely end all of their business in Iran.

There is little excuse for doing any business with the Iranian regime, particularly when it comes to a company like Maersk that receives more than $4 billion in contracts from the U.S. Department of Defense. Iran's regime has a long history of exploiting shipping companies in order to illegally import nuclear technology and arm terrorist groups. Companies that continue doing business in Iran are not 'victims' of Iran's deceit, they are complicit in Iran's strategy.

In July 2010, UANI first highlighted Tidewater's affiliation with the IRGC and called on Maersk to end its business in Iran. Last week, the U.S. Treasury Department blacklisted Tidewater and Iran Air for their ties to the IRGC and their involvement in the proliferation of weapons of mass destruction.

Click here to read UANI's Executive Research Report, "Iran's Exploitation of the Shipping Industry."


United Against Nuclear Iran (UANI) is a program of the American Coalition Against Nuclear Iran, Inc., a tax-exempt organization under Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code.

The prospect of a nuclear-armed Iran should concern every American and be unacceptable to the community of nations. Since 1979 the Iranian regime, most recently under President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad's leadership, has demonstrated increasingly threatening behavior and rhetoric toward the US and the West. Iran continues to defy the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) and the United Nations in their attempts to monitor its nuclear activities. A number of Arab states have warned that Iran's development of nuclear weapons poses a threat to Middle East stability and could provoke a regional nuclear arms race. In short, the prospect of a nuclear armed Iran is a danger to world peace.

United Against Nuclear Iran (UANI) is a non-partisan, broad-based coalition that is united in a commitment to prevent Iran from fulfilling its ambition to become a regional super-power possessing nuclear weapons. UANI is an issue-based coalition in which each coalition member will have its own interests as well as the collective goal of advancing an Iran free of nuclear weapons.

The Objectives of United Against a Nuclear Iran

  1. Inform the public about the nature of the Iranian regime, including its desire and intent to possess nuclear weapons, as well as Iran's role as a state sponsor of global terrorism, and a major violator of human rights at home and abroad;

  2. Heighten awareness nationally and internationally about the danger that a nuclear armed Iran poses to the region and the world;

  3. Mobilize public support, utilize media outreach, and persuade our elected leaders to voice a robust and united American opposition to a nuclear Iran;

  4. Lay the groundwork for effective US policies in coordination with European and other allies;

  5. Persuade the regime in Tehran to desist from its quest for nuclear weapons, while striving not to punish the Iranian people, and;

  6. Promote efforts that focus on vigorous national and international, social, economic, political and diplomatic measures.
UANI is led by an advisory board of outstanding national figures representing all sectors of our country.

American Coalition Against Nuclear Iran 45 Rockefeller Plaza New York NY 10111

Eye on Iran: Iran Arming Iraqi Groups Attacking U.S. Troops, Gates Says

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Top Stories

Bloomberg: "Iran is furnishing new, more deadly weapons to Shiite Muslim militias targeting U.S. troops in Iraq as part of a pattern of renewed attempts to exert influence in the region, Defense Secretary Robert Gates said. About 40 percent of the deaths of American soldiers since the official end of U.S. combat operations almost 10 months ago have occurred in the past few weeks as a result of the attacks, Gates said yesterday in an interview at the Pentagon that also touched on Iran's nuclear program. The U.S. has raised the attacks with Iraqi Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki and others, said Gates, who leaves office today. Gates will be succeeded by Leon Panetta, director of the Central Intelligence Agency. Iran is 'facilitating weapons, they're facilitating training, there's new technology that they're providing,' Gates said. 'They're stepping this up, and it's a concern.' Iran is supporting radical Shiite groups intent on 'killing as many as possible in order to demonstrate to the Iraqi people that, in effect, they drove us out of Iraq at the end of the year,' he said. The attacks are increasing as the U.S. and Iraqi governments are discussing politically acceptable ways to extend the American military presence beyond December... The aid to radical allies inside Iraq reflects Iran's stepped-up efforts to wield influence in the Middle East and the Persian Gulf region, Gates said. The pattern has become particularly evident since populist revolts began against authoritarian rule in Tunisia, Egypt and elsewhere, collectively known as the Arab Spring. 'They didn't create the Arab Spring or start it, but they are clearly trying to exploit it wherever they can,' said Gates... The Iranian threat to the U.S. forces has increased 'in the last three or four months,' Gates said. Iran is supplying bigger 'explosively formed penetrators,' or EFPs, a particularly powerful type of roadside bomb, and 'improvised rocket-assisted munitions,' or IRAMs, he said."

Guardian: "A senior Saudi Arabian diplomat and member of the ruling royal family has raised the spectre of nuclear conflict in the Middle East if Iran comes close to developing a nuclear weapon. Prince Turki al-Faisal, a former Saudi intelligence chief and ambassador to Washington, warned senior Nato military officials that the existence of such a device 'would compel Saudi Arabia ... to pursue policies which could lead to untold and possibly dramatic consequences'. He did not state explicitly what these policies would be, but a senior official in Riyadh who is close to the prince said yesterday his message was clear. 'We cannot live in a situation where Iran has nuclear weapons and we don't. It's as simple as that,' the official said. 'If Iran develops a nuclear weapon, that will be unacceptable to us and we will have to follow suit.' Officials in Riyadh said that Saudi Arabia would reluctantly push ahead with its own civilian nuclear programme. Peaceful use of nuclear power, Turki said, was the right of all nations."

Reuters: "The world's largest container firm suspended operations at several Iranian ports on Thursday, potentially disrupting critical food shipments as it complies with tightening U.S. sanctions. Maersk line, a unit of A.P. Moller-Maersk, manages several refrigerated ships and container vessels that transport food to the country, including wheat, rice and bananas from Asia. Shipments could be delayed for weeks as Maersk adjusts its operations in the Middle East, analysts said. 'We are not sure how they are going to sort this out as it could disrupt food supply to Iran, especially ahead of the Ramadan festival,' said Ker Chung Yang, an agricultural commodities analyst at Phillip Futures in Singapore. The United States last week blacklisted Tidewater Middle East Co. and prohibited U.S. entities from any transactions with the major Iranian port operator, which manages over 90 percent of the country's container operations. 'Maersk Line is committed to complying with all relevant foreign trade controls and sanctions programmes,' said Morten Engelstoft, chief operating officer for Maersk Line in a statement on Thursday. 'In this connection, Maersk Line has decided to cease acceptance of, business to and from the Iranian ports of Bandar Abbas, Bandar Khomeini and Asaluyeh.' ... Maersk operates in other Iranian ports and could also divert shipments to Dubai, partnering with other companies that are not bound by U.S. sanctions aimed at curtailing Iran's alleged nuclear weapons programme... Tidewater-managed ports have been used to export arms or handle related material in violation of U.N. Security Council resolutions, the U.S. Treasury said last week. International sanctions are aimed at curtailing Iran's alleged nuclear weapons programme."

Iran Disclosure Project

Nuclear Program & Sanctions

Reuters: "Iran has tested a new radar system, a military commander said on Wednesday, as part of a show of strength it hopes will warn Israel and the United States against any attack. On day three of a 10-day military exercise, Amir Ali Hajizadeh, head of the Revolutionary Guards' aerospace division, said the new radar system, called Ghadir, was used for the first time. 'The Ghadir radar has been designed and built to detect airborne targets, radar-evading planes, cruise and ballistic missiles and low-orbit satellites,' he was quoted as saying by the student news agency ISNA. The radar has a range of 1,100 km (680 miles) and a height of 300 km (190 miles), he said."

MarketWatch: "Vitol Holding BV, one of the world's largest oil trading firms, said Wednesday it is in full compliance with U.S. laws that bar trading with Iran and said it is reviewing whether it will bid for any of the 30 million barrels of crude currently offered from the U.S. government's emergency stockpile. A company spokesman said privately held Vitol isn't precluded from participating in the sale. The comments come after the government amended its rules for the sale from the nation's Strategic Petroleum Reserve to require bidders to certify they aren't trading with Iran... Recent industry reports have said Vitol has resumed dealings with Iran. IHS Global Insight said June 24 that Vitol has struck an agreement to resume swaps of Caspian crude oil, whereby Vitol would supply northern Iran with crude from Turkmenistan in exchange for lifting crude of the same value at one of Iran's Gulf ports."

Human Rights

WashPost: "The Obama administration on Thursday accused Iran of assisting Syria's government in its brutal crackdown on demonstrators, listing names of Iranian security officials that the White House says helped train and arm Syrian police to attack peaceful protesters. Sanctions unveiled by the Treasury Department identified Iran's national police force and a pair of senior Iranian officials, one of whom allegedly traveled to Damascus in April to offer expertise on dealing with the country's protest movement, White House documents showed. While the United States has previously accused Iran of backing the crackdown, Thursday's statement was the first to provide specific names and dates. 'We are exposing further Iran's provision of its military and security forces to support the Syrian government's ongoing violence and repression of the Syrian people,' said David S. Cohen, the department's acting undersecretary for terrorism and financial intelligence. Cohen said the moves build on weeks of previous sanctions intended to 'end the use of wanton violence' by forces loyal to Syrian President Bashar al-Assad. The Iranian officials hit with sanctions included Ismail Ahmadi-Moghaddam, the chief of Iran's Law Enforcement Forces (LEF), and his deputy, Ahmad-Reza Radan. A Treasury statement accused Radan of traveling to Syria in April to provide 'expert aid in the Syrian government's crackdown on the Syrian people.'"

AP: "The German government says it is 'outraged' about the arrest of an Iranian female sports journalist a day before she planned to leave her home country to attend the women's World Cup in Germany. The government's top official for human rights says Maryam Majd's arrest is 'a further, sad example of intimidation and persecution of women's rights activists by the Iranian regime.' Markus Loening demanded on Wednesday the immediate release of Majd and all other detained women's rights activists in Iran."

Foreign Affairs

AFP: "Iran and Syria 'remain leading state sponsors of terrorism,' top US counterterrorism official John Brennan said on Wednesday while introducing a new American anti-terrorism strategy. 'Hezbollah and Hamas are terrorist organizations that threaten Israel and our interests in the Middle East. We will therefore continue to use the full range of our foreign policy tools to prevent these regimes and terrorist organizations from endangering our national security,' Brennan said... Iran and Syria both support Hezbollah, which the US has blacklisted as a terrorist organization."

WashPost: "Three U.S. service members were killed Wednesday in a rocket attack near a U.S. base that is close to the Iranian border, according to U.S. military officials, adding to an already deadly month for American forces here... Maj. Gen. Jeffrey S. Buchanan, chief spokesman for the U.S. military in Iraq, said this week that American military commanders have been 'anticipating an increase in attack levels from these guys throughout the period of this year.' Buchanan said U.S. troops are caught among three rival Shiite militias, which they suspect are backed by Iranian Revolutionary Guard special forces, but vying among themselves to emerge as the dominant Shiite insurgency group in Iraq. In an interview with Bloomberg News published Thursday, Defense Secretary Robert M. Gates also blamed Iran for supporting recent attacks on U.S. troops in Iraq."

Reuters: "The United States and its allies are exploiting popular protests in Syria to try to break an alliance between Damascus and Tehran against Israel, a senior Iranian official said on Wednesday. Iran is watching the unrest in neighboring Syria with alarm and rejects western allegations it is helping its closest ally in the Middle East to crush a three-month popular uprising against President Bashar al-Assad's rule. Ramin Mehmanparast, a special advisor to Iran's Foreign Minister, said the alliance between Iran and Syria constituted a threat not only to Israel, but also to the West's interests in the Middle East. 'The West could not stop regional uprisings ... America lost a close ally in the region with the overthrow of (Egyptian President Hosni) Mubarak,' Mehmanparast said. 'As interests of America and its allies are endangered in the region ... they are trying to shift the crisis by creating problems for independent countries (like Iran and Syria).'"

Eye on Iran is a periodic news summary from United Against Nuclear Iran (UANI) a program of the American Coalition Against Nuclear Iran, Inc., a tax-exempt organization under Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code. Eye on Iran is not intended as a comprehensive media clips summary but rather a selection of media elements with discreet analysis in a PDA friendly format. For more information please email

United Against Nuclear Iran (UANI) is a non-partisan, broad-based coalition that is united in a commitment to prevent Iran from fulfilling its ambition to become a regional super-power possessing nuclear weapons. UANI is an issue-based coalition in which each coalition member will have its own interests as well as the collective goal of advancing an Iran free of nuclear weapons.

United Against Nuclear Iran PO Box 1028 New York NY 10185

06-30-11: On Nukes, America 'Leads' and the World Laughs (Plus: NEW Caption Contest)

American Revolutionary War Museum to Honor Al-Jazeera

Cliff Kincaid

A representative of Al-Jazeera, the TV station with Islamist links, is being honored by the General Henry Knox Museum in Maine. When Al-Jazeera has an anti-Semitic show host, is this appropriate?



1. VIDEO: Glenn Beck: Do We Have a Plan? Is U.S. prepared for crisis in Middle East?
2. VIDEO: Sen. Rand Paul [R]: No vacation for Congress until debt crisis is solved
3. VIDEO: Lieberman [I], Coburn [R] Spell Out Their Plan to Save $600B
4. NPR Bemoans Danish Muslims are Being 'Beleaguered' By 'Nationalist Extremists'
5. At End, Bin Laden Wasn't Running Al Qaida, Officials Say
6. Self-Deception and the Jihad - When it comes to the jihadi threat, we're now way beyond willful blindness.
7. VIDEO: How Did Militants Carry Out Deadly Attack on Kabul Hotel?
8. "No God But Allah" Appearing on U.S. Dollar Bills
9. VIDEO: National Memorial Ladies Rep: We're Not Allowed to Say ‘God Bless You' at Funerals
10. VIDE: "New tone" - Dream Act Supporters Storm RNC Offices - "Education not Deportation"

On Nukes, America 'Leads' and the World Laughs

Peter Brookes

The current administration's policy of giving concessions and reducing its nuclear weapons is being met by rogue states increasing their hostile nuclear ambitions.

Men Convicted in Synagogue Bomb Plot Sentenced to 25 Years

Steve Emerson

Three of the four New York men convicted in October of plotting to blow up synagogues are jailed while a fourth, who disrupted court proceedings, is being psychiatrically evaluated.

U.S. Resumes Official Contacts with Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood

And Britain allows a banned Israeli member to enter.

The Global Muslim Brotherhood Daily Report

The Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood is legitimized by the U.S., and an Islamist banned by Britain gets into the U.K. and gives public lectures before his arrest.

The Gaddafi Indictment:

Arbitrary, Political and Counterproductive

Daniel Hannan

The International Criminal Court has now indicted Colonel Gaddafi, after years of ignoring his crimes. Why should the court only now act against him?

ICE Agents Slam Obama Administration's Immigration Policy

Jim Kouri, CPP

Immigration and Customs Enforcement agents warn that the administration's mismanagement of immigration policy has worsened, and will allow more backdoor amnesties of illegals.

Caption Contest - June 30 - July 5, 2011

Caption Contest

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Quote of the Day - June 30, 2011

FSM: Quote of the Day

On this day in 1785, George Washington worried that his foundation of charitable schools would be viewed as an "ostentatious display."

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  1. Hack Attack Reportedly Downs Al Qaeda Network [AP]

  2. Riyadh will build nuclear weapons if Iran gets them, Saudi prince warns [GUARDIAN]

  3. Administration Designates Israel as Country That Tends ‘To Promote, Produce, or Protect' Terrorists; Also Calls Israel Anti-Terror Partner [CNS]

  4. Obama Pushes Tax Hikes in Budget Talks [FOX]

  5. Adm. McRaven: Obama administration has no plan for captured terrorists [WA PO]

  6. Planned Military Recruiting Center Attack: 40th Terror Plot Against the United States Foiled [HERITAGE]

  7. Wounded Veterans Cycle320 miles through French battlefields [NBC LA]

  8. Unemployment rises in more than half of U.S. metro areas [USA TODAY]

  9. FBI Invites Controversial Westboro Baptist Church to Assist in Counterterrorism Training Program [NPR]

  10. France has begun supplying weapons to the Libyan rebels despite the UN arms embargo [TELEGRAPH]

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Slavery in Sudan

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riyoutube Issue 45


Northern Sudan's Islamist government has a record of violent racism against the non-Arab population. One form of persecution employed is slavery, which remains a permitted practice to this day in a number of African countries. Up to 35,000 Africans are still reportedly enslaved in Northern Sudan.

Today, Sudan’s Nuba people are facing a campaign of genocide at the hands of the extremist leaders in the north. Many fear this violence could reignite the 22-year civil war, in which over 2 million people were killed and tens of thousands were taken to Northern Sudan as slaves.

Take Action!

Learn more about these important issues and stay informed on the latest happenings in the world of Radical Islam. Follow us Twitter (and check out our newly redesigned page) @No2RadicalIslam.

Radical Islam poses a serious threat to the United States

and all of Western civilization – arm yourself…with information.

Genocide in Sudan - Again

FrontPage Magazine

Imagine the outcry if the American government was suddenly to engage in a campaign of extermination against the Navajos, one of America’s aboriginal peoples. The protests, especially from the Left, would be deafening.

But what would be unimaginable in America today is currently taking place in Sudan, whose rulers are no strangers to genocide. Sudan’s original people, the African Nuba tribes inhabiting central Sudan’s Nuba Mountains, are currently facing a massive campaign of ethnic cleansing at the hands of the Arab and Islamist central government, whose leader, President Omar Hassan al-Bashir, is currently under indictment by the International Criminal Court (ICC) for war crimes in Darfur. more

10 Things You Need to Know About... Slavery in Islam


  1. Muslim slave trade in Africa has lasted 14 centuries and continues to this day in places like Mauritania, Saudi Arabia, and Sudan.

  2. Over 17 million slaves (mostly black women and children) were transported out of Africa by Islamic traders. Another 85 million are believed to have died en route.

  3. The Prophet Muhammad practiced and approved of slavery, and directed his men to do the same. more

Exclusive Clip - Jihad Slavery in Sudan


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