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The Quiet Islamic Conquest of Spain

The Quiet Islamic Conquest of Spain

by Giulio Meotti  •  September 30, 2017 at 5:00 am
  • "Evicted five centuries ago by crusading Christians, the Arabs are back in Spain, using their oil dollars to buy land that was seized from their ancestors by the sword". — James M. Markham, The New York Times, 1981.
  • The Madrid daily ABC wrote that 800 mosques in Spain are out of control. The Spanish daily La Razon charged that Gulf donors, such as Qatar, were a source of Spain's Islamization. The Saudis also launched a new Spanish television channel, Córdoba TV, as did Iran.
  • They dream of, and work to, regain the "lost Caliphate" of Spain. Some Islamists do it with bombs and car-ramming attacks. Others, more surreptitiously, do it with money and dawa, Islamic propaganda. The second way may be even more effective than the first.
Qatar's Sheikh Tamim bin Hamad al Thani has offered to buy La Monumental Arena in Barcelona, with its nearly 20,000 seats, to turn it into Europe's biggest mosque. (Image source: Sergi Larripa/Wikimedia Commons)
The ceremony in 2003 was announced with bombastic headlines: "After a wait of more than 500 years, Spanish Muslims, have finally succeeded in building a mosque of their own in the shadow of the Alhambra, once the symbol of Islamic power in Europe". A troupe from al Jazeera was sent to follow the event: a muezzin climbed to the minaret of the Great Mosque of Granada to call the faithful to prayer for the first time in five centuries.


Friday, September 29, 2017

Eulogizing Who Dies, Looking to Who Lives Among Radical Islamic Leaders

September 28, 2017

Featured Stories

CAIR Chief Among American Islamists Eulogizing Brotherhood Leader

by John Rossomando  •  September 27, 2017  •  IPT News FacebookTwitter
A number of U.S.-based Muslim group leaders who vehemently reject evidence connecting them to the Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood in public made a point of publicly mourning the group's former spiritual guide, who died in prison Friday.

Bin Laden Heir Breathes New Destructive Energy Into Al Qaeda

by Abigail R. Esman  •  September 25, 2017  •  Special to IPT News FacebookTwitter
Since the start of his presidential campaign, Donald Trump has sworn to destroy ISIS, threatening to be "nasty" and to "annihilate" the terrorist group and its leaders by "bombing the s*** out of them." But is he missing the larger threat?

Featured Videos

Amb: Dore Gold: Inspections and Monitoring, the Weak Link in the Iran Nuclear Deal

Taliban Claims it Targeted U.S. Defense Chief's Plane in Attack on Kabul Airport

Ken Loach Claims Antisemitism in Labour is Just Attack on Jeremy Corbyn Leadership

Shouldn't a Man Loving a Woman be the Same as a Man Loving a Man?

Also in the News

Opposition Wants Government to Look into B.C. Charity's Links to Qatar Group

September 28, 2017  •  Global News Canada FacebookTwitter
The Conservatives called the matter "deeply troubling" and said they expected the government to look into the findings of the Canada Revenue Agency audit of the Islamic Society of British Columbia, which runs a Vancouver-area mosque.

Shin Bet Busts ISIS Sympathizers Planning Temple Mount Shooting

September 28, 2017  • FacebookTwitter
Two Arab Israeli supporters of ISIS were arrested earlier this month for planning to carry out a terror attack at the Temple Mount in Jerusalem, while another ISIS supporter was arrested for possession of illegal weapons, it was cleared for publication Thursday.

Four Lessons from the Har Adar Attack

September 27, 2017  • FacebookTwitter
Tuesday morning's terror attack in Har Adar, which left three Israelis dead, requires us to draw immediate conclusions—both because of its sensitive timing and because it may encourage more Palestinians to imitate the terrorist or carry out attacks inspired by his.

Jury Selection Begins for Man Accused in 2016 New York Bombing

September 27, 2017  •  Reuters FacebookTwitter
The man accused of setting off bombs in New York City and New Jersey in September 2016, wounding 30 people, is set to stand trial in federal court in Manhattan. Selection of jurors to hear the case against Ahmad Khan Rahimi, 29, is scheduled to begin Wednesday morning before U.S. District Judge Richard Berman. The trial itself is expected to begin next Monday.

Interpol Approves Palestinian Membership; New Blow to Israel

September 27, 2017  •  Associated Press FacebookTwitter
International police agency Interpol voted Wednesday to include Palestine as a member state, in a new boost to Palestinian efforts for international recognition and influence amid long-stalled negotiations with Israel for full statehood.

Acquitted B.C. ISIS Supporter Fights to Stay in Canada

September 27, 2017  •  Vancouver Sun FacebookTwitter
Days after being acquitted of terrorism charges, Othman Hamdan appeared before the Immigration and Refugee Board on Tuesday to begin his fight to stay in Canada. The Canada Border Services Agency is investigating whether Hamdan should be allowed to remain here after Facebook posts supporting the Islamic State and an admission he was once involved in an international hashish smuggling ring.

College Grad Who Worked Undercover to Take Down Terrorists Since Age 16 Testifies in U.S. Court

September 27, 2017  • FacebookTwitter
A U.S. college graduate who began working undercover to infiltrate al-Qaeda cells at the age of 16 made his first public appearance as a witness in a court in Boston this week. The young man, now 25, is a central witness in the federal case against David Wright, who is on trial on charges of conspiring to provide material support to the Islamic State.

Facebook: Har Adar Terrorist's Page Removed Immediately

September 27, 2017  •  The Jerusalem Post FacebookTwitter
The Facebook page of Har Adar terrorist Nimr al-Jamal was removed within 25 minutes from when relevant authorities in the Justice Ministry requested it, the Social Network's representatives told former defense minister Moshe Ya'alon on Tuesday evening.

U.S. Intelligence Unit Was Blocked From Tracking Terrorists

September 27, 2017  •  Buzzfeed News FacebookTwitter
When knife-wielding terrorists attacked civilians on London Bridge, a key U.S. intelligence unit raced to help — but found they were shut out of critical classified computer networks.

Terrorist Kills 3 Israelis in Attack Outside Jerusalem

September 26, 2017  •  Israel HaYom FacebookTwitter
A Palestinian terrorist opened fire early Tuesday at the entrance to the Har Adar settlement outside Jerusalem, killing three Israelis and critically wounding a fourth in one of the deadliest attacks in a two-year spate of violence.

Iran's Supposed Missile Launch was Fake, U.S. Officials Say

September 26, 2017  • FacebookTwitter
Iranian state television released video footage Friday claiming to show the launch of a new type of medium-range ballistic missile, a few hours after it was displayed during a military parade in Tehran. But it turns out Iran never fired a ballistic missile, sources say.

American-Born Muslims More Likely Than Muslim Immigrants to See Negatives in U.S. Society

September 26, 2017  •  Pew Research Center FacebookTwitter
While Muslims born in the United States and their immigrant counterparts share a pride in being American, U.S.-born Muslims are less likely than immigrants to feel comfortable with their place in broader American society.

Turkey Warns Kurds 'Israeli Flags Won't Save You'

September 26, 2017  • FacebookTwitter
President Erdogan claims Israel will be only country to recognize Kurdish independence, but 'the world isn't about Israel; Iran rejects Kurdish referendum as 'Zionist plot,' says 'Muslim nations will not allow the creation of a second Israel.'

U.S. Does Not Believe Cuba is Behind Sonic Attacks on American Diplomats

September 26, 2017  •  McClatchy - DC Bureau FacebookTwitter
The White House does not believe the Cuban government is behind the mysterious sonic attacks against U.S. personnel but plans to pull American staff out of Havana as the number of cases climbs, according to multiple U.S. sources familiar with the investigation.

Surveillance Program had 106,000 Foreign Targets in 2016, Officials Say

September 26, 2017  • FacebookTwitter
With an end-of-year deadline looming to re-authorize a vital foreign intelligence collection tool, senior U.S. government officials said Monday that the program had 106,000 foreign targets in calendar-year 2016 – as they urged renewal, arguing
there is "no substitute" for this kind of intelligence.

San Jose State University Library Hosts 'Raging Antisemite' Who Blames Zionist Jews for 9/11

September 26, 2017  •  The Algemeiner FacebookTwitter
Christopher Bollyn, described as "a raging anti-Semite" by the Southern Poverty Law Center, lectured at the Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Library — which is jointly run by SJSU and the city of San Jose — about the alleged role of Israeli and American Zionists in orchestrating "false flag" attacks on the World Trade Center.

NYU Student-Made Handbook Criticizes Pro-Israel Activity on Campus

September 26, 2017  •  The Jerusalem Post FacebookTwitter
The 50-page handbook was created by "radical activists and groups" to "focus on the most destructive things NYU either perpetuates or is complicit with." Israel is mentioned 55 times, more than the words "Trump," "alt-right," "racism," "fascism," "white supremacy," and "socialism" combined.

ISIL's 'Ambassador' in Germany Goes on Trial for Recruiting Jihadists

September 26, 2017  •  The Telegraph FacebookTwitter
A radical Islamic preacher believed to be the chief recruiter for Islamic State in Germany went on trial on Tuesday, accused of running a jihadist network linked to the Berlin Christmas market attacker.

Denmark's Immigration Minister Uses Cartoon of Prophet Mohammad as iPad Background

September 26, 2017  •  The Independent FacebookTwitter
The Facebook post comes as a reaction to a decision by the Skovgaard Museum in Viborg, Denmark, not to include the drawing in a new exhibition about blasphemy since the Reformation.

Stop Normalizing Sharia Law in Canada

September 25, 2017  •  Toronto Sun FacebookTwitter
Leftist elites in Canada have launched a campaign to normalize Sharia law – the illiberal and often barbaric set of laws enforced in Islamic dictatorships. In Ottawa, the Trudeau government is in the middle of what feels like a show-trial designed to make "Islamophobia" illegal – a term the government itself has failed to define.

Bahrain and Israel, a Friendship Rising in a Sea of Hostility

September 23, 2017  •  Middle East Eye FacebookTwitter
After decades of staunch opposition to Zionism and unfettered support for the Palestinian cause, tiny Bahrain appears on the cusp of becoming the first Gulf state to normalise relations with Israel, with one diplomatic source stating an official announcement could be made next year.

Iran Tries to Reconcile Syria and Hamas, Rebuilding Alliance

September 23, 2017  •  Associated Press FacebookTwitter
Iran is working to restore a lost link in its network of alliances in the Middle East, trying to bring Hamas fully back into the fold after the Palestinian militant group had a bitter fall-out with Iranian ally Syria over that country's civil war.

Probe into Al-Qaeda Propaganda Network Highlights Swiss Terror Fears

September 22, 2017  •  Arab News FacebookTwitter
Switzerland is rarely linked with Islamic extremism, but an investigation into an alleged Al-Qaeda propaganda network highlights emerging tensions.Three senior members of the Islamic Central Council of Switzerland (ICCS) have been charged with making propaganda films for Al-Qaeda, Swiss
prosecutors said on Thursday.

New Document Sheds Light on the Changing Nature of ISIL's Combat Tactics

September 20, 2017  •  The National - UAE Edition FacebookTwitter
Last week, ISIL relayed how its combat tactics have evolved since its emergence in Syria in 2013. The details were provided as part of a drive to minimise what it described as high casualties caused by American air strikes. The detailed
report also provided insights into the group's tactics to
circumvent the mighty American firepower.

Report Warns of Brotherhood Activism in Austria

September 12, 2017  •  Gulf News FacebookTwitter
A government report has warned against increasing Muslim Brotherhood activism in Austria, expressing alarm as the group actively promotes a narrative "that, through its use of victimhood and justification of violence, creates a fertile environment for radicalisation" in the country.
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