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“We are a great country, and shall become one

of the greatest in the universe if we preserve

it. We shall sink into insignificance and

adversity if we suffer it to be broken.”

~ Sir John A. Macdonald ~

What does it mean to suffer one's country to be broken? It may mean giving aid and cover to its enemies. It may include looking the other way while those dedicated to its destruction gain a toehold in major national institutions. It may mean making excuses for those who hate the country by saying that they don't really mean their treasonous words, or are really victims of bigotry and misfortune, or are mentally ill. It may include thinking that all is well merely because our cultural elites and opinion-makers say it is.

Radical Islam is on the march throughout the world, and Canada is not immune to its threat. Jihad has come to our shores in a double-pronged movement: violent attack to make us afraid, and "peaceful" integration to lull us into false complacency. This newsletter collects the voices of those who are sounding the alarm, warning us that we cannot give over the protection of our country to anyone, not even those such as the RCMP who are ostensibly committed to saving us: they have already been penetrated by the enemy in multiple ways. Please read this newsletter carefully and pledge yourself to the protection of our way of life.

Canada is not immune From terrorist attacks

Canadian Jihad, Abroad and at Home

In the competition to see which Western country can send the most jihad fighters to the Middle East, Finland, Britain, and Belgium have recently been mentioned as contenders for the title of “Greatest Supporter of Jihad”. However, it may come as a surprise to most readers that, on a per capita basis, Canada incubates, radicalizes and sends out more mujahideen to join not just the Syrian front but every battlefield where ISIS is fighting, or where there is an Al Qaeda franchise. Americans may also be unaware that a lot of people in influential positions in major American Muslim Brotherhood affiliates — including Jamal Badawi, Ingrid Mattson and even Ibrahim Hooper — are Canadian nationals.

On guard for terrorist attack by David Harris

The NBC report in the United States that “intelligence officials tell NBC News that Canadian authorities have heard would-be terrorists discussing potential ISIS-inspired ‘knife and gun’ attacks against U.S. and Canadian targets inside Canada” and that “both U.S. and Canadian officials fear the beheading of an innocent person in a public place, or the slashing of citizens on a crowded street until police arrive to shoot and martyr the terrorists” has scared people to no end. The director of the International Intelligence Program for INSIGNIS Strategic Research Inc. and a former senior manager at CSIS says the questions are not where, what or who, but when? “As you know, the fact is that this kind of slashing, shooting suicide attack is coming whether or not the NBC version is accurate,” David B. Harris warned Thursday

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Radical Islam is on the March in Canada

Two terror trials unfolding on Canadian soil should cause enough concern over the spread of radical Islam in Canada. Both Chiheb Esseghaier and Dr. Khurram Sher, the pathologist and former Canadian Idol contestant, have openly ranted against Canada. But there’s also another more insidious form of Islamism at play in Canadian universities and public institutions that some of us may shrug off as innocuous.

Suicide bombers in Canada? 

U.S. SEAL operators found documents targeting Canada and a few other nations in Osama bin Laden’s lair. All of these countries have been hit, except Canada. And there’s no end to the Islamist hatred within our borders. Media reports revealed wives of Toronto 18 mass-terror accused held Canadians in searing contempt: “this filthy country,” was the best one could say about it. Another unsuccessfully tried to include as a condition of her marriage an undertaking that hubby would hit the jihad trail at the first opportunity.

Don’t blame Canada for home-grown terror. Blame the terrorists

Until the events of Oct. 22, it had become something of a national myth, like multiculturalism and Medicare, that Canada was immune to the effects of terrorism. If the killing of two soldiers was not enough, recall that in 2006, 18 members of a cell in Scarborough and Mississauga were arrested for plotting to shoot up Parliament and behead the prime minister

Terrorism, defined here as violence inflicted on innocent people for political ends, is not new to Canada, the West, or the world. The Muslim world deals with it on a routine basis. But shouting terrorism in the crowded public theatres of Twitter and Facebook can be counterproductive when the identity and motives of the suspect are unknown. In the case of the Toronto dropouts-turned-jihadists, and the Ottawa shooter, a powerful stew of extremist ideology, personal pathology, and illusive dreams of violent glory, coupled with selective readings of the Qur’an, long preceded the bullets and bombs.

Is Canada an Unofficial State Sponsor of Terrorism?

Canada has inadvertently provided fertile ground for incubating terrorists and exporting them around the world by overtly failing to respond to the groups living and operating within the country. As far back as 1998, CSIS director Ward Elcock testified that Canada was developing the reputation of being a terrorist haven. “We cannot become,” he asserted, “through inaction or otherwise, what might be called an unofficial state sponsor of terrorism.”



Have They Been Penetrated?

Handbook to prevent radicalization of Muslims released in Canada

When the handbook was first released, the RCMP, who do use terms such as “Islamic terrorists” to describe, well, Islamic terrorists, denied knowing what was in it other than the part the force contributed. Despite having its logo proudly described on the handbook, the Mounties are now trying to distance themselves from the publication they proudly were a part of.

After its release, someone in the RCMP decided to read the whole thing. A media relations officer, Sgt. Greg Cox, sent out a news release saying the RCMP does not support the “adversarial tone” of the handbook and will not proceed with the initiative.

Although the handbook does pay lip service to radicalization, it is nothing more than an attempt by Muslims in Canada, with the aid of the federal police force, to make it politically incorrect to equate the terrorism that poses a significant threat to Canada and the West with Islam.

Canadian Watchdog Report Chastises RCMP for Islamist Engagement

The report shows that the RCMP has fallen into the same trap as some U.S. law enforcement agencies in that they have established close relations with radical Islamist groups who pretend to be moderate. The danger is that the RCMP legitimizes militant groups and radicals who should be shunned rather than dignified as respected moderate allies of the Canadian government in its war against war against Islamic terrorism. By embracing Islamic extremists who masquerade as moderates, the RCMP effectively has ostracized genuine Islamic moderates in Canada who deserve recognition for their courage in speaking out against the terrorists.

The RCMP throws the so-called anti-terrorism booklet back at the National Council of Canadian Muslims and its Islamist allies

In spite of having tried to associate the RCMP to many radical Muslim scholars on page 13 of her booklet, including two, Siraj Wahaj and Hamza Yusuf, who have defended a cop-killer in the U.S., Shahina Siddiqui is still “a member of the RCMP Commissioner’s National Advisory Committee on Diversity as well as the RCMP Commanding Officers’ Diversity Committee, D-Division in Manitoba.”

After many commentators complained to the RCMP and in the media about its endorsement of a so-called anti-terrorism booklet praising numerous radical Muslim scholars, the RCMP issued a press release to officially distance itself from the document that bears its logo.

Terror's Virus on the Northern Border by David Harris
The Islamic Social Services Association (ISSA), led by Shahina Siddiqui, joins the NCCM and RCMP in authorship on the handbook's cover. Canada's outreach counter-radicalization world seems to be a small, if not inbred, one, for Siddiqui happens also to be a member of both the NCCM's board, and the RCMP's national and Manitoba "diversity" committees.
No wonder many members of the public reacted with disbelief and disgust to the handbook fiasco. Or that RCMP ranks fell into a mass of post-publication panic and confusion. The day after the handbook's roll-out, a blushed-out RCMP, getting desperate enquiries from Canada's now-mortified Office of the Minister of Public Safety, scrambled out a news release. It said that the force was responsible for only one (benign) section of the handbook, and claimed improbably that the "tone" of some of the publication had caused the RCMP to pull out of the project at the last minute. Awfully "last minute," considering it was the day after launch that the RCMP news release emerged.

Tarek Fatah warns PM Harper that the RCMP is consorting with Islamists in the name of ‘outreach’ in Ontario

After the RCMP announced its intention to take part in a panel discussion) about radicalization with Robert Heft and Faisal Kutty, two Islamists linked to the Muslim Brotherhood infrastructure in Canada, Tarek Fatah published many messages on Twitter to denounce the situation, including one to Prime Minister Harper.

Meet the Islamist group that almost succeeded in riding the coattails of the RCMP: CAIR-Canada or NCCM

 “Mr. Gardee does not speak for any Muslim in this country. But he speaks for every Islamist in this country. You have to make the distinction. A Muslim is someone who practices his faith. An Islamist is someone uses the faith to practice fascist politics.”

CSIS limits its investigations to individual Islamists but does not investigate mosques (nor other Islamic institutions)

On October 27, 2014, CSIS Assistant Director Michael Peirce testified in front of the Standing Senate Committee on National Security and Defence. During an exchange with Senator Daniel Lang, Mr. Peirce acknowledged that “There are individuals who are espousing a radical extremist view of Islam,” but he seemed to imply that Islamic institutions, and mosques in particular, are not part of the radicalization problem.

Federal Court upholds government stopping funding to Canadian Arab Federation over concerns it appears to support terrorist organizations

A government decision to stop funding the Canadian Arab Federation over concerns it appeared to support terrorist organizations and anti-Semitism has been upheld by the Federal Court. Groups who express apparently hateful views or who defend terrorist organizations should not receive taxpayer funding, period. This is especially true for organizations charged with the integration of newcomers.”

This article by PointdebBascule exposes more Islamic infiltration into key institutions in Canada. Anything researched and written by Point Du Bascule deserves a careful read. They do the best investigative journalism on Islamic infiltration in Canada, bar none.

The Muslim Brotherhood in Canada

Muslim Brotherhood has a ‘significant presence’ in Canada, says study urging probe into the terror group

Egypt has banned the terrorist Muslim Brotherhood organization. And with yesterday’s landslide win for Abdel Sisi in the Egyptian elections, the final nail is in their coffin in that country .The UK has launched a terror investigation into the Muslim Brotherhood in that country. And now Canada, quite rightly, is following suit. This report is making national news today and deservedly so. CAIR-Can, now re-branded as the NCCM, and named as a Muslim Brotherhood front, is on the warpath about this article.


·         Canada has a significant presence of Muslim Brotherhood adherent individuals and organizations. Their values and actions are frequently the antithesis of the Canadian Constitution, values and law. Despite statements to the contrary, the Muslim Brotherhood considers itself above local laws and national constitutions.

·         The Muslim Brotherhood’s use of settlement and the “process of civilization jihad” have proven effective. The long term aim is to globally impose a virulent form of political Islam to the exclusion of other faiths or systems.

·         Internationally, the Muslim Brotherhood is realigning under pressure as old alliances crumble and opportunities arise. An aggressive posture is re-emerging which has used extensive political violence in the past.

·         The policy and process of denial is deeply rooted in the Muslim Brotherhood.

·         Muslim Brotherhood adherent groups should not be given governmental accreditation, access to public grants nor should they have charity status.

·         Canada’s stance against Muslim Brotherhood adherent organizations in recent years has been more aggressive than the USA, especially in financial areas.

TERRORISTS IN OUR MIDST: Various groups in Canada have unholy ties with extremists

The domestic implications of the Brotherhood’s influence in Canada go beyond funding terror abroad and the NCCM lawsuit. The mission of the Brotherhood in the U.S. and Canada is hardly benign. According to the Ikhwan’s "1991 Explanatory Memorandum on the General Strategic Goal for the Group in North America," the Brotherhood’s "civilizational jihad" in North America is focused on "eliminating and destroying the western civilization from within and sabotaging its miserable house."

Brotherhood Front Groups Target Canadian Parliament

The Saudi Arabian regime, known for its sympathy for radical Islam, banned the Muslim Brotherhood as a terrorist organization, but the members of the same organization are across Canada and engaging the political system. Major Islamic groups in Canada like the Islamic Society of North America (ISNA), the Islamic Circle of North America (ICNA), the National Council of Canadian-Muslims -- formerly the Canadian affiliate of the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) -- and others are full of members linked to the Muslim Brotherhood, its Jamaat-e-Islami sister group and their ideology. Now, these Islamist groups are moving a step ahead. They are pushing their favored candidates in the nomination process of major Canadian political parties for the federal election of 2015.

Islamophobia:  a contrived term that was invented by

The Muslim Brotherhood with the sole purpose of stigmatizing

those who are engaged in dialogue about militant Islam.

This explosive, incredibly detailed 200 plus page report about the militant activities and foreign funding of the Muslim Brotherhood in Canada is laid out in eleven sections. It was prepared privately by an independent Ottawa-based security intelligence officer. Using hundreds of footnotes, dozens of references and names, it presents frightening detail about the extremist, ideological anti-West history, reach and agenda of named individuals and groups who are effectively and systematically infiltrating our mosques, campuses and political parties.

Muslim Brotherhood activities need to be probed in Canada, report says

The Canadian government should consider investigating the activities of the Muslim Brotherhood, which has entrenched itself in North America and represents a greater systemic threat than al-Qaeda, according to a newly released report on the group. “The aim of the group in North America is to weaken and destroy the free and open societies within Canada and the U.S.A. from within and replace them with the heavily politicized views of [founder] Hassan Banna, Sayyid Qutb and the Muslim Brotherhood,” according to the report, entitled The Muslim Brotherhood in North America (Canada/U.S.).

National Council of Canadian Muslims (formerly CAIR-CAN)

Canada: CAIR-CAN, The NCCM and "The Islamic Victimhood Narrative" by Raheel Raza

CAIR and NCCM/CAIR-CAN have been prominent in promoting the term "Islamophobia," an expression held by many moderate Muslims to have been contrived some years ago by U.S. Muslim Brotherhood affiliates at a meeting at the Northern Virginia International Institute for Islamic - thought to silence both Muslims and non-Muslims concerned about radical Islam, and to deflect attention away from the activities of the Islamists.

Raheel Raza comments on the National Council for Canadian Muslims threatening to serve the PMO with a libel notice for mentioning their ties to Hamas.

“Mr. Gardee doesn’t speak for me,” Tarek Fatah says in a brief interview. Indeed, he maintains that Gardee and the NCCM don’t speak for any Muslims at all. Rather, he and his group represent the Islamists, those who are bent on the destruction of western liberal society even as they espouse liberal principles.“Mr. Gardee does not speak for any Muslim in this country. But he speaks for every Islamist in this country. You have to make the distinction. The NCCM, says Fatah, thinks it can scare people into silence, and what they don’t realize is that such tactics are backfiring.

An Imam promoting armed jihad in U.S. streets and other radical scholars consulted by the NCCM (formerly CAIR-CAN) “to gain an accurate understanding” of Islam

An overview of radical positions taken by Muslim scholars endorsed by the National Council of Canadian Muslims (formerly CAIR-CAN) in its so-called anti-terrorism booklet.

Muslim Association of Canada

Muslim Association of Canada: a contributor to Hamas fund collector controls halal certification in Quebec

“Conquer the world through Halal movement”
In 2010, the mufti of Bosnia-Herzegovina Mustafa Ceric, a Muslim Brotherhood leader in Europe, has evoked this project of Islamic conquest in a speech given in Islamabad (Pakistan) at the Global Halal Congress – Reported by the Daily Mail (Islamabad) and archived by GMBDR

“We will conquer Europe, we will conquer America!”

Excerpt of a speech given in 1995 by Youssef Qaradawi, the Muslim Brotherhood spiritual guide, at a convention organized by the Muslim Arab Youth Association (MAYA) in Toledo (Ohio) – Archived by Investigative Project

“It should be us, with our understanding of Islam, our principles, colonizing positively the United States of America”

Excerpt of a speech given in July 2011 by Tariq Ramadan in front of the Islamic Circle of North America (ICNA) in Dallas (TX) – Transcript by Point de Bascule

Canada: Do we really want a parallel Sharia Compliant Economic System in the West?

I discovered, quite by accident, that there is a Muslim based economy developing in Canada: Halal and Sharia Compliant Investments, with their own laws specific to Sharia law. It has been developing rather quietly for several years. I found a reference to the Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce and Sharia compliant laws from 2011 on Blogwrath  after I had already lodged my own complaint with CIBC regarding these investments. I never heard back from CIBC but I did get a notification from Twitter that I was now being followed by the investment broker whom I had reported. When Pierre Trudeau declared us to be a multicultural country he wanted Canada to be a country that was inclusive, tolerant and accommodating to all. But I don’t think he anticipated that our country would welcome cultures whose practices are anathema to Canadian laws. Sharia Law, authoritarian by nature, is not compatible with Canadian culture.

Read the truth about the Muslim Association of Canada and do not be fooled

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The Averted Via Rail Attack

Massive RCMP probe stopped Al-Qaeda-linked conspiracy to derail passenger train: newly released documents

On Sept. 17, 2012, Chiheb Esseghaier and Raed Jaser drove to Jordan Station, a community in Niagara, Ont., wine country where the Maple Leaf train crosses a trestle bridge each day on its way from New York to Toronto. Seven months later, the odd couple — one a Tunisian doctoral student, the other a school van driver and mover from Abu Dhabi — were arrested over what the RCMP has called an al-Qaeda-linked plot to derail a passenger train.

In Their Own Words by Clare Lopez

In an unusual move, one of the suspects in the 2012-13 Via Railway terror plot has been allowed to give an interview to the Canadian National Post. That interview is remarkable because it explains the jihadist motivations behind the plot in clear and unambiguous language that leaves no room for doubt about "why they hate us." Those who would confront and defeat this hate and the terror plots it inspires would do well to listen to the words of Chiheb Esseghaier.

Prime Minister Stephen Harper

Canada Takes Its Place at the Table by Caroline Glick

Until Harper came along, Canada’s foreign policy was mainly characterized by Ottawa’s enthusiasm for all UN-related things. But Canada’s involvement in the UN never bought it a place at the table. Down south in Washington, to the extent anyone thought about Canada at all outside the contexts of oil, beer and hockey, it was considered a run-of-the-mill NATO ally which occasionally expressed mild hostility to US power. Under Harper’s leadership, Canada has become a player in the global arena for the first time. And this achievement owes in large part to his decision to support Israel.

Canada's Prime Minister: A Display of Rare Courage

"Israel is the only country in the Middle East which has long anchored itself in the ideals of freedom, democracy and the rule of law. And these are not mere notions. They are the things that, over time and against all odds, have proven to be, over and over again, the only ground in which human rights, political stability and economic prosperity may flourish.... through fire and water, Canada will stand with you."

Harper on Israel: passionate, sincere — and right

After Stephen Harper’s speech to the Knesset, we can perhaps put one idea to rest: the notion that his government’s unwavering support for the state of Israel is mere politics, aimed at sewing up the Jewish vote and little else. I have been watching Harper for 20 years. This was Harper to the core, as passionate, sincere and unequivocal as I’ve ever seen him. He said it because he meant it. And, by and large, he was right.

Prime Minister Harper Fires back at Hamas-CAIR: “We will not take seriously criticism from an organization with documented ties to a terrorist organization such as Hamas”

Jason MacDonald, the prime minister’s director of communications, slammed the NCCM — formerly known as the Canadian Council on American-Islamic Relations, or CAIR-CAN — for even making the suggestion. “We will not take seriously criticism from an organization with documented ties to a terrorist organization such as Hamas,” MacDonald said.

Canada: Hamas-linked Muslim group to proceed with libel suit against PM Harper and spokesman for saying it was Hamas-linked

This takes chutzpah. Does the NCCM have ties to Hamas or not? The superb Canadian site Point de Bascule laid it all out when the NCCM first started threatening to sue. A sampling:

“In order to understand the context of the PMO’s remarks, it is helpful to go back to the origins of CAIR-CAN. CAIR-CAN was established as a branch of the Washington-based Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) that had itself been founded by three leaders of a Hamas front group in the United States. In their answers to FAQs provided when CAIR-CAN became NCCM, NCCM leaders completely falsified history and claimed that “There was never any operating or funding relationship between CAIR.CAN and CAIR.” There is never a shortage of useful idiots.

Canadian PM Stephen Harper Courageously Slams Hamas’ Terrorism

Canadian Prime Minister Harper dominates all western political leaders, in terms of his courageous advocacy of Israel’s right to defend itself with all necessary and justifiable force. In this area, no western leader can match Harper’s eloquence, tough-mindedness and principled and articulate vocal opposition to Hamas’ terrorism. And that unfortunately includes the hapless and sadly” missing in action” US President Obama.

In the wake of Israel’s bombing of Gazan missile installations, in reaction to hundreds of missiles being launched by Hamas at Israeli citizens, Harper recently publicly remarked that “self defense is not merely an Israeli right to be exercised in the abstract, but an Israeli obligation that must be defended by all Western nations.”

Awww…Canadian Muslim whiners upset by Prime Minister Stephen Harper’s silence about anti-Muslim backlash following Islamic terrorist attacks

Once again playing the ‘victim’ card, Muslim groups are whining that Stephen Harper hasn’t spoken out against a spike in alleged anti-Muslim ‘hate crimes’ since separate attacks by Muslim terrorists left two Canadian soldiers dead on Canadian soil. PM Stephen Harper: “I have more important things to worry about than Muslim feelings”. She said her group expects Harper, “as leader of our country, to speak up for the minorities that live here.” (He does, just not for muslims) “He has a responsibility to represent everyone and certainly Canadian Muslim communities are extremely worried about a backlash and I think that needs to be spoken to.” (Stop terrorizing people all over the world and there won’t be a backlash.  Be happy he doesn’t deport you)

Justin Trudeau

Bad advice: Think Justin Trudeau’s instincts are scary? Take a look at what two of his advisers have to say

Trudeau’s more serious adviser is Omar Alghabra, the Saudi-born former president of the Canadian Arab Federation who briefly served as an MP from Mississauga. Alghabra has extreme views. When he was president of the Canadian Arab Federation in 2004, he denounced Canada’s largest newspaper chain for using the term “terrorist” to describe Muslim terrorist groups like the al-Aqsa Martyrs Brigade. He said that was a mere opinion, not a fact.

Justin Trudeau and His Friends at the Terror Mosque

In light of this track record, it seems abundantly clear that Justin Trudeau’s visit to the Al-Sunnah Al-Nabawiah Mosque was no aberration, and even if he had known of the mosque’s terror ties and Islamic supremacist views before his visit, it is not at all clear that he would have dropped his plans to visit. If he becomes Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau is likely to be Canada’s Barack Obama: a leader who panders to Islamic supremacists, appeasing and accommodating them at every opportunity. Such are Western leaders these days – which is why the West is heading for disaster.

 “I would like to thank the NCCM for organizing tonight’s dinner, which seeks to foster new and lasting friendships that support Canadian Muslims, as well as strengthens the multicultural fabric of this country. Moving forward, it is essential to have events such as tonight’s, which highlight the historical challenges that Muslim-Canadians have overcome, and the many contributions they have made, and continue to make, to Canada’s landscape.” – Justin Trudeau

Justin Trudeau’s aversion to the word ‘barbaric’

Although those on the far left are known for their moral equivalence, unlike politicians who are unable to make clear and unequivocal statements, the “hair apparent,” said exactly what he meant. Practices such as female genital mutilation and honour killings should not be criticized even when the victims are Canadian citizens. People who commit these heinous acts (sorry, Justin), should be sympathized with because they are carrying out their own culture which is no worse than the culture of Canada or the civilized West. Mutilate away.

The boy wonder was shocked his comments created an uproar. He has no appreciation of the views of most Canadians who abhor these practices and believe, rightfully so, they have no place in Canada. The simple fact that Trudeau spends a lot of time in mosques, pandering to Muslims including radical Islamists in order to get votes cannot excuse his extreme un-Canadian views.

Justin Trudeau: Courting the Extremist Vote

Justin Trudeau doesn’t campaign a lot in churches these days. Not since he announced his ban on Liberal candidates who are pro-life Christians. Trudeau doesn’t spend much time in Jewish synagogues either, other than the occasional fundraiser. But he always makes time to visit a mosque during his travels. It’s his central ethnic outreach strategy.

Justin Trudeau jokes about war and Canada’s military

Trudeau lacks the street smarts and the real life experience to understand there is evil in the world that has to be stopped. And he lacks the intellect to understand the complex area of foreign affairs. So he ends up making insulting jokes about Russia’s invasion of Ukraine and making light of the brutality of the Islamic State. There is no doubt, Trudeau does not know enough to realize how his crude joke about whipping out the CF-18s, was insulting. He is way too immature to know that. Justin Trudeau is not fit to become prime minister of Canada. It is not a matter of ideology, but of a complete lack of comprehension of the world around him and the dangers Canada faces.

Trudeau defends visit to controversial Montreal mosque

"For me the visit to the mosque is part of my job to promote a message of openness and respect," he said. "If there are concerns about one community or another it’s even more important to not marginalize them. These are Canadians and they deserve to be visited by Canadian politicians."

The fuss over Justin Trudeau’s Park Ex mosque visit is unwarranted

The Montreal Gazette: Opinion Piece by Ihsaan Gardee, executive director of the National Council of Canadian Muslims.

Letter sent to the Gazette in response to the above article:

After Justin Trudeau was criticized for visiting what he acknowledged to be “a Wahhabi mosque” in Montreal in 2011, and for declaring himself proud of it in Calgary in 2013, Ihsaan Gardee, the Executive Director of the National Council of Canadian Muslims (NCCM), came to the Liberal leader’s defence in The Gazette last Thursday. Gardee argued that this was no big deal because politicians from other parties had also visited the place before.

When Trudeau was criticized in 2012 after confirming his participation in the Reviving the Islamic Spirit convention in spite of the fact that the event was sponsored by the terrorist organization Hamas’ fund collector in Canada, the organizers took the same line of defence. They highlighted that PM Harper had sent a congratulatory statement to the convention in 2011 and that RCMP Commissioner Zaccardelli had addressed the event in 2004.

Unfortunately, contrary to what Gardee implies, lack of due diligence by politicians belonging to competing parties do not cancel each other out; they compound. This type of public endorsement makes it all the more difficult for civil servants to revoke the charity status of Islamist organizations whenever needed and sometimes to stop funding them.

Before the leak of a U.S. Department of Defence report identifying the Assunah mosque as an Al-Qaeda recruitment centre in 2011, it was the subject of a documentary by the French CBC in 2006. A journalist infiltrated the mosque and recorded the imam who concluded his Friday sermon by saying: “Allah, kill all the enemies of Islam to the last one”. Books available at the mosque advocated the killing of Muslims who do not practice their religion, depicted Jews as they were in the Nazi cartoons of the thirties and described one objective of jihad as being the “terrorizing” of unbelievers “in order to humiliate them”.

The Assunah mosque has a charitable status with the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA). For the 2006-2010 period alone, it transferred $370,951 to IRFAN, Hamas’ fund collector in Canada. IRFAN’s charitable status was revoked in April 2011 after the CRA determined that it transferred $14.6 million to Hamas for the 2005-2009 period alone. In 2014, the Government of Canada listed IRFAN as a terrorist organization.

In his letter to the Gazette, Ihsaan Gardee commented that “If violent extremism is being initiated or promoted within a place of worship, then swift law enforcement action is warranted”. This is completely disingenuous on Gardee’s part, given that his organization constantly denounces as Islamophobes those who try to alert the public about the pre-violence stages of the radicalization that goes on in numerous Islamic centres and that precedes the overt justification of violence and the call to arms. To counter the radicalization of young Muslims in Canada in a significant way, the debate must go beyond the single Wahhabi Assuna mosque and target the ideology and its financing arms.

In a letter published by the National Post last Saturday, Ingrid Ravary-Konopka, Trudeau’s riding executive assistant between 2008 and 2013, took responsibility for having sent him to the Assunah mosque “based on what I knew then,” she underscores. She hints that she could have done things differently had she had known more at the time. Her second thoughts are welcomed.

Politicians, journalists and community leaders must target the ideology of those who radicalize young Muslims in Canada, incite them to go kill abroad and threaten our future. Drastic changes are required in order to discourage young Muslims, such as Farah Shirdon, Damian Clairmont and others to go to the Middle East to kill “non-believers.” Changes are required to prevent more Ferid Imams, the former president of the Muslim Students Association at the University of Manitoba, to go train other radicals in Pakistan who then come back to attack North American infrastructures.

Valerie Price,

Westmount, QC

Most Educational Article of the Year

Islam or Islamism:  A Distinction without a Difference? By David Solway

Thirteen years after 9/11, after some 24,000 terror attacks perpetrated by Muslims since that fateful date, after the atrocities carried out and still being carried out by Caliphate-aspiring terrorist militias, after civil wars, incursions, the mass extermination and eviction of Christian populations in Muslim lands and territories, hostage-takings, kidnappings, beheadings, bombings, missile barrages — after all this, many Westerners still appear to endorse a strict distinction between Islam and Islamism. The former, we believe or have been led to believe, is a “religion of peace” whose doctrines have been twisted and misinterpreted by a cadre of extremists. Islam, according to this perspective, cannot be held accountable for a band of criminals willfully violating the tenets and premises of a venerable Abrahamic faith.

Best Article to Remind us of What we are Fighting for

We Have Met the Enemy and He Is Us by Robert Spencer

We are, in this room right now, the children and heirs of the greatest civilization the world has ever known. The Judeo-Christian West has given the world its notions of human rights, freedom of speech, the dignity of all human beings and so on, the concepts of the importance of human rights that are held universally around the world by all cultures, except one. And so that culture that rejects those understandings of human rights is aggressive, violent, intolerant and more confidently advancing than it has in centuries at this point. And yet we know our ideas are better, what we say is the truth, and that we stand for better principles.

Best Article Describing Canada’s Heart and Soul

In the shadow of a young corporal’s death, Canada’s greatness shines through by Rex Murphy

To the most enduring question of ours — what does it mean to be Canadian? — the passersby who tended the soldier, the Sergeant-at-Arms, the young solider at the tomb, and WO Vincent, the career military man going about his business in the uniform he earned the right to wear, gives us the answer we need. It was a dark week, but one too that had more than its share of special light. We will remember our fallen, and the light that they shone.

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