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Report from B.C. on 2010 Olympics

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September 27, 2009

British Columbia, a province with only 1.5% of its population made up of
French-speakers, is getting a huge boost of spending to promote the French
language because of the winter Olympics to be held next year. The Federal
government is desperately trying to show the world how bilingual Canada is and
no expense is being spared to create that illusion. Bilingual French-speakers
are being recruited from Quebec and New Brunswick & all sorts of programs are
hurriedly put together that the Feds hope will give the world the impression
that Canada is indeed bilingual. Another report also said that two-thirds of the
participants are coming from Quebec. Why is this so? Are we now giving French
athletes from Quebec priority participation in the Olympics?

Alastair has been very hard at work gathering information on what is being done
and reporting on how effective the huge amounts of money spent have been. Here
is his report:


1. It will be recalled that earlier on I challenged the Canada-BC Agreement on
the promotion of official languages, the title being misleading since it only
deals with Francophones. Thanks to Dot Fuhrman I subsequently received an
amendment which changes the title to simply Promotion of Francophone Minorities
in BC. The Agreement has cost taxpayers a total of $2.8 million over 2 years.
$750,000 from the Feds and $750,000 from the BC government per year.

2. The Nanaimo Francophone's Bonjour Program is, so far, off to a slow start.
After their glossy brochure issued last year, plus other fanfares, it now seems
like a damp squib. So far only 4 hotels and one B&B, out of a total 23, have
responded with service in French available. When I called at the Howard Johnson
Hotel and asked what service they have for French visitors, it took them a long
time to find anything and eventually I was given 2 pieces of paper with
information in French. I have sent letters to the 4 main hotels suggesting a
multilingual service. I have also sent you a copy of the 4 Categories for
availability of French. I also confirm that I have visited many businesses and
few are interested in the Bonjour Program.

The manager of a predominant and popular restaurant told me that they wanted
nothing to do with providing any service in French. Likewise a popular coffee
shop takes the same attitude. Another big hotel (the Dorchester, a Best Western)
showed little interest.

So far, I have only seen 2 decals on windows, one on a French cafe and one is on
the Post Office window, which is to be expected. The Post Office now has an
employee at the main counter who is bilingual. The decal simply says ...."Francais/English"

I now wonder whether the Nanaimo Francophones will accelerate their Bonjour
Program nearer the Olympics.

3. Saturday 11th July saw the first British Heritage Festival to take place in
BC. This was at our large Beban Park recreation complex. It was a great success
with approximately 2,000 people attending. It was self supporting with no
funding from any government. The organiser tells me that he is already planning
for a larger Festival next year. Francophones take note !!!. (Kim’s comment –
once addicted to the government funding teat, they are not likely to want to
come off – welfare breeds welfare!!)

4. The Nanaimo Francophones have recently received yet another government grant
of $60,584 for the Official Language Community Program. Their fiscal report for
2008 shows in part:

"Gifts in Kind" comprising goods and services, unspecified .............$226,129

Grants and Government contributions ..........................................


Where do they spend this money I wonder, because their current newsletter reads
in part.......Due to government funding cuts in the Arts & Culture areas the NFA
faces serious funding challenges.

Their Board of Directors have suggested that a garage sale will help. There are
no cuts as far as I can see. The $449,422 above is about the same amount
received in previous years.

Another announcement (a surprise) is that they will be starting courses in
English. Level 1 next month, October. (Kim’s question - are they suggesting that
the 1.5% French-speakers are not already bilingual? Amazing!!!)

5. I recently visited our museum, now relocated in the new Conference Center. It
is nicely done until I arrived at a large area all about hockey. All the hockey
history and displays have descriptions/signs etc. predominantly in French.
English is always on the right or below, contrary to the guidelines on the
display of official languages. This in an English speaking city, for goodness

Upon departure visitors are asked to write their comments on "small" slips of
paper. I had no hesitation in expressing my dismay for the predominance of
French in the hockey section. I have since been told that this is only
temporary. Oh yeah, and for how long is “temporary”?. A weak excuse.

Like many departments these days they are not flush with money and it is
obviously an expensive operation to install and then remove this whole hockey
area. Maybe the Feds are helping out?

6. I have been in touch with the Central V.I. Multicultural Society and obtained
a copy of their Annual Report and Fiscal Report for 2008. No funds are shown
going to the Francophones. They seem to concentrate on assisting new immigrants
to settle here with employment, all done in English. I believe French speaking
immigrants are handled by the Nanaimo Francophones.

That's about all for the time being.


Letter Editor, sent 09-20-09

Vancouver Sun

Re: Bilingual Olympics

I thought this Olympics, hosted by British Columbia, primarily funded by British
Columbia and located in British Columbia was British Columbia’s Olympics. So why
is it being used to showcase Canada in general and B.C. in particular as being a
functioning bilingual entity when this is not born out by fact?

How can Canada be a bilingual country when the unrestricted use of English in
Quebec is against the law? When every aspect of Quebec’s language law (Bill 101)
is designed to suffocate the growth and visibility of the English language? When
Quebec’s only official language is French?

Why are Canadians in the ROC (Rest of Canada) being forced to support a hugely
expensive French immersion education program & French services program for the
ROC when Government stats show the French residency to be just 3% outside Quebec
when there is no comparable English immersion in Quebec?

Is it not disingenuous of B.C., the Federal Government and Quebec to use the
up-coming Olympics to (falsely) present to world visitors that Canada is a
functioning bilingual country? Vanoc and the B.C. Government have had to
(import?) French speakers from Quebec to support this charade for heaven’s sake!


Al. C. Johnson

French Quarter set for Granville Island

Part of Granville Island will become a lively French Quarter
celebrating francophone culture during the 2010 Olympic Games -- with tourism
exhibitions, street entertainment, a farmers' market and a long lineup of
French-Canadian entertainers.

By The Vancouver Sun

September 24, 2009

Part of Granville Island will become a lively French Quarter celebrating
francophone culture during the 2010 Olympic Games -- with tourism exhibitions,
street entertainment, a farmers' market and a long lineup of French-Canadian

Place de la Francophonie 2010 will operate Feb. 10-28 next
year with the help of a $1.7-million federal grant, Heritage and Official
Languages Minister James Moore announced Wednesday.

Support for the estimated $3-million project will also come
from the Vancouver Olympic Organizing Committee, several Canadian provinces and
from food and beverage sales at the pavilion.

The federal investment in the Granville Island showcase is
part of a larger effort to promote francophone culture during the Games, Moore
said. In addition to the latest grant, the federal government announced last
week it would contribute $7.7 million for translation, bilingual signage and
medal ceremonies language services during the Olympics.

"The Games are officially bilingual and many Canadian athletes
will be francophones so respecting the official languages and having projects
like this is invaluable," Moore said.

Place de la Francophonie will be within walking distance of
Vancouver athletes' village and Moore expects it will encourage Games
participants and visitors to enjoy Vancouver and spend money while getting a
strong flavour of francophone culture.

Jean Cote, who heads the corporation that will operate Place
de la Francophonie, said funding problems caused by the recession forced
organizers to scale it back significantly.

"The recession came at us like crazy, but at the end of the
day, we have sufficient funding and we're back on track with a tremendous
facility," he said.

The pavilion will operate under four tents near the False
Creek Community Centre -- with a main entertainment stage, a food showcase, a
tourism exhibition and a sports bar where it will be possible to watch live

Vanoc, which will contribute about $250,000 worth of
value-in-kind support for the facility's entertainment programming, has been
criticized for not doing enough to incorporate French into the 2010 Games, but
Moore feels the organizing committee has come "an incredibly long way" since its
early days when it held press conferences with no one who could speak French.

"There will always be critics and nothing will ever be perfect
-- that's just the nature of these big massive displays of organization," he
said. "But with these kinds of investments and projects, there will never have
been an Olympics that will be more respectful of the French and English fact of
Canada and the ."

The first roster of artists to perform at Place de la
Francophonie includes musicians The Porn Flakes, singer-songwriter Pierre
Lapointe, singing group Mes Aieux, country-folk musicians Cowboys Fringants, and
singers Daniel Lavoie, Damien Robitaille, Ariane Moffatt and Gregory Charles.

© (c) CanWest MediaWorks Publications Inc.

Kim’s comments: so not satisfied with having created a French-only province, we
are now going to create French quarters in English-speaking provinces? Most
linguistic groups create their own little corner e.g. a Chinatown or a Little
Italy but the French must get government assistance to do this? Is this what
they call being a “vibrant culture”?

PS: If anyone receiving our newsletter have problems with the format, please
contact me & I might be able to use a different format so that you can read the
newsletter without having to scroll back & forth.


Security Weekly: Mexico: Emergence of an Unexpected Threat

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Mexico: Emergence of an Unexpected Threat

At approximately 2 a.m. on Sept. 25, a small improvised explosive
device (IED) consisting of three or four butane canisters was used to attack a Banamex bank branch
in the Milpa Alta delegation of Mexico City. The device damaged an ATM
and shattered the bank’s front windows. It was not an isolated event.
The bombing was the seventh recorded IED attack in the Federal District
— and the fifth such attack against a local bank branch — since the
beginning of September.

The attack was claimed in a communique posted to a Spanish-language
anarchist Web site by a group calling itself the Subversive Alliance
for the Liberation of the Earth, Animals and Humans (ASLTAH). The note
said, “Once again we have proven who our enemies are,” indicating that
the organization’s “cells for the dissolution of civilization” were
behind the other, similar attacks. The communique noted that the
organization had attacked Banamex because it was a “business that
promotes torture, destruction and slavery” and vowed that ASLTAH would
not stop attacking “until we see your ashes.” The group closed its
communique by sending greetings to the Earth Liberation Front (ELF),
the Animal Liberation Front (ALF) and the “eco-pyromaniacs for the
liberation of the earth in this place.” Communiques have also claimed
some of the other recent IED attacks in the name of ASLTAH.


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On Sept. 22, authorities also discovered and disabled a small IED left
outside of a MetLife insurance office in Guadalajara, Jalisco state. A
message spray-painted on a wall near where the device was found read,
“Novartis stop torturing animals,” a reference to the multinational
pharmaceutical company, which has an office near where the IED was
found and which has been heavily targeted by the group Stop Huntingdon Animal Cruelty (SHAC).
Novartis is a large customer of Huntingdon Life Sciences, the research
company SHAC was formed to destroy because Huntingdon uses animals in
its testing for harmful side effects of drugs, chemicals and consumer
items. A second message spray-painted on a wall near where the device
was found on Sept. 22 read, “Novartis break with HLS.” Two other IEDs
were detonated at banks in Mexico City on the same day.

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These IED attacks are the most recent incidents in a wave of
anarchist, animal rights, and eco-protest attacks that have swept
across Mexico this year. Activists have conducted literally hundreds of
incidents of vandalism, arson and, in more recent months, IED attacks
in various locations across the country. The most active cells are in
Mexico City and Guadalajara.

For a country in the midst of a bloody cartel war in which thousands of people are killed every year — and where serious crimes like kidnapping terrorize nearly every segment of society — direct-action attacks
by militant activists are hardly the biggest threat faced by the
Mexican government. However, the escalation of direct-action attacks in
Mexico that has resulted in the more frequent use of IEDs shows no sign
of abating, and these attacks are likely to grow more frequent,
spectacular and deadly.

The Wave

Precisely quantifying the wave of direct-action attacks in Mexico is
difficult for a number of reasons. One is that the reporting of such
incidents is spotty and the police, the press and the activists
themselves are often not consistent in what they report and how.
Moreover, is often hard to separate direct-action vandalism from
incidents of plain old non-political vandalism or tell the difference
between an anarchist IED attack against a bank and an IED attack
against a bank conducted by a Marxist group
such as the Popular Revolutionary Army (EPR). Then there is the issue
of counting. Should a series of five Molotov cocktail attacks against
ATMs or the destruction of 20 Telmex phone booths in one night be
counted as one attack or as separate incidents?

If we count conservatively — e.g., consider a series of like
incidents as one — we can say there have been around 200 direct-action
attacks to date in 2009. But if we count each incident separately, we
can easily claim there have been more than 400 such attacks. For
example, by our count, there have been more than 350 Telmex phone
booths smashed, burned or otherwise vandalized so far this year.
(Activists will do things like glue metal shavings into the
calling-card and coin slots.) However, for the sake of this analysis
we’ll go with the conservative number of about 200 attacks.

Now, Telmex seems to be the most popular target so far for
direct-action attacks. In addition to hitting phone booths, activists
also have attacked Telmex vehicles and offices and have cut Telmex
cables. From their statements, the activists appear to hold a special
hatred for Carlos Slim, one of the richest men in the world and the
chairman of Telmex and several other companies. In many ways, Slim — a
patriarchal billionaire industrialist — is the personification of
almost everything that the anarchistic activists hate. In addition to
Telmex and banks, the activists also have attacked other targets such
as restaurants (including McDonald’s and KFC), meat shops, pet shops,
fur and leather stores, luxury vehicles, and construction equipment.

The activists’ most common tactics tend to be on the lower end of
the violence scale and include graffiti and paint (frequently red to
symbolize the blood of animals) to vandalize a target. They also
frequently release captive birds or animals as well as use superglue
and pieces of metal to obstruct locks, pay phones and ATM card readers.
Moving up the violence continuum, activists less frequently will break
windows, burn buildings and vehicles, and make bomb threats — there
have been at least 157 incidents involving arson or incendiary devices
so far in 2009. To help put this into perspective, these activists have
conducted more arson attacks in Mexico to date in 2009 than their
American counterparts have conducted in the United States since 2001.

At the high end of the violence spectrum are the IED attacks, and
this is where there has really been an increase in activity in recent
weeks. In the first six months of 2009, there were several bomb threats
and hoaxes and a few acid bombs, but only two real IEDs were used. In
June, July and August there was one IED attack per month — and so far
in September there have been seven IED attacks in Mexico City alone and
one successful attack and one attempted attack in Guadalajara. Again,
by way of comparison, these eight IED attacks by Mexican activists in
September are more than American activists have conducted in the United
States since 2001.

Proliferation of IEDs

There are several factors that can explain this trend toward the
activists’ increasing use of IEDs. The first is, quite simply, that
IEDs generate more attention than graffiti, glue or even an arson
attack — indeed, here we are devoting a weekly security report to
activist IED attacks in Mexico. In light of the overall level of
violence in Mexico, most observers have ignored the past lower-level
activity by these activist groups, and IEDs help cut through the noise
and bring attention to the activists’ causes. The scope and frequency
of IED attacks this month ensured that they could not be overlooked.

The second factor is the learning curve of the cells’ bombmakers.
As a bombmaker becomes more proficient in his tradecraft, the devices
he crafts tend to become both more reliable and more powerful. The
improvement in tradecraft also means that the bombmaker is able to
increase his operational tempo and deploy devices more frequently. It
is quite possible that the few IEDs that were reported as hoaxes in
March, April and May could have been IEDs that did not function
properly — a common occurrence for new bombmakers who do not
extensively test their devices.

The third factor is thrill and ego. In many past cases, militant
activists have launched progressively larger attacks. One reason for
this is that after a series of direct-action attacks, the activists get
bored doing lower-level things like gluing locks or paint-stripping
cars and they move to more destructive and spectacular attacks, such as
those using timed incendiary devices. For many activists, there is a
thrill associated with getting increased attention for the cause, in
causing more damage to their targets and in getting away with
increasingly brazen attacks.

Finally, in recent years, we have noted a shift among activist groups
away from a strict concern for human life. Many activists are becoming
convinced that less violent tactics have been ineffective, and if they
really want to save the Earth and animals, they need to take more
aggressive action. There is a small but growing fringe of hard-core
activists who believe that, to paraphrase Lenin, you have to break eggs
to make an omelet.

The Ruckus Society, a direct-action activist training organization,
explains it this way in a training document: “There is a law against
breaking into a house. However, if you break into a house as part of a
greater good, such as rushing into the house to save a child from a
fire, it is permissible to break that law. In fact, you can say that
there is even a moral obligation to break that law. In the same way
then, it is permissible to break minor laws to save the Earth.” In
general, activists do not condone violent action directed at humans,
but neither do they always condemn it in very strong terms — they often
explain that the anger that prompts such violence is “understandable”
in light of what they perceive as ecological injustice and cruelty to

In recent years there has been a polarization in the animal rights and environmental movements,
with fringe activists becoming increasingly isolated and violent — and
more likely to use potentially deadly tools like IEDs in their attacks.


The very name of ASLTAH — the Subversive Alliance for the Liberation
of the Earth, Animals and Humans — illustrates the interesting
confluence of animal rights, ecological activism and
anti-imperialism/anarchism that inhabit the radical fringe. It is not
uncommon for one cell of independent activists to claim it carried out
its attacks under the banner of “organizations” such as ELF, ALF or
SHAC. In true anarchistic style, however, these organizations are
amorphous and nonhierarchical — there is no single ELF, ALF or SHAC.
Rather, the individual activists and cells who act on behalf of the
organizations control their own activities while adhering to guidelines
circulated in meetings and conferences, via the Internet, and in
various magazines, newsletters and other publications. These individual
activists and cells are driven only by their consciences, or by group
decisions within the cell. This results in a level of operational
security that can be hard for law enforcement and security officials to

As noted above, these activists have been far more active in Mexico
than they have in the United States. One reason for this is that the
operating environment north of the border is markedly different than it
is in Mexico. In the United States, the FBI and local and state police
agencies have focused hard on these activists, and groups like ELF and
ALF have been branded as domestic terrorists. There have been several
major investigations into these groups in recent years.

South of the border it is a different matter. Mexican authorities
are plagued with problems ranging from drug cartels to Marxist
terrorist/insurgent groups like the EPR to rampant police and
government corruption. Simply put, there is a vacuum of law and order
in Mexico and that vacuum is clearly reflected in statistics such as
the number of kidnappings inside the country every year. The overall
level of violence in Mexico and this vacuum of authority provide room
for the activists to operate, and the host of other crime and violence
issues plaguing the country works to ensure that the authorities are
simply too busy to place much emphasis on investigating activist
attacks and catching those responsible for them. Therefore, the
activists operate boldly and with a sense of impunity that often leads
to an increase in violence — especially within the context of a very
violent place, which Mexico is at the present time.

This atmosphere means that the activist cells behind the increase in
IED attacks will be able to continue their campaigns against assorted
capitalist, animal and ecological targets with very little chance of
being seriously pursued. Consequently, as the IED campaign continues,
the attacks will likely become more frequent and more destructive. And
given Mexico’s densely populated cities and the activists’ target sets,
this escalation will ensure that the attacks will eventually turn

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Suite 900
Austin, Texas 78701


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FSM Security Update: 09-30-09 *Nuclear Weapons – More At Stake than Just ‘Reduction’ *

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Exclusive: Britain's Street Protests - What is Going On? (Part Four of Four)

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Rubin in NY Daily News: "It takes much more than talk to stop Iran's stonewalling"

Middle East Forum

September 30, 2009

It takes much more than talk to stop Iran's stonewalling

by Michael Rubin

New York Daily News

September 30, 2009

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Tomorrow, U.S. diplomats and their Russian, Chinese and European counterparts will join Iranian officials to discuss the Islamic Republic's nuclear program. The meeting follows new Iranian missile tests and exposure of a second covert Iranian nuclear enrichment facility. Iran enters the negotiations defiant. "The announcement of the enrichment facilities will be Iran's winning card," Kayhan newspaper, the mouthpiece of the Supreme Leader, editorialized last Sunday.

The meeting will be a nail in the coffin of the Obama doctrine. Throughout his campaign, President Obama preached unconditional diplomacy. "We need a President who'll have the strength and courage to go toe-to-toe with the leaders of rogue nations, because that's what it takes to protect our security," Obama declared during his campaign.

Within a week of his inauguration, Obama offered Tehran an olive branch, promising that should Iran unclench its fist, it would find a willing partner in him.

The President sought a fresh start. In order to neutralize historical baggage, he apologized for real and perceived American wrongs, such as the 1953 CIA-sponsored coup that overthrew Iran's populist prime minister. He reached out with letters, interviews and intermediaries.

The President's aides - Secretary of State Clinton, for example - described Obama's strategy as nuanced. Negotiating without precondition would not only force the Islamic Republic to show its true face, but it would give Washington time to construct a united international front. Diplomats scurried the globe, courting Moscow and Beijing, whose UN Security Council veto threat has watered down sanctions for years.

The administration also imposed a time line: If Iran did not respond constructively to negotiation offers by last week's G-20 meeting, then the administration would impose, in Clinton's words, "crippling" sanctions.

Two mistakes, however, will condemn Obama's diplomacy to failure: First, the President assumed that other leaders share his goodwill. If Iranian leaders did not respond to diplomacy offered without preconditions, what reasonable state would not support the U.S. position? Governments, however, are not neutral arbiters; they act in their own interests. Russia's refusal to compromise its position after Obama this month rescinded a U.S. pledge to build an anti-ballistic missile base in Poland is a case in point.

As devastating to diplomacy's success has been the administration's insistence on sequencing talks, sanctions and military preparation. The Obama administration has delayed consideration of sanctions let alone anything more robust during this grace period. Some - Rep. Keith Ellison (D-Minn.) for one - suggest the White House should extend the deadline for diplomacy because summer unrest distracted Iran.

Any delay in sanctions is dangerous. Failure to abide by deadlines and red lines heightens the chance of miscalculation as Tehran will only conclude that it can act with impunity.

Proponents of diplomacy may chafe at labeling Obama's rush to engage as naive. After all, President Richard Nixon flew to China and, at the height of the Cold War, President Ronald Reagan talked to the Soviet Union. The comparison, however, underlines Obama's weakness. Even as they talked, neither Nixon nor Reagan suspended military preparations. Indeed, it was Reagan's willingness to build and use both the U.S. military and covert capacity that catalyzed Soviet defeat.

If the world is to avoid war or a nuclear Iran, talk is not enough. Engagement is a tactic, not a strategy. If Obama waits to prepare militarily until talks run their course, then the United States will fail. Military preparations take months.

The Iranian leadership will not engage sincerely until faced with a credible threat, nor will European allies - let alone Russia and China - make concessions if they see the commander in chief twiddling his thumbs. The military option should be the last resort. The irony is that without a finger on the trigger, diplomacy will fail.

Michael Rubin, a senior editor of the Middle East Quarterly, is a resident scholar at the American Enterprise Institute and a senior lecturer at the Naval Postgraduate School.

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The Middle East Forum

[ news] September 29, 2009 News -

September 29, 2009 News -

(U.S.) The most important questions about the Zazi case, answered

(U.S.) Accused al Qaeda Bomb Maker Held Without Bail
-- Najibullah Zazi Pleads Not Guilty In Terror Case
-- Terrorism Suspect Pleads Not Guilty
-- Terror Suspect Zazi Pleads Not Guilty to Conspiracy Charges,2933,557104,00.html?test=latestnews
-- NYC terrorism suspect to be arraigned Tuesday
-- AP: "Najibullah Zazi is to be arraigned in a Brooklyn courtroom on charges he conspired to use weapons of mass destruction. The 24-year-old airport van driver and former coffee cart vendor has denied any wrongdoing"

(U.S.) Officials: NYC Plot Operational, Not Just Aspirational

(U.S.) Stadiums, Hotels Warned To Watch For Terrorists

(U.S.) AP source: NYC terror probe focuses on accomplices
-- AP source: Accomplices in NYC terror plot known

(U.S.) Dallas: Undercover terror stings prompt cries of 'entrapment'

(U.S.) Dallas: Teen attended high school, baby-sat, got married before arrest on terror charges -- Hosam Maher Husein Smadi
-- Christian Science Monitor: "Dallas terror plot: Troubled Jordanian teen or jihadist?"

(Pakistan) Balochistan: 'Taliban have new havens around Quetta'\09\30\story_30-9-2009_pg1_4
-- Taliban has a new haven in Pakistan: US
-- No drone strikes in Balochistan, Kayani tells US\09\30\story_30-9-2009_pg1_6

(Pakistan) Balochistan: Patterson says Quetta Shura high on US list
-- Patterson: "You cannot tolerate vipers in your bosom… Our concern is whether Pakistan really controls its territory."
--- Anne Patterson previously met with Jamiat Ulema-e-Islam (JUI)'s Maulana Fazl ur-Rehman - "defender of the interests of the Taliban" to promote "democracy"

(Pakistan) FATA: Over 10,000 Taliban in FATA: DG ISPR
-- "There are more than 10,000 Taliban present in Waziristan, including Uzbeks and other foreign militants, a private TV channel quoted Inter-Services Public Relations Director General Major General Athar Abbas as saying on Tuesday"\09\30\story_30-9-2009_pg1_5

(Pakistan) FATA: Drone strikes, jets kill 16 in Waziristan\09\30\story_30-9-2009_pg1_1
-- US missile strike in Pakistan kills 5, wounds 3
--- "An unmanned US drone fired a missile at a suspected militants' hideout in Darogha area of South Waziristan tribal agency, bordering Afghanistan"
-- Pakistan: Taliban militants targeted in drone attack

(Pakistan) FATA: 5 militants killed in Khyber infighting\09\30\story_30-9-2009_pg7_18

(Pakistan) NWFP: 28 Taliban held in Swat\09\30\story_30-9-2009_pg1_2

(Pakistan) Blog report on "The Kerry-Lugar Pakistan Authorization Bill"

(Pakistan/U.S.) Kerry-Lugar bill imposes restrictions on US, not Pakistan: Haqqani\09\30\story_30-9-2009_pg7_34

(Pakistan/U.S.) US imposes tough 'no terror' conditions on aid to Pak
-- Times of India reports: "Effectively implicating Pakistan in acts of terrorism in the region and across the world, including against India, US lawmakers have imposed stringent conditions on Pakistan (requiring monitoring of compliance by Washington) while okaying a five-year, $ 7.5 billion dole for Islamabad till 2014."

(India J&K) Militants kill three Indian soldiers in IHK\09\30\story_30-9-2009_pg7_33

(India J&K) Farmer's daughter disarms terrorist and shoots him dead with AK47

(Afghanistan) 30 Afghan civilians killed in roadside bomb blast
-- "A bus packed with Afghan civilians hit a roadside bomb near the southern city of Kandahar Tuesday, killing 30 people and wounding 39, underscoring the dangers civilians face as the eight-year war turns increasingly violent"
--- Roadside bomb kills 12 Afghan civilians

Afghanistan: Taliban blamed for deadly bus attack in south

(Afghanistan) NATO chief assures Obama on Afghan war support
-- NATO is in Afghanistan for the long haul, says Anders Fogh Rasmussen
-- NATO chief tells US to stop attacking European allies

(Afghanistan) Time running out in Afghanistan to defeat insurgency: United Nations

Afghan war is winnable with local support - McChrystal

(U.S.) Washington DC: Bin Laden becomes camp fashion icon
-- Bin Laden sports 'I love Guantanamo' T-shirt,27574,26145444-23109,00.html

(U.S.) More Saudi help needed on terror finance: U.S. report

(U.S.) Ex-U.S. military officials press to close Guantanamo

(U.S.) Seven Algerians to be among batch of inmates to be freed from Guantanamo

(U.S.) Bush officials face liability for terror policies

(Iraq) 4,000 more troops to come home from Iraq

(Iran) US eyes energy, financial sanctions on Iran

Iran says will not discuss second nuclear plant

Iran MPs tell world powers not to repeat "mistakes"

Iran nuke chief: IAEA inspection soon
-- For China, Iran uranium plant no game changer

Iran to Allow Swiss Access to Detained U.S. Hikers,2933,557143,00.html?test=latestnews

Palestinian gunmen fire 2 rockets at S. Israel, no casualties -- Israel

Hamas accepts Egypt's unity initiative

Gaza: "Analysis: The Islamic republic of Gaza"

Hamas Clamps Down in Gaza

(Israel) 50 Palestinians arrested in Jerusalem

(Somalia) 13 civilians killed as mortars hit Somali capital

(Somalia) Tension Mounting in Kismayo as Somali Islamists Jostle for Power

Somali govt troops re-take Baladwayne town

(Yemen) Al Qaeda in Yemen Worries the West

(Libya/Venezuela) Gaddafi, Chavez sign anti-terror treaty
-- "On Venezuela visit, Libyan leader slams West, suggests forming 'NATO for the South' - 'SATO'"

(Turkey) Al-Qaeda threatens Turkey

(Russia) "Kadyrov: Representatives of 50 states helped Chechens in Jihad against Russia"

(Canada) Third security certificate amounts to double jeopardy, Jaballah's lawyers say -- Mahmoud Jaballah

(Canada) Terror suspect wants apology from Ottawa -- Adil Charkaoui

(Philippines) Two U.S. soldiers killed by bomb in Philippines

Arab Liberals Eight Years After 9/11: Obama's Overtures Towards Iran, Extremists Seen as a Sign of Weakness

Al Qaeda takes multiple hits from US forces

Al Qaeda Bombers Learn from Drug Smugglers

Islamic Supremacist War on Women:

"Tolerance=Racism: Newspeak vs TruthSpeak about FGM" by Phyllis Chesler

Pakistan's The News: "Honour killing cases"
-- reports that Sindh police department workshop "aims to sensitise the trainees on the issue of violence against women thereby providing them an in-depth knowledge of the human rights’ concept while making them familiar with the international Human Rights standards for law enforcement officers."

Other News:

Iraq: Is nowhere safe for Christians?

Egypt: "Muslim Convert to Christianity Prevented From Leaving Egypt"
-- "Egyptian authorities have prevented Maher El-Gowhary, a Muslim-born Christian convert, from leaving the country. He was detained at Cairo Airport. His passport confiscated and he was advised that he is barred from traveling on orders from a 'higher authority'."
-- "Maher and his 15-year-old daughter, Dina, who also embraced Christianity, were traveling to China on 17th September 2009, on a two-week holiday."

(Indonesia) Church in Indonesia Wins Legal Battle to Worship in Building

Nigeria: Islamic Group Urges Establishment of Zakat Body

(UK) Islamic Bank of Britain loses £4.6 million over six months

(U.S.) Texas congressional candidate wants to ban Muslim immigrants

(U.S.) Muslim Capitol Hill Rally Falls Short of Attendance Goal
-- "Among those present were around 50 protesters, who -- though few in number -- were audible enough to prompt organizers at one point in time to ask for respect."
-- "'We would never come to a prayer meeting that you have to make a disturbance,' Hamad Chebli, imam of the Islamic Society of Central Jersey, said from the speaking stand. 'Please show us some respect.'"

(India) Pastor in India Seriously Wounded by Suspected Hindu Extremists

UN says caste system is a human rights abuse

France: New threat letter sent to Sarkozy

Against Totalitarianism News:

Communist China: AP reports on "Six decades of change in China"
-- AP report does not discuss human rights or human freedom

Communist China / NYC: Epoch Times Reports on John Liu

Communist China: Capitalism finds a home in the village where Chairman Mao was born

Against Misogyny News:

Guinea junta troops 'killed and raped hundreds at democracy rally'

U.S Senate Committee on Foreign Relations - "Violence: Global Costs and Consequences" - October 1 - 2:30 PM - 216 Hart Senate Office

Because I Am A Girl Human Rights Report

Against Racial Supremacism News:

(Bulgaria) Ku Klux Klan Meeting Took Place in Bulgaria's Asenovgrad

Facebook Poll Asks if Obama Should be Killed


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Israeli Minister Barak Facing Arrest in England

The Phyllis Chesler Organization

Israeli Minister Barak Facing Arrest in England

British Lawyers Try to Have Israel's Minister of Defense Arrested as a War Criminal

by Phyllis Chesler

Pajamas Media

September 29, 2009

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Really, guys, you can't be serious.

I am afraid they are maliciously, purposively serious. The noose continues to tighten around the collective Jewish neck, just as I feared it would.

The United Nations just listened to Qaddafi speak—Amadinejad too: they honored these terrorists, monsters, menaces to decent people everywhere, beginning with their own people. The monsters came, they left, and neither assassin nor legal eagle sent them on a way-way trip to Hell or to the Hague.

But British lawyers, acting on behalf of 16 Palestinians, just tried to have Israeli Defense Minister Ehud Barak arrested for his alleged "war crimes" and "crimes against humanity" in Gaza—partly based on their interpretation of the infamous Goldstone Report. How Goldstone could have lent his good name to this treacherous, ignoble document is slightly above my pay grade; only God can judge him now.

Earlier today, Anne Bayefsky referred to the Goldstone Report as a blood libel, quite equivalent to the Protocols of the Elders of Zion. I totally agree with her.

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