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Syrian Rebels Outlaw Women Driving, Family Photos With “Uncovered” Women’s Faces


Syrian Rebels Outlaw Women Driving, Family Photos With “Uncovered” Women’s Faces

A fat Al Qaeda terrorist in a hood with a machine gun. This is what Syrian freedom looks like.

Rejoice. The Sunni Syrian rebels, also known by their official trademark of “The Brave Syrian People (TM)” are continuing their fight against tyranny and for the freedom of the Syrian People.
As part of their liberation activities, they are working to bring the values of their Saudi and Qatari, not to mention Turkish Islamist values, to their newly liberated territories in Syria.First, in Aleppo, women are no longer allowed to drive.
This is why the provisional Military and Civil Councils of Aleppo have explained the situation to the inhabitants of Aleppo, and have decreed that women are now forbidden to drive. Any person who disobeys this order will be punished until they renounce the practice, if necessary, by the use of force.
Maybe if Obama supplies them with more RPGs, they will be able to use them against any heretical women who get behind the wheel.
And family photos are a no-no in the newly Islamist held parts of Aleppo.
“My son slept here,” Abu Ghaybar said, standing in his only child’s room. He spotted a blue tricycle atop a small four-door pine dresser. “My son keeps saying ‘baba, are the free army playing with my toys?” (The rebels had their own toys in the room, including a BKC machine gun in one corner.)
Abu Ghaybar moved into the living room, unplugging the TV and removing a few colored pencils from a drawer in the TV cabinet. He gathered up family photos, including a baby picture of his now five-year-old son. He pointed to a bare wall with two nails protruding from it. “My family portraits were here, where are they?” he asked.
“We burnt them,” said one of the dozen or so rebels in the room. “You know, if we come into a house and there are pictures of uncovered women we burn them.”
This is what occupation, real occupation, looks like. And it’s being sponsored by Obama, by Hollande in France and Cameron in the UK.

This is the Syrian rebellion being fought for a Syria without family photos or women driving cars. If you support the Syrian rebels, then you support the imposition of Saudi values on the rest of the region.

Robert Spencer and Michael Coren on the Saudis' dawah disguised as "dialogue"

Robert Spencer and Pamela Geller on the escalating Leftist/Islamic war against free speech

Legal Project News Clips: 11/05/12 –11/18/12

The Legal Project
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 Legal Project News Clips: 11/05/12 –11/18/12
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Controversial Muhammad filmmaker still imprisoned
LP staff produced the following column that was originally placed on The Blaze:

News Clips that Shouldn't be Missed:
US government and military impede speech regarding Islam
·         Cavaliere, Victoria. "Jill Kelley emails say Petraeus, Allen asked her to stop shock jock Bubba the Love Sponge from desecrating a Koran," New York Daily News, November 17, 2012. 
State Department whitewashes participation in the Istanbul Process
British Chef in trouble for opposing multiculturalism
·         Elvin, Laura.  "Fury at TV chef Clarissa Dickson Wright's comments about Muslims in Leicester," Leicester Mercury (UK), November 17, 2012.
Dutch boy to stand trial for "hate speech"
·         Niemöller, Joost.  "Breaking: There will be a new trial in the Netherlands on blasphemy of Islam," Vlad Tepes Blog, November 14, 2012.
British MP controversially claims gangs of Muslims are raping Non-Muslims
·         BBC Staff.  "Muslim gang 'white rape' claim prompts row," BBC News, November 13, 2012.
Muhammad filmmaker gets one year Federal jail sentence for probation violation
·         Risling, Gregg.  "Calif. man behind anti-Muslim film gets prison," My Way News, November 7, 2012. 
Kurt Westergard, Danish Muhammad cartoonist, releases an autobiography
·         Baron Bodissey.  "The Man Behind the Turban Bomb," Gates of Vienna Blog, November 19, 2012.

Other Clips:
Islamists petition Britain for stronger blasphemy restrictions
·         Ali Shah, Murtaza.  "Muslims call for change in UK blasphemy laws," The International News (Pakistan), November 14, 2012.
Islamists target Christmas lights in Europe
·         Bawer, Bruce.   "Christmas Lights Go Out in Europe," Frontpage Magazine, November 15, 2012.
Town delays Geller ads over PC concerns
·         Childress, Gregory.  "Town delays decision on bus ad policy," The Herald-Sun, November 6, 2012.
US Judge allows controversial license plates regarding Islam   
·         Daugherty, Scott.  "Judge: DMV can't yank plates with anti-Arab term," The Virginian-Pilot, November 10, 2012.
Local government shows bias against Geller ads and for CAIR ads
·         Geller, Pamela.  "Battle of the Quran ads: Freedom AFDI vs Hamas-CAIR," Atlas Shrugs Blog, November 13, 2012.
Islamists attack women for attending speech regarding Islam; Swedish police do nothing
·         Sennels, Nicolai.  "Sweden: Police watched passively as "provoking" female free speech activists were physically attacked by group of men," Jihad Watch Blog, November 8, 2012.

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Muslims Pressing for Blasphemy Laws in Europe

The OIC, a bloc of 57 Muslim countries, is pressuring Western countries into making it an international crime to criticize Islam or Mohammed – all in the name of "religious tolerance." Free speech activists say the move represents a significant victory at a time when Muslim groups are stepping up pressure on European governments to make it a crime to criticize of Islam or the prophet Mohammed.
Turkey:  Curb Criticism of Islam
President Gul says he believes in free speech, but "incitement to hate and violence" should not enjoy free speech protections. By this he doesn't mean the hate sermons of imams calling for jihad against Infidels, but the writings of "Islamophobes," including accurate analyses of how jihadists use the texts and teachings of Islam to promote violence and supremacism.

An Extraordinary Voice for Truth and Free Speech

An Iranian-born scholar fled the Middle East but the Middle East has followed him. Among his many talents, Afshin Ellian has a knack for making people want to kill him. It’s a trait he demonstrated as a fugitive in his native Iran after the Islamic Revolution; then as a refugee in Pakistan and Afghanistan, where he angered secular Stalinists; and finally in Holland, where he lives under 24-hour police protection because of his criticisms of Islam.

UK City Council Removes Foster Children from Conservative Parents

The term “Orwellian” is overused, but it’s hard to think of a more apt adjective: officials at a left-wing British council have removed three children from their foster parents because of the parents’ political affiliation and unsubstantiated allegations of racism against them.

Chris Knowles – Did Common Purpose Decide That I Should be Sacked by Leeds City Council?

In the aftermath of the politically motivated discrimination by Rotherham Council of UKIP in the story above, there has been much speculation about a shadowy organisation called Common Purpose. Chris Knowles was sacked by the Leeds City Council for the following reason:  “the council has received allegations that you may have engaged in political activities, which could be viewed as improper activities for an employee of the council to be engaging in, and contrary to the council’s values and equal opportunities policies”.
Chris Knowles is a member of the English Defense League.

Please Support our Mate and Prisoner of War, the EDL’S Tommy Robinson!

Those in charge of the once great Kingdom have turned on one of their own. They have locked up the man who is leading freedom loving Brits against attempted Islamic take over of the UK. That is the English Defence League’s (EDL) Tommy Robinson. When Tommy and his mates were first arrested the follow statement was released: “The arrests formed part of an intelligence-led, pre-event investigation into a planned disturbance in east London on the same day.”


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Important 4 minute youtube of Michelle Bachman talking about the OIC and the erosion of freedom of speech in the United States.

Some Good News: Free speech victory: Dutch parliament revokes blasphemy law

While other Western nations flirt with introducing blasphemy laws under the guise of "hate speech" codes, the Netherlands, of all places, affirms free speech.


Nasrin Sotoudeh, human rights activist on a hunger strike in Evin Prison in Iran:

On the morning of November 26, 2012 a group of Dutch lawyers gathered for an hour in front of the Islamic Republic of Iran's embassy in Hague, Netherlands and protested against the impressionist of Nasrin Sotoudeh, the incarcerated Iranian human rights lawyer in Evin prison. The protesters had prepared a written statement to submit to the IRI officials at that embassy but it was refused.



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Video - Pat Condell "Ha Ha Islamophobia."

11-30-12: UK DEATH PATHWAYS: Sick babies are sent home to die. (Plus: Obama’s $4 Million Hawaiian Christmas)

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UK DEATH PATHWAYS: Sick babies are sent home to die. Will this happen with USA's Obamacare?

‘I witnessed a boy with cancer die with his tongue stuck to the roof of his mouth when doctors refused to give him liquids by tube. His death was agonising for him, and for us nurses to watch. This is euthanasia by the backdoor.'

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Alice in Wonderland Science

First, to the best of my knowledge, there has been no "alarming reduction in all marine life." None of my colleagues are aware of it.

Iran Boasts of Providing Missile Technology to Palestinian Terrorists

In fact, if the Iranian general is telling the truth, these missiles are already in the planning stages for manufacturing in relatively large numbers.

Eyeless in Gaza: or Why Israel Always Loses the Propaganda Wars

By trivializing years of rocket attacks on southern Israel and only concentrating on the spectacle of the bombings of Gaza, the big networks newspapers manipulate the postmodernist notions that only the instant of perception matters...

Susan Rice's Effort to Defuse Talking-Points Issue Backfires

Once again Sharyl Attkisson is leading the way among mainstream journalists. She is making the obvious point-that the Obama administration can't seem to get its story straight about many aspects of Benghazi-Gate.


Norway's Cops Apologize for Sending Jews to Death Camps in WWII

Norway's police collaboration with the Nazi occupiers in the dark early morning 70 years ago was seen by many Norwegians as a "national shame."


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