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US Government's Inward Focus Blinds It to the Outward Threat

US Government's Inward Focus Blinds It To The Outward Threat

"The duty of the muslim citizen is to be loyal to the Islamic State"

What Islam is All About, most widely used text book in U.S. Islamic junior high schools

Until the United States makes an affirmative decision to identify our enemy, know the enemy's doctrine and strategy, and defeat the enemy, America will continue to lose ground in this war and eventually lose the Republic.

Last week's UTT article "No Wider Plot" detailed the failure of U.S. officials to identify the Global Islamic Movement and its doctrine - sharia - as the basis for which all of the Islamic attacks around the world must be analyzed.  With that in mind, today we are going to unpack one way the enemy's strategy is keeping U.S. leaders focused on everything but the problem.

The Global Islamic Movement's key strategy in the West is "Civilization Jihad" by OUR hands.  That means they are waging a war using all means possible - combat power, political warfare, propaganda, economic warfare, cultural warfare, spiritual warfare, and the like.  There is a full-blown insurgency underway in America to destroy the United States from within (by OUR hands) using our leaders to do our enemy's bidding.

When the United States Department of State wrote the constitutions for Iraq and Afghanistan creating Islamic republics under sharia (Islamic law) - thus fulfilling Al Qaeda's objectives in those regions - that was Civilization Jihad by our hands. Whether our leaders understood this or not is irrelevant from the enemy's perspective.

In the wake of a terrorist attack or a threat to the homeland, the desired course of action the enemy wants the U.S. government to take is to call for more money, authority, manpower, technology or anything else that keeps the focus off Islam.

The enemy wants our resources depleted and wants us looking
inward for our failures instead of outward at them.  Civilization Jihad by OUR hands.

Jihadi attacks in Ft Lauderdale, Denver, New York, San Bernardino, Little Rock, Chattanooga, Orlando, Ft Hood, Columbus, Freemont, Minneapolis, and cities all over America are not happening because of a lack of the federal government's legal authority, technology, money, or anything else.

These attacks are happening because the U.S government denies the threat comes from within the Islamic community by people who are following the teachings of Islam.  The attacks are happening because jihadis are being protected by the Islamic community, and supported by the massive Muslim Brotherhood/Tabligi Jamaat network inside the United States which the federal government refuses to investigate and destroy.

This problem is further exacerbated when it can be demonstrated the exclusive "outreach partner" at the State Department, FBI, CIA, DHS, national security staffs, and elsewhere are suit-wearing jihadis - primarily Muslim Brotherhood leaders - who our leaders consider "okay" so long as they are non-violent now.

So long as the U.S. government fails to dismantle the Muslim Brotherhood/Tabligi networks here, there will continue to be an increase in domestic attacks with more American deaths, an increase in jihadi ideology being spread inside the United States, and muslims will continue to move towards their treasonous and seditious objective of overthrowing the U.S. government and replacing it with an Islamic State.

This is why UTT trains local and state law enforcement agencies, prosecutors, and others how to proactively locate jihadis in their areas, map out the jihadi networks, and investigatively use all means available to take the fight to this enemy.

This war will be won or lost at the local level by local police and the citizens who support them.

UTT works diligently to provide this information and these techniques to local and state officials because the federal government is failing to do its duty.

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UTT VIDEO of the WEEK: Sharia vs Sharia Law???

The Global Islamic Movement lies to cover its objectives and the truth about Islam.  This brief video reveals how seemingly "nice" and "moderate" muslims lie to keep the West from focusing on Islam.  This video goes well with this weeks UTT article explaining how Islamic leaders keep us focused on US not THEM.

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Palestinians: Why Abbas Cannot Stop Funding Terrorists

In this mailing:
  • Bassam Tawil: Palestinians: Why Abbas Cannot Stop Funding Terrorists
  • Maria Polizoidou: Greece: A Drug-Smuggling Case with Global Implications

Palestinians: Why Abbas Cannot Stop Funding Terrorists

by Bassam Tawil  •  June 26, 2017 at 5:00 am
  • This is their way of expressing their gratitude to those who have chosen to "sacrifice" their lives by trying to murder Jews. It is also their way of encouraging young people to join the war of terrorism against Israel. The financial aid sends a specific message: Palestinians who are prepared to die in the service of murdering Jews need not worry about the welfare of their families.
  • The more years a Fatah terrorist serves in Israeli prison, the higher the salary he or she receives. Some Fatah terrorists held in Israeli prison are said to receive monthly stipends of up to $4,000. Many of them are also rewarded with top jobs in both Fatah and the Palestinian Authority (PA). Why should any Palestinian go to university and search for a job when he can make a "decent living" murdering Jews?
  • Such a plan to dry up the funds that support terrorists and their families, is doomed from the start unless these leaders reverse their behavior and embark on a process of de-radicalizing their people.
In his recent meeting with US presidential envoys Jason Greenblatt (left) and Jared Kushner (center) in Ramallah, an enraged Mahmoud Abbas (right) rejected their demand that he halt payments to terrorists and their families. (Photo by Thaer Ghanaim/PPO via Getty Images)
For the record, this is not a defense of Palestinian Authority (PA) President Mahmoud Abbas or of funding terrorists. It is simply an explanation of what is taking place. Nonetheless, it is worth noting that the idea of ending payments to Palestinian terrorists and their families is a challenging one, to say the least. Old habits, especially of hate, are hard to break.
The practice of paying salaries to terrorists and the families of "martyrs" is as old as the Palestine Liberation Organization (PLO), which was founded in 1964. It did not start after the establishment of the Palestinian Authority (PA) in 1994. Nor did this practice start after Abbas was elected as president of the PA in January 2005.
Prior to the establishment of the PA, the PLO relied solely on Arab and Islamic financial aid to pay salaries to imprisoned terrorists and the families of those killed in terror attacks against Israel.

Greece: A Drug-Smuggling Case with Global Implications

by Maria Polizoidou  •  June 26, 2017 at 4:00 am
  • If even the partial information that Efthimios (Makis) Yiannousakis revealed during the interviews is true, the upper echelons of Greek society have good reason to want to silence him.
  • The true culprit, however, is the "deep state" and its links to Iran, through the drug trade. It is an open secret by now that heroin revenues are used by Middle East regimes to fund terrorist and other questionable organizations, such as ISIS, Hezbollah, Hamas and the Muslim Brotherhood. The case of the Noor 1 illustrates one of the ways that both the drugs themselves and terrorist operations are exported to Europe.
  • The possible direct and indirect involvement of figures at the highest levels of Greek society makes it nearly impossible for the government alone to get to the bottom of the case, and protect key witnesses from bodily harm. It needs help now, preferably from the U.S. Justice Department and security agencies. The complete dismantling of the drug-terrorism circuit is not only a pressing issue for Greece. It is an international security imperative.
Greek Defense Minister Panos Kammenos. (Photo by Yorgos Karahalis-POOL/Getty Images)
New details surrounding a three-year-old drug-smuggling case in Greece are causing a political storm that could have global implications.
In June 2014, the Greek Coast Guard uncovered and seized 986 kilograms of heroin stashed in a warehouse in a suburb of Athens, and another 1,133 kilograms in two other locations, claiming that the more than two tons of drugs -- valued at $30 million -- had been smuggled on a tanker, the "Noor 1," from the "territorial waters between Oman and Pakistan."
As was reported by Gatestone last December, the heroin, which was to be distributed throughout Europe -- in addition to 18 tons of oil also smuggled on the Noor 1 -- originated in Iran. Two years later, in August 2016, a criminal court in Piraeus sentenced five of the defendants, two Greeks and three foreign nationals, to life imprisonment. Among these was the (now former) owner of the Noor 1, Efthimios (Makis) Yiannousakis.


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