Friday, July 31, 2009

History Lesson Night

My new friend EEYORE over at Vlad Tepes Blog,, showed me this excellent film,, it's a documentary, about the Cold War,, and Ronald Reagan.

I think we all need to remember what happens when lunatics,, try to rule the world,,

It's 1 hour and 53 minutes,, so get yourself comfortable,, and LEARN FROM THE PAST!!!

Link: In The Face Of Evil

Islamic Supremacist Hizb ut-Tahrir Event Promoted with Beheaded Statue of Liberty

Jeffrey,, I trimmed the bottom off your mail, wanted to post the rest of this.


This image is outrageous and obscene, it really angers me, that they use freedom of speech against us like this.

We need to put a limit on this type of image,, it's WORSE than the nazi propaganda.

Because the nazis,, only wanted to destroy the Jews,,

the islamists,, want to destroy US ALL!!

Isn't there someone up here in Canada that can stop this type of hate??

And if there isn't, how do we as Canadian Taxpayers,, demand that our government
protect us from this threat to our Democracy???



Note this is on the same Hizb ut-Tahrir web site promoting Mississauga conference, which is also the same Hizb ut-Tahrir web site distributing a document calling for "death penalty" for who leave Islam as guilty of "treason and a political attack on the Khilafah" that they distributed at last conference in Chicago, IL...


Islamic Supremacist Hizb ut-Tahrir Event Promoted with Beheaded Statue of Liberty

July 31, 2009

Responsible for Equality And Liberty (R.E.A.L.)
Contact: Jeffrey Imm,

Islamic Supremacist organization Hizb ut-Tahrir's branch in Malaysia promoted its July 26, 2009 conference for a global Islamic Supremacist Caliphate with an image of a "beheaded" Statue of Liberty and NYC in smoking ruins. The HT web site refers to democracy as "perverted."

Hizb ut-Tahrir promotion for Islamic Supremacist Caliphate conference shows "beheaded" Statue of Liberty and "burning" NYC

The Hizb ut-Tahrir blog promoting such Islamic Supremacist conferences, such as those in Canada, U.S., and other countries, also promoted this image of violence against the United States on its blog as well. The Hizb ut-Tahrir blog promoted this as part of "Hizb ut-Tahrir's Global Rajab Campaign."

This is the same Hizb ut-Tahrir blog promoting their Islamic Supremacist conference at a government-managed public facility in Mississauga, Ontario, Canada and the Hizb ut-Tahrir blog that promoted a link to the Hizb ut Tahrir America conference in Oak Lawn, Illinois at the Hilton Hotel.

This same Hizb ut-Tahrir blog promoting the July 31 event in Canada also promotes a pamphlet (page 62) that supports killing those individuals who leave Islam as guilty of "treason and a political attack on the Khilafah."

The Chicago/Oak Lawn, IL Hizb ut-Tahrir conference against democracy and freedom at the Hilton Hotel was challenged by pro-freedom, pro-democracy protesters, and the protest was covered by local and national media. The response thus far to the Canadian Hizb ut-Tahrir conference in a government-managed facility on July 31 has mostly been indifference by the Canadian media, with vague promises of an "investigation" by Canadian government offices.

MEF Wire: Ali Alfoneh on "The Situation of Post Election Iran"

Middle East Forum

July 31, 2009

The Situation of Post Election Iran

A briefing by Ali Alfoneh

July 21, 2009

(includes an audio recording of this talk)

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Ali Alfoneh is a visiting research fellow at the American Enterprise Institute. A doctoral candidate in political science at the University of Copenhagen, Alfoneh researches civil-military relations in Iran, with a special focus on the role of the Revolutionary Guard. On July 21, Mr. Alfoneh addressed the Middle East Forum via conference call.

Alfoneh began his talk by stating that the Islamic Republic of Iran is in disarray. He contends that Iran is not in danger of collapse; rather, it will emerge from its present convulsions a changed nation—most likely for the worse. He argued that the election fraud and riots that Iran is currently experiencing are the result of militarization that Iran has been undergoing since 1997, when Ayatollah Khameini expanded the powers of the Revolutionary Guard in order to prevent reform.

According to Alfoneh, we are witnessing the end of the Iranian theocracy. The power of the Revolutionary Guard has grown to such an extent that they are now more powerful than the clergy. There are two potential futures for Iran. Iran could become a democracy—this is what most of the protestors want. The other, more likely, possibility is that the Guard will successfully quash the democratic movement, and Iran will transform into a military dictatorship.

In his view, Iran's election fraud was a calculated move by the Revolutionary Guard. For years, the Guard has been accumulating power under the pretext of preventing a "Velvet Revolution"—a Western-backed takeover by democratic forces. Alfoneh noted that, while Iran has a long history of election fraud, Ahmadinejad (himself a former Revolutionary Guardsman) was unusually blatant in stealing the 2009 election. The transparency of the fraud incited the democratic forces to action, thus giving the Guard an excuse to seize power.

Today, the president of Iran, most of his cabinet and the majority of the Iranian parliament are former Guardsmen. The Guard also maintains an extensive propaganda machine, and controls the Army through a system of commissars. Since the clergy depend upon the Guard for security, the Guard stands unopposed.

Alfoneh concluded by arguing that the West should unequivocally treat Iran as a growing threat. In particular, he called on America to take a strong anti-Revolutionary Guard stance, and to pursue a policy of containment. It is especially important that the United States work to forge an international consensus against the Iranian regime, in order to prevent the Islamic Republic from playing the major world powers against each other.

Summary account by Samuel Settle.

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The Middle East Forum

July 31st
Sowell: Obama a ‘disaster in the making.' Hewitt: 3 GOP senators on dubious health care bill. Unraveling the ACORN conspiracy. Are the Dems & BHO using the health care bill to reward ACORN? Podhoretz: Is Obama turning America against Israel?


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Rep. Sue Myrick Hosts ‘Moderate Muslim Summit'

The Editors

"I believe this summit was the first step to empower these leaders so that they will be a strong force in helping our government in combating radical Islamists and extremism."

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Paul Williams, Ph.D.

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Frank Salvato

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Michelle Malkin

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Jim Kouri, CPP

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An elegant keepsake

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A Classic, Elegant “ACT!”
A Special Offer For You

by Brigitte Gabriel

At one of our recent “Citizens in Action” conferences, an ACT! for America
supporter (and artist) presented our staff and I a beautiful piece of
artwork that we each are now proudly displaying on our desks.

Rather than try to describe this to you, I’ve attached a picture

After we took these beautiful desk
sculptures home, it occurred to us that some of our ACT! for America
members might want to own this elegant, handmade keepsake that reminds us
– in a beautiful way – why we’re part of this organization.

So we
approached the artist to see if he would be willing to craft additional
sculptures like the ones pictured above, and he agreed.

sculpture is made of hand-cut hardwood mounted on a beautiful marble or
granite base. It can be displayed proudly on your desk, fireplace mantle,
coffee or end tables — just about anywhere you would like to demonstrate
your support for ACT! for America. This sculpture would also be a unique
gift for family or friends.

If this is a keepsake you would like
to have or give to someone special, we are making it available for a
contribution to ACT! for America as follows.

We have a limited number of sculptures on
hand that are made with wood from cedar trees from Lebanon. (Of course,
this has a special significance to me!). If you would like one of these
sculptures, please click

Select the $125 amount box with the notation next
to it that says “Cedar of Lebanon sculpture.” (If you would like more than
one of these, enter $250 for two and $375 for three, etc.) Should we run
out of the sculptures we have on hand, don’t worry, the artist can order
additional Lebanese cedar to craft more sculptures.

If you would prefer a sculpture made of a
hardwood other than cedar, please click
. Select the $110 amount box with the notation “Marble sculpture.”
You will receive a beautiful sculpture crafted in either cherry, oak or
walnut wood. (If you would like more than one, enter $220 for two, $330
for three, etc.)

If you would prefer to know which wood you
will receive, after you make your contribution online, simply send us an
email at In the
subject line place your name and the wood you prefer (walnut, oak or
cherry). We will then match your email to your contribution and ship out
your preference.

If you have no preference because, like me, you
like the way they all look, then you don’t have to do anything else after
you make your contribution.

With the exception of the cedar
sculptures we have on hand, please allow four to six weeks for the artist
to make the sculptures and for us to get them shipped to you.

Thank you for your continued commitment to our mission of
defending our families, communities and nation from the threat of radical
Islam. These sculptures are an artist’s representation of how I feel about
you — special. Because I know it takes special people to make what we’re
doing successful.

Always devoted,

Brigitte Gabriel


ACT for

P.O. Box 12765
Pensacola, FL 32591

ACT for America is an issues advocacy organization dedicated
to effectively organizing and mobilizing the most powerful grassroots
citizen action network in America, a grassroots network committed to
informed and coordinated civic action that will lead to public policies
that promote America’s national security and the defense of American
democratic values against the assault of radical Islam.
We are only as strong
as our supporters, and your volunteer and financial support is essential
to our success. Thank you for helping us make America safer and more

Send a personalized version of this message to your friends.

Click here to give an online donation.

Child Barbarians in Phoenix: Obama Extends Their Stay

The Phyllis Chesler Organization

Child Barbarians in Phoenix: Obama Extends Their Stay

Liberian Boys Gang-Rape an Eight-Year-Old; Just Like Old Times

by Phyllis Chesler

Pajamas Media

July 31, 2009

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Most Americans have no idea how different our culture is from cultures in the Middle East, central Asia, or Africa. If differences are acknowledged, America and the West are blamed for them. The barbarism, genocide, perpetual civil and religious wars, the cruelties of shari'ah law, (stoning, cross-amputations, be-heading), and the utterly tragic treatment of women, children, and the poor in the Third World–all, all are blamed on western imperialism, colonialism, and capitalism.

Not true–or so I have been arguing for years. Some barbarism is indigenous to a region. But even if it were true–what's to be done now? Should we willingly welcome cannibals, gang-rapists, child-rapists, polygamists, (dis)honor murderers to our shores?

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