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Eye on Iran: IMF Says Sanctions on Iran Dampening Economic Sentiment

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Uncertainty surrounding the sanctions on Iran and its relations with the United States pose a risk to the oil-producing nation's economy, the International Monetary Fund said Monday. The comments were a reference to the new sanctions the Trump administration imposed early this month on individuals and companies supporting Iran's ballistic missile program and the Revolutionary Guards military force... The IMF's annual report on Iran's economy, known as the Article IV review, said "renewed uncertainty regarding sanctions is dampening sentiment." The IMF staff said in their assessment the country benefited from higher oil production and is expected to grow 6.6 percent in 2016/2017, before easing to 3.3 percent in the next year. However, the uncertainty surrounding the nuclear agreement "and especially relations with the US, could deter investment and trade with Iran and short-circuit the anticipated recovery," the report cautioned. "If the agreement is derailed, the economy could risk recession." Reimposing sanctions "would lower direct investment and capital inflows, and disconnect Iran from the global financial system." Jafar Mojarrad, IMF executive director for Iran, noted that, "Regrettably, remaining US sanctions and related uncertainty have hindered the return of global banks to the Iranian market and continue to hamper large-scale investment and trade."

Victims of terror attacks against Americans in the 1970s, '80s and '90s will start receiving checks in coming weeks from a $1.1 billion compensation fund carved out of a settlement struck between the U.S. government and a French bank, BNP Paribas SA. The government last week began sending out letters notifying roughly 2,300 victims or their surviving relatives they were in line for money from the fund, which was established by Congress in 2015. The fund is designed to compensate people who were injured in terror attacks before 2001 as well as the families of those killed. Those include victims of the 1998 U.S. embassy bombings in Africa, the 1983 and 1984 attacks on the U.S. Embassy in Beirut, the families of the hostages taken at the U.S. Embassy in Iran in 1979, and the family of Malcolm Kerr, a university president in Beirut when he was killed by terrorists in 1984. One of Mr. Kerr's sons, Steve Kerr, is now a basketball coach in the NBA... The settlement follows charges that BNP evaded U.S. sanctions against Iran and other countries for years, creating a tie between the wrongdoing and the issue of terrorism.

Defense Minister Brigadier General Hossein Dehqan said Monday that Iran has successfully test-fired the latest version of a submarine-launched cruise missile (SLCM) named 'Nasir' during Velayat-95 military war game conducted by the Iranian naval forces. 'During the military drills in the Iranian territorial waters in the South, the new model of the SLCM named Nasir was test-fired and successfully hit its target,' he said.


Iran's economy rebounded out of a recession after the nuclear deal with world powers, the International Monetary Fund said on Tuesday, though uncertainty over future sanctions and problems plaguing the country's domestic banks could cause fiscal trouble ahead. Iran's real gross domestic product grew by 7.4 percent, buoyed by the quick re-entry of Iranian oil on the international market, according to the IMF. Inflation also dropped to single digits while GDP growth is expected to stabilize around 4.5 percent, the IMF said. But ordinary Iranians largely have yet to see any of the benefits from the nuclear accord, which saw some international sanctions lifted in exchange for Iran limiting its uranium enrichment. Meanwhile, concerns persist about what a harder line, promised by the administration of U.S. President Donald Trump, will mean for the Islamic Republic. "The lifting of sanctions and (Iran's) ambitious reform agenda are yet to produce their full beneficial impact on the Iranian economy," Jafar Mojarrad, an IMF executive director, wrote in an addendum to the report. "Regrettably, remaining U.S. sanctions and related uncertainty have hindered the return of global banks to the Iranian market and continue to hamper large-scale investment and trade."

Russia's No. 2 oil producer Lukoil hopes to reach a deal to develop two oilfields in Iran in April, Chief Executive Vagit Alekperov said on Monday. Lukoil said last month that it was in talks with the National Iranian Oil Company (NIOC) on taking part in development of the Abe Timur and Mansuri fields in central-western Iran. It said it would start talks on contractual terms if Iran agrees to the development plans Lukoil has already submitted. "A large number of our experts have been working in Iran. Once the (new) oil law in Iran is in place - it has not been completed yet - we, with the current pace of work, will be able to be ready for signing the deal in April," the veteran chief executive told Reuters.

Total is in talks to buy a multi-billion dollar stake in Iran's partly-built liquefied natural gas (LNG) export facility, Iran LNG, seeking to unlock vast gas reserves. The French oil major -- the first of its peers to strike deals in Iran after sanctions -- seeks entry into Iran LNG at a discount to the pre-sanctions price in exchange for reviving the stalled project, two sources with knowledge of the matter said. A third source confirmed Total was in the running for a stake, alongside several other oil majors, but any deal was still some way off. Total declined to comment. Iran's National Gas Export Co. (NIGEC), a central stakeholder in the project, did not respond to requests for comment by email and phone. "Iran is trying to revamp its oil and gas projects and the abandoned LNG plant is one of them," the third source added.

State-owned energy company Pertamina will submit proposals to the Iranian government for the exploration of two oil fields in the country, a press statement says. The statement, issued by the Office of the Coordinating Economic Minister, says the proposals will be submitted during a visit of Coordinating Economic Minister Darmin Nasution to the country from Feb. 26 to 27. "The oil fields are located in Ab Teymour and Mansouri, Bangestan province, the eastern part of Iran," said a press statement on Monday. Based on a study conducted by Pertamina, the oil reserves in the two fields amount to 1.5 billion barrels. "The production potential reaches 200,000 barrel per day in each field," the statement says. Previously, Energy and Mining Resources Deputy Minister Archandra Tahar previously expressed the government's wish to do business in Iran.

A new player has been created in Iran's industrial gas industry, as The Linde Group and Delvar Afzar Industrial Gases have teamed up in a joint venture. The Tier One corporation and Delvar Afzar Industrial Gases, part of the Delvar Afzar Industrial Group, have united under the name 'Linde Delvar Afzar Industrial Gases' (LDAIG). It is understood that in pooling strengths and leveraging the assets of both parties, LDAIG aims to become a leading supplier of industrial merchant gases and healthcare gases in the Middle Eastern country. The company also aims to implement an industrial gas culture and develop new sales for molecules including both liquids and gases. Delvar Afzar's facilities will provide the majority of the company's liquid gases supply. Linde CEO Professor Dr. Aldo Belloni, Linde Board Member Bernd Eulitz and Dr. Iraj Ghorbani, CEO of Delvar Afzar Industrial Group, signed the agreement to establish the new organisation on 17th January in Iran.

Iran's Rise Investment and Strategy Extension Company (RISECO) and France's Mecaplast Group signed a joint venture deal on manufacturing auto parts, IRNA reported on Friday. The deal, which was signed by Rise Holding Group's Chairman of the Board Hamidreza Samadi and Mecaplast's CEO Pier Boulet in Paris, focuses on production of automotive engine and decorative parts. As Samadi informed, according to the penned deal, 30 percent of the jointly manufactured products will be exported. The signing ceremony was also attended by Iran's Ambassador to Paris Ali Ahani.


In the midst of the usual Washington cacophony, most are missing the point that the Trump administration is beginning to lay the foundations of a sensible Iran policy. The Islamist regime that has been busy over the past few years brandishing a narrative of success with its triumphs in the region seems unsettled by the tough-talking new Trump team. An uneasy Iran is likely to be a hesitant one, hunkering down until the storm passes. It is the Trump administration's task to ensure the storm lingers over Tehran. This is not the first time the theocratic regime has faced a hard-hitting American adversary. The well-honed Iranian strategy of dealing with such challenges is to behave with caution until the United States gets distracted by another crisis and then to resume their nefarious activities in full force. It is a formula that has historically served the regime well, as Iran and its machinations have not remained an important priority for even hawkish administrations with too many other entanglements... The task at hand for the Trump administration is to build on its initial success and to develop a systematic and disciplined approach to Iran that will not be distracted by other competing mandates. Despite its grandiose pretensions, the Iranian regime is disdained by its neighbors. A state whose primary instruments of power are terrorism and subversion and whose closest allies are Hezbollah and Syrian President Bashar al-Assad does not have too many adherents in the region. Still, the clerical regime's principal vulnerability remains at home as it rules over a restive population tired of its cruelty and corruption.

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U.S. Drone Strike Targets Al-Qaeda Second in Command


U.S. Drone Strike Targets Al-Qaeda Second in Command
(New York, NY) – Abu al-Khayr al-Masri, the deputy to al-Qaeda leader Ayman al-Zawahiri, was reportedly killed in northwest Syria by a U.S. drone strike.
Masri, the son-in-law to al-Qaeda founder Osama bin Laden, had been part of the global jihadi organization for three decades. Masri was implicated in the bombings of the U.S. embassies in Tanzania and Kenya in 1998 that killed 200 people. It was reportedly in Masri’s house in Afghanistan that al-Qaeda leaders first learned of the plans for the 9/11 attacks.
In 2005, both the U.N. and the U.S. government levied sanctions on Masri after having designated him as a terrorist associate.


Ellison Was Defeated by His Own Actions Not by Any Smear

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Ellison Was Defeated by His Own Actions Not by Any Smear

by Alan M. Dershowitz  •  February 27, 2017 at 3:00 pm
The close vote by the Democratic National Committee to reject Keith Ellison as its chairperson was a victory for basic decency and a defeat for the kind of bigotry represented by Ellison's past associations with Louis Farrakhan and his current voting record against Israel's Iron Dome. Ellison's loss is not attributable to any "smear campaign," as some of his supporters have falsely alleged, but rather to his own actions, both past and present. Would anyone call it a smear if a candidate's history of sexism, racism or homophobia had been exposed? Why then it is a smear to have raised questions based on Ellison's past associations with anti-Semitism and his current voting anti-Israel voting record? Nor was it a smear to question Ellison's credibility when he said that he was not aware that Farrakhan was an anti-Semite, when Farrakhan himself was publicly boasting about his Jew hatred.

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WATCH NOW: My exclusive interview with Dutch political leader Geert Wilders!

The Rebel

Last week I flew to the Netherlands to meet one of the most interesting — and controversial — politicians in the world, Geert Wilders.

His central campaign theme is the de-Islamification of the Netherlands — and the freedom of speech to criticize Islam.

Wilders himself has been marked for death by Muslim extremists, and our meeting happened behind a wall of armed bodyguards.

We talked about so many things, including:

* his chances in the Dutch election
* open borders mass Muslim immigration
* how the media elites treat him
* his battle against sharia-style censorship
* the “Trump Effect” on the Netherlands
* his views on whether Islam is a religion — or something more dangerous
* Justin Trudeau’s Islamophobia motion
* the silence of traditional feminists and gay rights activists in the face of Muslim extremism

What did you think? Tell me, and tell the world — please feel free to leave a comment under the video.

Yours truly,

Ezra Levant

P.S. The trip to the Netherlands for me and two cameramen cost $7,000. Unlike the CBC, we don’t get $1.5 billion from the government — if you can help fund our independent journalism, please click here, or visit www.RebelEurope.com.

P.P.S. Please forward this e-mail to your friends and family who would be interested in learning about the man who polls say could win next month’s Dutch elections!

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Erdogan Critics Beware: Turkey Probably is Watching

Steven Emerson, Executive Director
February 27, 2017

Erdogan Critics Beware: Turkey Probably is Watching

IPT News
February 27, 2017
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For some Americans, concerns about Russian spying and interference in its elections are growing, with new reports emerging nearly every day. But in Europe, officials are fighting off an even greater incursion from another country, which is now spying even on civilians: Turkey.
Recent investigations and leaks in Germany, Austria and The Netherlands confirm ongoing efforts by Turkey's government to intimidate European-Turkish citizens suspected of having ties to Fethullah Gulen, President Recep Tayyip Erdogan's one-time ally, whom he now blames for the failed coup against him last July. Imams in Germany connected to the Turkish state, for instance, admitted to spying on teachers in German state-run schools. Even teachers and parents have been asked to spy on the classes and report in any criticism of Erdogan or his government. In Austria, parliamentarian Peter Pilz has referred to a "global spying network," with Austria's union of Turkish-Islamic groups sending reports on Gulen-tied organizations back to Ankara. Targets have included educational institutions, cultural centers, and various NGOs. And in The Netherlands, the Turkish consulate in Rotterdam has revoked the passports of several Dutch-Turks thought to support Gulen. (Turkey maintains consular offices in several Dutch cities; to date, reports of passports being revoked are limited to the Rotterdam office.)
Erdogan's involvement in European affairs beyond Turkey's borders, especially in the affairs of Europeans of Turkish descent, is nothing new. In 2008, while speaking at a rally in Cologne, Germany, he encouraged all European Turks to resist assimilation, which he called "a crime against humanity." In 2013, he interfered in a Dutch child abuse case against a Dutch-Turkish mother after the child was given over to lesbian foster parents. And last year, he called on German Chancellor Angela Merkel to prosecute a German comedian who had written a song critical of him.
But the latest efforts indicate an even greater bravado, says Elise Steilberg, a Dutch columnist who frequently writes on Turkish politics. "The clearer it has become that Erdogan aims at a one-man-rule, and that in working toward his goal of constitutional change he won't hesitate to use unconventional means, the more obvious it has also become that he will do anything to get as many European Turks behind him as possible," she said in a recent e-mail. "Erdogan is now openly using all available channels to increase his influence within Europe."
The Dutch passport situation is a salient example of this effort. Both dual Dutch-Turkish citizens and Turkish citizens with residency permits have reported that their passports were confiscated at the Rotterdam office. In each case, they were said to have ties to Gulen, to Kurdish groups, or to journalists and others critical of the Turkish government.
For dual citizens, this is bad enough, but those with only Turkish citizenship are rendered stateless by such a move. Some have argued that this action represents a flagrant violation of United Nations conventions, but Turkey is not a signatory to those conventions.
There is, however, an option offered to those whose passports are revoked, reports Dutch newspaper Trouw, which first broke the story. To obtain a replacement, they will be provided a one-day passport that allows them to return to Turkey. On arrival, they will be held in custody, effectively imprisoned until they can plead their case in court – a process that can take six months. In one particularly disturbing case described in Trouw, a Turkish woman was forced to relinquish her passport because her husband is a Gulenist. She is not.
But Ankara has not stopped at the door of its consulates. With Dutch elections set for March 15, Turkey is allegedly paying imams in The Netherlands to urge Dutch-Turks to vote for the anti-integration Denk (Think) party, led by Tunahan Kuzu and Selçuk Ozturk, both of whom are Turkish-born. Among Denk's objectives: a culture of "acceptance" rather than integration, the creation of a "racism register," and the formation of a "racism police." In an interview with Elsevier, Dutch Turkish Council Director Sefa Yurukel described the "vote Denk" messages distributed by the imams as containing "the typical arguments of Islamists." Further, he said, they indicate that Denk likely enjoys support from the Diyanet, a government body that oversees religious affairs in Turkey and among the Turkish people worldwide.
It is just that sort of effort to monitor and manipulate the behavior of Turkish citizens, even those who do not live in Turkey, that has Steilberg most concerned. While "of course all countries spy" on one another, she says, the idea of civilians spying on civilians is especially chilling.
Already the Dutch have experienced some of the worst of this, as when Twitter users in the Netherlands reported to the Turkish authorities the anti-Erdogan tweets of Dutch-Turkish columnist Ebru Umar. Umar, who was in Turkey at the time, was immediately arrested, and was not permitted to return to the Netherlands for several weeks. She was eventually released only thanks to the intervention of Dutch Prime Minister Mark Rutte.
Now, as such government intervention becomes increasingly intertwined with religious manipulation and intrigue, the reaches of Turkey's growing theocracy into European culture seems an imminent, and ever-expanding threat.
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New top advertiser at Huffington Post who defends Muslim Brotherhood, fundraises for CAIR. Please send your email to corporate officials.


H&R Block is a new top advertiser at Huffington Post who fundraises for CAIR, defends Muslim Brotherhood and publishes articles blaming Islamophobia for worldwide conflict with Muslims.

Three Hundred Seventeen (317) companies have dropped Huffington Post in the last eight months.

Click here to send your email to encourage H&R Block officials to stop supporting the Huffington Post’s Islamist propaganda with their advertising dollars.

The Huffington Post continues to publish Islamist propaganda.

•    The Huffington Post published an article on January 31, 2017 titled:  "Organizing Against Islamophobia: Reflection And Analysis To Strengthen Our Work."  The article states in part: "Muslim communities and those being targeted by the relentless, ongoing Islamophobic, racist, and xenophobic assaults coming from so many directions are organizing with great integrity, strength, and intention. We know these assaults are not new, but the moment calls for all sorts of resistance."

•    The Huffington Post published an article on January 26, 2017 titled “The American Dream Or The American Nightmare?”  The article states in part:  “This is a call to your conscience. I am writing about the ‘Muslim ban,’ as people are calling it.  The ‘Muslim ban’ is not about security. This is about Islamophobia, plain and simple.”  Only fake news promoters are calling it a Muslim ban because that is not what President Trump’s executive order states.  More Islamist propaganda. 

•    The Huffington Post published an article on January 25, 2017 titled “Don’t Deride Women Marchers — Help Them Become More Radical.”  The article headlines a photo of a women’s march protestor with a sign of a women wearing a Hijab that is made from an American flag.   This is a tragic display of hypocrisy having the Hijab, a sign of oppression and devalued women’s rights, made out of an American flag, which stands for freedom and liberty for all including women oppressed under Sharia law in America. 

Huffington Post has published numerous articles that promote Islamist propaganda.  Huffington Post articles have defended the Muslim Brotherhood, fundraised for the Council on American Islamic Relations (CAIR), blamed Christian Islamophobia for worldwide conflict with Muslims, promoted an anti-Semitic blog, encouraged Islamist demagoguery, and promoted other Islamist propaganda.  Huffington Post propaganda mocks, belittles and blames people who are concerned about radical Islam in a manner that impairs the willingness of some people to speak up for public safety.   Eleven examples of Huffington Post’s Islamist propaganda articles are posted at the bottom of this article

Why is it important to urge companies to stop advertising at Huffingtonpost.com?

•    Islamophobia propaganda is the top tool Islamists use to influence Americans to ignore advancement of Sharia doctrine in the United States.  Unfortunately, it intimidates people to the point of stifling free speech in a manner that hurts public safety.  Labeling people or groups as Islamophobes is intended to influence them to stop criticizing Islam.   Fear of being branded an Islamophobe played a role in suppressing communications that may have had different results for the lives of 63 people in San Bernardino and Orlando.

•    One article wrongfully places the blame on Christians and Jews in a manner that creates contempt for Christianity and Judaism.

•    The reports published by the news media do influence the political positions of the public.  Huffingtonpost.com is one of the largest liberal progressive media outlets in America.

•    Florida Family Association’s opposition campaign educates hundreds of officials at American companies about the harm caused by erroneous Islamophobia propaganda.  The thousands of emails that company officials receive reveal that there are many Americans who find Islamophobia propaganda deceitful, harmful and offensive.

H&R Block has advertised at Huffingtonpost.com for several weeks. 

Florida Family Association has prepared an email for you to send to encourage H&R Block officials to stop supporting the Huffington Post’s Islamist propaganda with their advertising dollars. 

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TUESDAY Security Update: Are they 'Radical Islamic Terrorists' or Not?

FSM Must Reads + 2012 site

What might America look like under a Marxist/Leninist regime? Could this country - known for its freedom-loving individualists - ever succumb to socialism?

I am astonished by comments by his recently appointed National Security Advisor (at least as reported by the February 24, 2017 New York Times) and will be listening for clarification from the President himself as to whether he has modified his oft-stated views on "radical Islam."

One of the defining themes of Trump's candidacy was his repudiation of the willful blindness of the Obama-Clinton administration about the nature of the Sharia-supremacist enemies we confront. Unlike Obama, Mr. Trump made a point of repeatedly calling them "radical Islamic terrorists."

Undeterred by the international attention the missile test attracted, the very next day, Pyongyang demonstrated its reach by assassinating the estranged older half-brother, Kim Jong-nam, 46, of its dictator, Kim Jong-un.

This, of course, is a "fake news" report that could have easily have been broadcast by ABC, NBC, CBS, CNN, the BBC, or MSNBC. They are all fake news outlets. It's fake except for these quotations from Angela Merkel and Pope Francis.

The latest savaging ... was a "piranha blitz" on one of Trump's aides, Deputy Assistant on Strategic Affairs, Sebastian Gorka. British born from Hungarian parents who were persecuted by the Communists, Gorka has developed an expertise on "radical Islamic terrorism" ...

Nunes called the news conference to refute a Feb. 14 report in the NYT that said: "[M]embers of Trump's presidential campaign and other Trump associates had repeated contacts with senior Russian intelligence officials in the year before the election."

In his speech before the members of the Conference of Presidents of Major Jewish American Organizations , Reuven Rivlin said that Israel has three overriding foreign policy concerns: "Number 1: Relations with America. Number 2: Relations with America. Number 3: Relations with America."


H.R. McMaster is wrong about radical Islamic terrorism

President Trump's newly appointed NAS, Lt. Gen. H. R. McMaster "told his staff that Muslims who commit terrorist acts are perverting their religion" and "that the label ‘radical Islamic terrorism' was not helpful because terrorists are ‘un-Islamic,'" thereby rejecting the viewpoint of President Trump and many of his senior advisors.

FSM video  picks + 2012 site

·  "Go Get 'Em": President George W. Bush Says ISIS Can Be Degraded and Defeated

·  O'Reilly: 'It's War' Between Trump and the Press
·  Speaker Paul Ryan to Reporter: "Dude Stop Yelling!"
·  President Trump Leads a Listening Session with Health Insurance Company CEOs
·  Senator Tom Cotton Schools NBC's Chuck Todd About Relying Too Much on Anonymous Sources

Monday's White House Daily Briefing: Press Secretary Sean Spicer (02-27-2017)


Confused by fake news? Get the real story here: Sean Spicer full press briefing.

( Sean Spicer Defends Contact with Federal Officials Over Media Report on Russia White House Spokesman Sean Spicer defends his decision to contact federal officials to "knock down" New York Times stories on possible Trump campaign connections to Russia. He quotes an unnamed FBI official who told him the Times story from February 15 was "B.S." )


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