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"Why I am In America Fighting For Free Speech"


Is this the greatest threat to America?

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Is This the Greatest Threat
to America?

Part One of Two Parts, by Guy Rodgers
Executive Director,
ACT! for America

Dear Solsticewitch13,

This may be one of the most important emails we have ever sent
Please make the time to read this one as well as part two
tomorrow. When you do, you’ll understand why.

The ACT! for America
mission is an ambitious one – to combat the threat of radical Islam to
America in whatever forms that threat may take. This is why we focus on
everything from combating terrorism to resisting cultural jihad. If we
successfully prevent terrorism, but fail to prevent the subversion of our
society resulting from cultural or stealth jihad, we have not successfully
stopped the threat of radical Islam. If we prevent the assault of stealth
jihad, but are successfully targeted by major terrorist acts, we have also
been unsuccessful in stopping the threat of radical Islam.

This is why the threat of radical Islam is so serious.

And the threat
of an Islamist regime or terrorist organization attacking us with an
electromagnetic pulse (EMP) attack, triggered by a nuclear detonation
above our atmosphere, may well be the most serious threat of all.

Over the past several months we have sent out several emails
reporting on this threat, how an EMP attack could knock out much of our
power grid, as well as our communications infrastructure, transportation,
banking and finance – in short, every infrastructure dependent on
electrical power and electronics.

The potential devastation is so
great that even some of our members have emailed us with questions asking
“could this possibly happen?”

The answer, unfortunately, and
frighteningly, is yes. This is not Guy Rodgers talking, or ACT! for
America. This is the conclusion of the national Commission to Assess the
Threat to the United States from Electromagnetic Pulse (EMP) Attack.

The members of this commission are a “who’s who” in aerospace,
communications, energy, defense, and nuclear weapons fields. One year ago
this little-known Commission released a report of its findings on the
impact of an EMP attack on our national infrastructures (

In the Preface of this 2008 report we read:

“A single EMP attack may seriously
degrade or shut down a large part of the electric power grid in the
geographic area of EMP exposure effective

In Chapter Two we read:

“…the cascading effects from even one or two relatively small weapons exploded
in optimum location in space at present would almost certainly shut down
an entire interconnected electrical power system, perhaps affecting as
much as 70% or possibly more of the United States, all in an instant…”
(p. 19).

Imagine a collapse of 70% or more of our
nation’s electrical grid. Imagine that this collapse didn’t last for a few
days, such as occurs after a blackout or a storm, but lasted for weeks –
even months. Imagine life without any electrical power for weeks, even

I have lived through the aftermath of a hurricane, where
electricity was knocked out for days. If you’ve never experienced
something like this, it’s hard to appreciate how much everything we do is
dependent on electricity. It’s more than the lights going out and the air
conditioning not working.

You can’t refrigerate food. Unless you
have a natural gas or propane grill (or a lot of charcoal), you can’t cook
food. The water supply is unreliable at best. You can’t get gasoline to
run your car. You can’t get money from an ATM. You can’t get health care
or buy a prescription. Telecommunications are severely limited. You might
be able to make a cell phone call but it’s unlikely you could make a
landline phone call. Unless you have a battery-operated radio, you can’t
get news or information. If the weather is cold you won’t have heat. If
the weather is hot you swelter.

Those of us who have lived through
this knew that help was on the way. That, in time, electricity trucks from
outside our area would roll in to help restore power. That emergency food
supplies would soon be shipped in.

What would happen to us if
there was no one “outside our area” who could come with help? What would
happen to is if we were forced to live without electricity, not for days,
but for months? And not just us, but the vast majority of people
throughout the country?

This is not mere speculation, hyperbole or sci-fi fantasy.

The implications of this are, candidly, terrifying
– and, I agree, almost unimaginable. It will not be necessary for an enemy
of ours to launch numerous nuclear weapons at us in order to destroy or at
least seriously cripple us. As the Commission report notes, the explosion
of “one or two relatively small weapons” could shut down most of the
nation’s power grid.

Such an electrical failure would impact and
disrupt everything in our society. Who would police our streets to prevent
lawlessness like we saw in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina? What would
you do when you ran out of food and water? Who could come to help us when
virtually everyone in the country was suffering the same fate? Who would
defend us from an invasion by a foreign army – and how would our
government even know such an army was coming?

It is difficult to imagine or describe the chaos that would ensue, but as the Commission’s
report notes, it is likely millions and millions of people would die if
the power outage was not solved in a short period of time. Picture scenes
from the worst apocalyptic film you can think of.

In other words, a country like Iran, with only a few nuclear weapons strategically
launched for optimum effect, would send us hurtling back to the early
18th century – but without the ability those in the
18th century had to manage their lives without electricity.

The threat of EMP is not new. According to a
(EMP Awareness Coordination Task Force), in 1999 a
Russian committee chairman made this chilling statement to a delegation of
the U.S. House of Representatives Armed Services Committee:

“Hypothetically, if Russia really
wanted to hurt the United States…Russia could…detonate a single nuclear
warhead at high-altitude over the United States. The resulting
electromagnetic pulse would massively disrupt U.S. communications and
computer systems, shutting down everything.”

More ominously, the EMPACT publication
opened with a description of what appears to be an actual instance of an
EMP attack caused by a nuclear weapon detonation:

1962, deep in a cold war with the Soviet Union, the United States
conducted 'Starfish Prime,' a nuclear weapon test over a remote region
of the Pacific Ocean. The test was successful, with one unexpected
result: Fifteen hundred kilometers away in Hawaii streetlights burned
out, TV sets and radios failed and power lines

North Korea continues to conduct missile
launches and develop nuclear weapons. We know that North Korea is
assisting Iran in its drive to develop nuclear weapons AND the missile
technology with which to launch them, and that Iran has joined North Korea
in conducting missile launches to test its technology. The signs couldn’t
be clearer.

We also know that many of the leaders of Iran believe
that worldwide chaos must occur to set the stage for the reappearance of
the 12th Imam. As Iranian President Ahmadinejad proclaimed
“Our revolution’s main mission is to pave the way for the reappearance of the
12th Imam, the Mahdi.” It is difficult to envision a more
effective way to create massive chaos – in America, in Israel, and in
Europe – than through the strategic launch and detonation of a small
number of nuclear weapons that trigger an EMP attack.

must awaken to the reality of the threat of an EMP attack before it’s too
late to prevent it from happening. Perhaps such an EMP attack wouldn’t
occur after the detonation of a high-altitude nuke. Perhaps. Are you
willing to go about your daily life in the hope that it won’t? In the
chance that it won’t?

We’re not. That’s why ACT! for America is
developing a plan to mobilize Americans to action this year.
As the
Commission report states, it’s not too late to prevent this from
happening, but there are actions America must take sooner rather than
later to head off an EMP-triggered apocalypse.

We cannot
dismiss this threat and we must not succumb to fear. We as a nation can
effectively prepare to prevent the threat, if we have the will to act.

Tomorrow, in Part Two of this special series, I will examine
more closely how our enemies perceive the possibility of an EMP attack
against us, and what they are doing to make it a reality. I urge you to
forward this email and the one tomorrow to everyone you know.

Guy Rodgers is Executive Director of ACT! for America,


ACT for America

P.O. Box 12765
Pensacola, FL 32591

ACT for America is an issues
advocacy organization dedicated to effectively organizing and mobilizing
the most powerful grassroots citizen action network in America, a
grassroots network committed to informed and coordinated civic action that
will lead to public policies that promote America’s national security and
the defense of American democratic values against the assault of radical
We are only as strong as our supporters, and your volunteer and financial
support is essential to our success. Thank you for helping us make America
safer and more secure.

Send a personalized version of this message to your

Click here to give an online donation.

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Rubin in Bitterlemons Int'l: "Just the beginning"

Middle East Forum
April 30, 2009

Just the beginning

by Michael
Bitterlemons International
April 30, 2009

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President Barack Obama has made outreach to the Islamic
Republic of Iran a foreign policy centerpiece of his administration. At
his inauguration, he promised that if US adversaries would unclench their
fists the United States would extend a hand. Then, in his first major
television interview, he told al-Arabiya satellite TV, "It is important
for us to be willing to talk to Iran, to express very clearly where our
differences are, but [also] where there are potential avenues for
progress. And we will over the next several months be laying out our
general framework and approach."

He has. US diplomats have sought out their Iranian
counterparts at international forums and agreed to meet Iranian officials
without precondition. On March 20, Obama released a Nowruz greeting in
which, without precedent, he declared, "The United States wants the
Islamic Republic of Iran to take its rightful place in the community of
nations," implicitly recognizing the current government as the legitimate
representative of the Iranian people.

Obama believes in born-again diplomacy -- that whether with
Iran, the Palestinian-Israeli conflict, North Korea or Russia it is
possible to forget the past and start anew. Alas, the world does not
revolve around Obama nor has the reason for the poor state of US-Iran
relations been simply lack of past effort.

Every US president has sought rapprochement with the Islamic
Republic. US diplomats remained in Tehran throughout the revolution, first
by choice and later, of course, as hostages. It is ironic that President
Jimmy Carter's desire to engage sparked the embassy seizure, as Iranian
radicals responded to the perceived threat of rapprochement symbolized by
National Security Advisor Zbigniew Brzezinski's handshake with Prime
Minister Mehdi Bazargan by storming the compound to disrupt that process.
Nevertheless, Carter allowed the Islamic Republic to retain its embassy in
Washington for five more months, hoping to keep open a possibility for

The Reagan administration also sought relations, even
sending former National Security Advisor Robert "Bud" McFarlane to Tehran.
Speaking at the University of Tehran on December 9, 2008, former President
Ali Akbar Hashemi Rafsanjani ridiculed the attempt, recalling how,
"McFarlane came here and our authorities were not willing to talk to him.
Only our second and third rate authorities talked to him." McFarlane
returned empty-handed.

Twenty years ago, there was again hope for change. The
Iran-Iraq war had ended, Ayatollah Rohallah Khomeini was dead and Hashemi
Rafsanjani, lauded as a pragmatist in the West, won the presidency. "I
don't want to...think that the status quo has to go on forever," President
George H.W. Bush told a press conference shortly after his

President Bill Clinton, too, reached out to the Islamic
Republic, even authorizing Secretary of State Madeleine Albright to engage
her Iranian counterpart in a one-on-one meeting, an opportunity lost when
Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei, shortly before the rendezvous, ordered
Foreign Minister Kamal Kharazi not to show.

And despite President George W. Bush branding Tehran as part
of the Axis of Evil -- a mild comment compared to near daily Iranian calls
for America's demise -- there was greater engagement with Tehran under
Bush than under any administration since Carter's. Alas, whether in Iraq
or Afghanistan, the White House discovered that Iranian diplomats either
did not speak for the Revolutionary Guards or did not keep their

So where does this leave Obama? There is an unfortunate
dynamic in Washington in which new administrations fault predecessors
rather than adversaries for failure to engage productively. No matter what
their preconceptions before entering the Oval Office, however, all
presidents discover they are powerless to resolve differences with Tehran
when Iran's leadership does not desire it. Hence, while the presidents or
foreign ministers of countries like Bolivia, Eritrea and Senegal, let
alone Hamas leaders, receive audiences with the Supreme Leader, the
Iranian leadership refuses to allow US diplomats even to set foot in
Tehran. And while journalists and academics applaud Obama's overtures,
they too often ignore the Iranian response, for example Khamenei's Apr.
15, 2009 speech at Imam Hossein University where he declared, "The
recommendation to return to the global order is the same as capitulating
to the bullying powers and accepting the unjust world order."

The Islamic Republic is an ideological entity. It roots
sovereignty not in the will of its citizens but upon the notion that the
supreme leader acts as a place holder for the Hidden Imam. As a system it
has failed. Iran's economy is in tatters and the regime preserves power
through the ever more pervasive Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps.

To deflect responsibility for failure, it pays to have an
enemy to rally masses around the flag. Iran's leadership has determined
that the United States -- the "Great Satan" -- is it. Meaningful
rapprochement would mean the regime's demise. Rather than work to improve
relations with the US, therefore, Iranian authorities, either directly or
by proxy, impose ever more obstacles. Alas, Ahmadinezhad's recent speech
at Geneva and the arrest of Roxanna Saberi are just the beginning.

, editor of the
Middle East Quarterly, is a
resident scholar at the American
Enterprise Institute
and a senior lecturer at the Naval Postgraduate

Related Topics: Iran, US policy Michael

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The Middle East

The Latest from National Terror Alert Response Center

Torture Tape Delays U.S.-UAE Nuclear Deal

Posted: 30 Apr 2009 01:03 AM PDT

A videotape of a heinous torture session is delaying the ratification of a

civil nuclear deal between the United Arab Emirates and the United

States, senior U.S. officials familiar with the case said.

In the tape, an Afghan grain dealer is seen being tortured by a member of

the royal family of Abu Dhabi, one of the UAE’s seven emirates.

The senior U.S. officials said the administration has held off on the ratification

process because it believes sensitivities over the story can hurt its passage.
The tape emerged in a federal civil lawsuit filed in Houston, Texas, by Bassam

Nabulsi, a U.S. citizen, against Sheikh Issa bin Zayed al Nahyan. Former

business partners, the men had a falling out, in part over the tape. In a

statement to CNN, the sheikh’s U.S. attorney said Nabulsi is using the

videotape to influence the court over a business dispute.


Video Link

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Swine Flu - Mexico Shuts Government Says Pandemic Imminent

Posted: 30 Apr 2009 12:55 AM PDT

Mexico’s president told citizens on Wednesday to stay home for a five-day

partial shutdown of the economy, after the World Health Organization raised

its alert level and said a swine flu pandemic was imminent.

In his first televised address since the crisis erupted last week, President

Felipe Calderon told Mexicans to stay home with their families. The country

will suspend non-essential work and services, including some government

ministries, from May 1-5.

“There is no safer place than your own home to avoid being infected with the

flu virus,” Calderon said.

Mexico is taking the drastic step after another 17 deaths were potentially linked

to swine flu, bringing the total to as many as 176.

Essential services such as transport, supermarkets, trash collection and hospitals

will remain open.


Swine Flu News Updates

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Container Carrying Swine Flu Virus Explodes On Swiss Train

Posted: 29 Apr 2009 06:02 PM PDT

A container for transporting swine flu virus samples exploded on a Swiss

train, authorities said Tuesday, but stressed that there was no danger to the

The container, which was filled with dry ice and carried samples of the H1N1

swine flu virus and was destined for Switzerland’s national influenza centre in
Geneva, exploded Monday night on board a train.

A laboratory employee had picked up the samples in Zurich to transport them

by train to Geneva, but the package exploded near Fribourg and Lausanne, after
melting dry ice, which had been wrongly placed, caused a build-up of pressure.

Two people suffered slight injuries, police confirmed, but authorities stressed there

was no danger for the public as the virus was not the mutated strain which is
suspected to have caused up to 149 deaths in Mexico.

The train was halted for several hours and the 61 passengers on board the

affected carriage monitored until an infection could be completely ruled out,
police said.


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Swine Flu - Pandemic Alert level Raised To 5

Posted: 29 Apr 2009 01:58 PM PDT

The World Health Organization raised its pandemic alert to 5, its second-highest

level Wednesday, indicating the outbreak of swine flu that originated in Mexico
is nearing widespread human infection.

Dr. Margaret Chan, the U.N. agency’s director-general, said the decision means

that all countries should “immediately” activate pandemic preparedness plans.

"This change to a higher phase of alert is a signal to governments, to ministries

of health and other ministries, to the pharm industry and the business community
that certain actions now should be
taken with increased urgency and at an

accelerated pace,” Chan said.

The announcement came as the number of people infected with swine flu increased rapidly across the world, and health officials scrambled to get more information
about the virus — which has no vaccine.

Phase 5 alert means there is sustained human to human spread in at least two

countries. It also signals that efforts to produce a vaccine will be ramped up.


Swine Flu News

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Swine Flu - First U.S. Death Is Reported

Posted: 29 Apr 2009 06:22 AM PDT

American authorities confirmed the first death outside of Mexico from swine

flu on Wednesday, as the number of confirmed cases of the disease continued to
rise in Europe.

President Obama, in a morning news conference, called on local authorities to

be vigilant in reporting new suspected cases, and called on schools to consider

closing temporarily if a confirmed case was reported among its students.


Dr. Richard Besser, acting director of the Centers for Disease Control and

Prevention, said Wednesday in an interview with CNN that the first American

death of the disease was a 23-month-old child in Texas.

He gave no other details about the child. The death was confirmed by President

Obama, who said his “thoughts and prayers” were with the child’s family.


Swine Flu News Updates

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