Saturday, April 30, 2011

R. Ibrahim in FPM: 'Islam's Christian Scapegoats'

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Islam's Christian Scapegoats

by Raymond Ibrahim

April 29, 2011

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After mentioning the sort of atrocities Christians in Pakistan suffer—including being killed by "blasphemy" laws, constantly "abused in public and harassed in the street by groups of Muslim youths," ostracized and impoverished by the government—a recent Fox News report reminds us that Christian persecution is further exacerbated by anti-Americanism:

Pakistan's dispossessed and dispirited Christians

Life on any given day for Pakistani Christians is difficult. But members of Pakistan's Christian community say now they're being persecuted for U.S. drone attacks on Islamic militants hiding on the border with Afghanistan. The minority, which accounts for an estimated one percent of the country's 170 million population, says because its faith is strongly associated with America, it is targeted by Muslims. When America does a drone strike, they come and blame us, Faisal Massi, a 25-year old student from Sau Quarter, a Christian colony in Islamabad. They think we belong to America. It's a simple mentality.

Not only is it a "simple mentality"—indeed, Muslim tradition holds that "All infidels are one religion"—it's also a convenient one, whereby Muslims avenge themselves on the "strong infidel" (the "Christian" West) by attacking the "weak infidel" (Christian minorities living under Islam).

Examples of this approach are many: years ago, when Pope Benedict quoted history deemed unflattering to Islam, anti-Christian riots ensued, churches were burned, and a nun was murdered in Somalia; weeks ago, when a fringe American pastor burned a Koran, dozens of U.N. aid workers were killed by Muslims in Afghanistan, some beheaded.

Consider Iraq: its persecuted Christians are being targeted in part "over their religious ties with the West." Even last year's Baghdad church attack, wherein over fifty Christians were butchered, was in "retaliation" to absurd accusations against the Coptic church; the al-Qaeda affiliated perpetrators went so far as to threaten all Christians around the world as "legitimate targets for the mujahedeen (holy warriors) wherever they can reach them." (Bold as that sounds, the clause "wherever they can reach them" is a reminder that it is the Islamic world's accessible, vulnerable Christians who will continue to be targeted.)

This phenomenon—attacking one set of Christians in response to another—has roots in Islamic law. The Pact of Omar, a foundational text for Islam's treatment of dhimmis (i.e., non-Muslims who refused to convert after their lands were seized by Islam) makes this clear. The consequences of breaking any of the debilitating and humiliating conditions Christians were made to accept in order to be granted a degree of surety by the Muslim state were stark: "If we in any way violate these undertakings … we forfeit our covenant, and we become liable to the penalties for contumacy and sedition"—penalties that include enslavement, rape, and death. Moreover, the actions of the individual affect the entire group: everyone is under threat to ensure that everyone behaves. As Mark Durie points out,

Even a breach by a single individual dhimmi could result in jihad being enacted against the whole community. Muslim jurists have made this principle explicit, for example, the Yemeni jurist al-Murtada wrote that "The agreement will be canceled if all or some of them break it" and the Moroccan al-Maghili taught "The fact that one individual (or one group) among them has broken the statute is enough to invalidate it for all of them" (The Third Choice, p.160).

Accordingly, months ago, when a Christian man in Egypt was accused of dating a Muslim woman, twenty-two Christian homes were set ablaze to cries of "Allahu Akbar." Days ago, when Muslims made false accusations against a Copt, one Christian was killed and ten hospitalized, an old woman was thrown out of her second floor balcony, Christian homes, shops, fields, and livestock were plundered and torched—to cries of "Allahu Akbar," per a report aptly titled "Collective Punishment of Egyptian Christians."

Thus, as the world shrinks—and as Muslims continue to conflate the West with Christianity—the reasons to persecute Islam's Christians grow: ethnicity and geography no longer matter; shared religion, even if nominal, makes all "Christians" liable for one another. A dhimmi is a dhimmi is a dhimmi. And if it's more convenient to punish the Muslim world's defenseless Christians in response to the West, so be it—even if the latter remains oblivious or indifferent.

Raymond Ibrahim is associate director of the Middle East Forum

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Friday, April 29, 2011

Stopping Al-Jazeera in the U.S.

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April 29, 2011

Stopping Al-Jazeera’s expansion into the U.S.!

Cliff Kincaid to Speak at ACT! National Conference

Accuracy in Media (AIM) Director, prolific author and frequent guest on Fox News to deliver warning on the expansion of Al-Jazeera television in the United States.

We are pleased to announce that Cliff Kincaid, president of America’s Survival, Inc. (ASI) and the director of Accuracy in Media (AIM), the oldest media watchdog group in the United States, will be a featured speaker during our upcoming National Conference in Washington, DC.

Register for the national conference here

You will no doubt recognize Cliff from his frequent visits on Fox News as he monitors and reports on examples of media bias on behalf of Accuracy in Media.

Through his work with America’s Survival Inc., Cliff has conducted exhaustive investigative research on the expansion of the Middle East funded Al-Jazeera television network within the United States—research which led him to publicly speak out on the network and the danger it presents to America.

His presentation is titled “Why We Must Stop Al-Jazeera” and will no doubt both alarm and inspire you to take action.

Read an example of Cliff’s research on Al-Jazeera here

ACT! for America’s National Conference and Legislative briefing is June 22-24, 2011, in Washington, DC. Cliff joins a stellar lineup of speakers:

  • Gala banquet keynote speaker Rep. Allen West.
  • John Guandolo, former FBI agent and subject matter expert on the Muslim Brotherhood
  • Andrew Bostom, noted historian and author of the book Legacy of Jihad
  • Erick Stakelbeck, host of CBN’s “Stakelbeck on Terror” and author of the book The Terrorist Next Door: How the Government is Deceiving You About the Islamist Threat

Add to this our cruise on the Potomac River, legislative briefing with key Members of Congress, our luncheon on Capitol Hill, and our gala banquet, and this promises to be an event people will be talking about for a long time!


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A Picture of Dualism

A Picture of Dualism

April 29, 2011

The most difficult thing to understand about Islam is discerning the mixed message we keep hearing. The government, media and professors talk about a wonderful Islam that is a blessing to humanity and America, in particular. This Islam is so wonderful that anyone who resists it is a bigot, a hater, an Islamophobe. But there is another Islam that lurks in the background—violence, rape, lies, deception, and ever increasing Muslim immigration.

So which is it? Is Islam a blessing or a curse? More importantly, what is the basis for making such a decision? There is one and only one basis for making any judgment about Islam—its doctrine. That basis is not the opinions of TV commentators, the newspaper, the professor, or even the Islamic scholar or imam. The only basis for any factual statement about Islam comes from the Koran and the Sunna, the perfect model of Mohammed’s actions and words. The Sunna is found in the Hadith, the traditions of Mohammed, and the Sira, his biography.

What does Islamic doctrine tell us about wonderful and warlike? Oddly enough, it tells that both are true.

The first place to look for violence is to see what Islamic doctrine says about jihad.

In Mecca, the texts have nothing to say about jihad. So in Mecca we have a peaceful Islam, but in Medina we have violence. Both the Sira and Hadith confirm the peaceful nature of Islam in Mecca and its unlimited violence in Medina.

We read a lot about Islamic Jew-hatred, but the rabbis love to go and “dialogue” with Muslim leaders. At these dialogues, the Jews are told how they are “brothers” to the Muslims. But, later we hear the war cry:

Khaybar, Khaybar, oh you Jews! The army of Mohammed is here for you!

Which is it? Is Islam a Jew lover or a Jew hater? Look at the data:

With the Jews, we see the same dualistic picture. In Mecca, most of the Koran is positive about them; Mohammed is presented as the final prophet of the Jews. In Medina, he annihilated every single Jew in Medina.

When Mohammed was in Mecca, he preached the religion of Islam and converted 150 Arabs to Islam. When he went to Medina he became a politician and warrior and converted an average of 10,000 per year to Islam. See the graph below. Which is the real Mohammed? Is he a peaceful preacher or a violent warrior?

Look at the Koran. In Mecca the Koran is about religion and hymns to god. In Medina the Koran becomes a vision statement of universal, eternal jihad. The Koran gives a rule, called abrogation, to resolve the problem. The later verse is stronger or better than the earlier verse. But, notice that the earlier verse is still true, because it came from the perfect Allah. Allah cannot ever be wrong.

To summarize:















The Polarities of Islam

Which is the true nature of Islam? Mecca and Medina contradict each other. One solution to this problem is to see Islam as a process and the Meccan phase is simply the first stage of development. This is true, but it does not explain how Meccan Islam does not go away, but co-exists with Medinan Islam.

The complete answer is that Koran is perfect in every way. So the peace of Mecca is just as true as the violence of Medina. In Western logic, if two things contradict each other, then at least one of them is false. But in Islam, both sides of the c0ntradiction are true at the same time. Hence, Islam is dualistic.

Is Islam peaceful? Yes.

Is Islam violent? Yes.

What is the true nature of Islam? It is peaceful and it is violent. It is peaceful when it needs to be and violent when it that is the best option.

Dualism is Islam’s greatest strength. It gives every apologist a reason to believe in peaceful Islam and every jihadist a basis to murder Kafirs (non-Muslims).

Bill Warner, Director, Center for the Study of Political Islam


copyright (c) CBSX, LLC,

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Nashville, TN 37203

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