Monday, October 31, 2011

10-31-11:Islamists Establishing "Guilt" Through Lies [Plus - U.S. Bankrolls Pakistani Sesame Street]

"Abolish House and Senate salaries and all special, protected perks and privileges, and pay Senators and Congressmen on a per diem basis, for the expenses incurred in getting to Washington to represent their constituencies as briefly as possible; grant them closely audited meal allowances and board at a Super 8 Motel."

The Occupy Wall Street's Declaration of Dependence

by Edward Cline

The Occupy Wall Street mob began with no real aims other than a collection of gripes and grievances. Now, they are controlled by the Left who want nothing less than power.
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1. VIDEO: Undercover investigation exposes major security breach at Major U.S. Airport...The whistleblower said, "If I were some crazy lunatic, or Osama bin Laden sympathizer, I can come in and put anything on this plane."
2. $20,000,000 of Taxpayer Monies ... U.S. Bankrolls Pakistani Sesame Street
3. A Halloween Boo to UNICEF
4. VIDEO: Atheist Group Takes Down Billboard with Inaccurate Anti-Christian Jefferson Quote
5. 'Occupying' The Classrooms
6. VIDEO: U.S, Tunnel Vision Strengthening Jihad against America ... Al Qaeda Down, Not Out ...
7. VIDEO: #OccupyDenver Thugs Knock Motorcycle Police Officer To Ground
8. VIDEO: Maria Bartiromo Interview: Nancy Pelosi Defends ObamaCare Waivers: ‘They're Small Companies'
9. VIDEO: Convicted Terrorist Inspires #OccupyPhilly Crowd
10. VIDEO: Businesswoman closes shop after threats by Occupy San Diego moochers

Islamists Establishing "Guilt" Through Lies

Gadi Adelman

Counter-terrorist writers are called "Islamophobes" for stating facts about Islamism, and now the left wing media attacks them for offending Islamist groups such as CAIR.

Beyond the Arab Spring Lies Winter

John W. Miller

Earlier in the year, the turmoil in the Arab world was welcomed by Western media who saw revolution as a call for democracy. That dream is fast becoming a nightmare.

Palestinian Arab Aggression Will Never End

Victor Sharpe

If proof were ever needed of the viciousness of Palestinian attitudes to Israel, the weekend rocket attacks from Gaza into civilian areas of Israel demonstrate their unending hate.

Today's Hot Topics

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Sinaloa Cartel And Zetas Now Mexico's Biggest Drug Gangs

Allan Wall

Amongst the varying cartels and gangs involved in the increasingly violent Mexican drug trade, two groups have grown to overshadow the others.

Media Coverage of China is Overlooking Significant Stories

Roger Aronoff

China continues interfering with satellites, bullying its smaller neighbors and manipulating global currency markets, but the mainstream media mostly seems to ignore its activities.

The Sharia-Math Of Women's Divorce Rights

Hasan Mahmud

An extract from a forthcoming book on Radical Islam exposes how "Sharia" has warped Islamic divorce. Despite widespread misconceptions, women can be allowed to divorce, and they do have rights to property.

Whither the IDF?

Caroline Glick

The Israeli Defense Forces were once concerned with protecting Israel and its people; one former regional commander now says IDF should be evicting Israeli settlers from their homes.

Our Libyan Adventure

Qaddafi's dictatorship was preferable to an Islamist Libya.

Andrew C. McCarthy

The barbarism with which Libya's rebels attacked Qaddafi and his supporters reflects the violence that is required to implement an Islamist state. Libya will be worse than it was...

WMD: Terrorists Join Organized Crime in Trafficking of Nuclear, Biological Materials

Jim Kouri, CPP

Weapons of mass destruction continue to be trafficked by terrorists, assisted by organized crime gangs.

Drone Aircraft to Augment Southern Border Security

Immigration News Update

Drone aircraft will be purchased to assist border surveillance, and environmental protection laws at the border prevent federal agents from operating effectively.

Daily Beast's McKay Coppins Substitutes for CAIR to Incite Against Phares

Jed Ipsen

Why does the Daily Beast refuse to publish a response to inaccurate charges leveled on their site against national security expert Dr. Walid Phares?

Quote of the Day - October 31, 2011

FSM: Quote of the Day

How many Americans support "Americanism" today

Where are the Muslim Brotherhood and the Obama Administration Taking America?

Dr. Essam Abdallah

A liberal Egyptian intellectual blasts the Obama Administration/Muslim Brotherhood alliance.

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October 31, 2011

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