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Dear 10News readers
New Year wishes from 10News:
May the current crisis related to Islam and Muslim immigration make people strong, wise and active for the benefit of others.
May Wilders and Le Pen win the elections in Holland and France - and may Alternative für Deutschland have a land slide.
May the UN, possibly inspired by Trump, turn against the spread of Sharia.
May the EU transform into an effective organisation protecting Europe's borders and helping member states to cooperate and pool their forces to optimize security and the proces of deportations of illegal and criminal migrants and refugees.

Happy New Year!
10News Team

Interview with psychologist who water boarded 9/11 mastermind: What is the terrorists’ plan and methods?

James Elmer Mitchell (born 1952) is a psychologist and former member of the United States Air Force. In 2002, after his retirement from the military, his company Mitchell Jessen and Associates received $81 million as part of its contract from the CIA to develop so-called “enhanced interrogation techniques”, or torture (water boarding).
This is very interesting - watch here.

Leader of German police: German laws prevent us from stopping terrorists

Europol countries fail to communicate and exchange information about terrorists, and legislation makes it impossible to jail or deport criminal refugees.

Watch the stunning interview here.


Berlin: 7 refugees set sleeping, homeless man on fire

Video of the suspects here.
Via The Mirror:
“Police in Berlin have arrested seven migrants who are accused of setting a homeless man on fire in an underground station in the German city.
The alleged attack occurred as the 37-year-old man was sleeping on a platform bench at Schönleinstraße U-Bahn station on Christmas Eve.
Detectives launched an attempted murder investigation after the suspects – seven men aged 15 to 21 – allegedly set fire to the victim’s clothes.
Six of the men are from Syria and one is from Libya, said police, who announced the arrests after releasing CCTV footage in an attempt to identify the suspects.”

Raising Generation Jihad in the UK: 60 children sent to government anti-terrorism programme every week

“Sixty children are referred to the Government’s controversial Prevent counter-terrorism programme every week, new figures have shown.
The figures show that in 2015/16 there were around 7,500 referrals to Prevent – a rate of 20 a day.
Of those, 3,100 were aged under 18 – with 61 of them under 10 years of age.
Prevent has been credited with playing a role in disrupting more than 150 attempted journeys to the conflicts in Iraq and Syria, and is also handling a growing number of cases linked to far-right extremism.”

UK terror expert: Germany has 7,000 “terror suspects”

Under Merkel, Germany has – again – become a real threat to Europe.
Via The Mirror:
“Germany is finding it ‘almost impossible’ to keep track of around 7,000 potential terror suspects in the country, a former British intelligence chief has warned.
Richard Barrett, who was head of counter-terrorism at MI6, said the authorities were finding the number of ‘live’ cases unmanageable.
The grim assessment came as German security services face difficult questions following the Berlin Christmas market massacre.”

BREXIT bonus: Britain will gain £24 billion per year after EU exit, new report

Besides all the money, they will also regain their democratic freedom from leaving the EU.
• Brexit: The Movie
Via Express:
“The Brexit campaign group Change Britain has produced a report showing that “a conservative estimate” of the benefits of leaving the EU is £24 billion a year.
The report makes a mockery of attempts by Remoaners led by Lib Dem former deputy prime minister Nick Clegg, ex-Labour leadership candidate Chuka Umunna and Tory former minister Anna Soubry for Britain to be kept in the EU by the backdoor.
The Remoaner group are pushing for the UK to remain members of the single market and customs union, which means the country would still be under Brussels rule but without a seat at the decision table.
The Change Britain group said that leaving the EU properly including the single market and customs union – which
it describes as “clean Brexit” – is likely to deliver annual savings of almost £10.4 billion from contributions to the EU budget and £1.2 billion from scrapping “burdensome” regulations, while allowing the UK to forge new trade deals worth £12.3 billion.
The group said its estimate was “very conservative” and that the benefits of withdrawal from the single market and customs union could be as much as £38.6 billion a year.
Even the lowest forecast within its range of likely outcomes was a boost of £20 billion. Change Britain added that the biggest prize on offer was in potential trade agreements outside the EU which Britain could strike if it left the customs union, which requires it to take part only in deals negotiated by the European Commission. …
Leaving the single market would allow Britain to scrap 59 of the 100 most burdensome regulations on business, saving more than £4 billion, said Change Britain.”

UK report: 12 million more migrants will arrive in 25 years without “hard Brexit”

A hard Brexit will likely be well received by the Queen, given her views about Muslim migration. A BBC political editor reported this week that the Queen stated: “I don’t see why we can’t just get out. What’s the problem?” Back in June, the Queen accused EU Courts of denigrating Britain by “protecting terrorists,” and asked dinner guests: “‘Give me THREE good reasons’ to remain inside the European Union.”
Via Express:
“Figures showed that annual net migration to the UK from EU countries would be unlikely to fall below 155,000 in the “medium term” if the country stays in the EU’s Single Market.
And the Government’s ability to reduce the influx will be “extremely limited” as long as the EU’s free movement rules remain in force.
The disturbing forecast of near-record levels of migration for years ahead was set out in a report from the population think tank Migration Watch. It was being seen last night as a devastating blow to campaigners for a so-called “soft Brexit” that retain the UK’s full Single Market membership. …
‘An increase of anything like 12 million in just 25 years is, quite simply, unacceptable to the British public and certainly not what they voted for in the referendum.’
Tory MP Philip Hollobone said: “Migration Watch’s forecasts have always been thoroughly reliable and are the best we are going to get from anyone.
“The picture they paint is completely unacceptable.
‘We simply can’t stay in the Single Market if it means we are going to get that sort of level of immigration.'”

Kosovan ISIS General Back in Europe with an army of 400 devout Muslims

(Photo above: Lavdrim Muhaxheri – trained by NATO, now a Islamic State general – hiding in Europe with his 400 man strong army)
Thanks to Bill Clinton and NATO, Europe now have an Islamic country, Kosovo. Here terrorists hide and prepare to fight Europeans.
Via Daily Mail:
“An ISIS general once pictured decapitating a prisoner is back in Europe with up to 400 of his most trusted soldiers after fleeing the war zone in Syria, it has been claimed.
Ex-NATO soldier Lavdrim Muhaxheri and his men are among thousands who have fled after ISIS suffered devastating losses in war-torn Syria, according to sources in the Italian intelligence services.
Many of the fighters are feared to have disguised themselves as refugees in order to cross borders to get into Europe without being identified, according to information leaked from the spying agency.
Muhaxheri, also known as Abu Abdullah al Kosova, is not only a Kosovo Albanian ISIS leader but also one of the most public figures because of his foreign roots and his efforts to recruit other foreign jihadi fighters.
He left for Syria in late 2012 and has appeared in several propaganda videos, calling Albanians to join jihad, and has uploaded photographs of himself appearing to decapitate a man, as well as a video where he kills a captive with a rocket.
On September 24, 2014, the US State Department designated Muhaxheri as a global terrorist.
Italian newspaper ‘L’Espresso’, quoting the intelligence services, said that between 300 and 400 members of the Islamic ‘caliphate’ had come to Kosovo with him.”

48 stains of semen found after refugee gang rape mother of two

(Photo above: Rafi Bahaduri, translator for the Swedish state and one of the accused gang rapists)
Translated from Fria Tider:
The Swedish mother of two was gang-raped to the sound of laughter and joyful shouts by at least nine refugees at a refugee camp in Småland Mariannelund, Sweden. The woman was almost apathetic after the rape and still feels that she has something stuffed in the genital area. Today, the prosecutor presented the evidence, consisting of semen probes, against nine men, of whom several defends their actions against the woman.
‘She is a whore,’ says the Swedish Migration Board interpreter Bahaduri Rafi, 25, who is one of the defendants. …
Prosecutor Gunnar Brodin disclosed that forensic scientists found 48 semen stains in the refugee apartment where the gang rape took place. Inside the victim’s rectum and farther up the digestive system was recovered sperm from at least four people. In total, nine men are connected to the rape.
Besides the sadistic gang rape, which was committed by Afghan refugees, the mother of two was close to death because her airways was clogged during the rape, stated courtroom clerk Charlotte Bokelund during the trial. …
The mother of two, who have chosen to follow the trial, repeatedly felt so bad that she had to leave the courtroom to vomit.

Constitutional expert: Merkel breaks the law by opening the borders

Translated from The European:
Angela Merkel’s opening of Germany’s borders is a historical breach of the law. The eagerly awaited legal opinion of the constitutional lawyer Udo di Fabio shook political Berlin. …
The report is a hard blow for Angela Merkel. The constitutional lawyer Udo di Fabio comes to a shattering conclusion after legal examination of the current migration crisis: The federal government breaks the constitution. The report states: “Constitutional law obliges the Confederation to resume effective controls of the Federal Border if the common European border security and immigration system is temporarily or permanently disrupted”.


10News basics:
- Documentary: The Third Jihad
- Documentary: Obsession: Radical Islam's War on the West
- Bill Warner's must-read 40-page book: Sharia Law for the Non Muslim

Brigitte Gabriel's Israel Response to John Kerry

This Is the Moment for an Israeli Victory

This Is the Moment for an Israeli Victory

by Daniel Pipes
National Review Online
December 31, 2016
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The U.S.-sponsored Israeli–Palestinian "peace process" began in December 1988, when Palestinian Liberation Organization leader Yasir Arafat met American conditions and "accepted United Nations Security Council resolutions 242 and 338, recognized Israel's right to exist and renounced terrorism" (actually, given Arafat's heavily accented English, it sounded like he "renounced tourism").

It was huge news in December 1988 when Arafat said he renounced terrorism.

That peace process screeched to an end in December 2016, when the U.N. Security Council passed Resolution 2334. Khaled Abu Toameh, perhaps the best-informed analyst of Palestinian politics, interprets the resolution as telling the Palestinians: "Forget about negotiating with Israel. Just pressure the international community to force Israel to comply with the resolution and surrender up all that you demand."
As 28 years of frustration and futility clang to a sullen close, the time is nigh to ask, "What comes next?"
I propose an Israeli victory and a Palestinian defeat. That is to say, Washington should encourage Israelis to take steps that cause Mahmoud Abbas, Khaled Mashal, Saed Erekat, Hanan Ashrawi, and the rest of that crew to realize that the gig is up, that no matter how many U.N. resolutions are passed, their foul dream of eliminating the Jewish state is defunct, that Israel is permanent, strong, and tough. After the leadership recognizes this reality, the Palestinian population at large will follow, as will eventually other Arab and Muslim states, leading to a resolution of the conflict. Palestinians will gain by finally being released from a cult of death to focus instead on building their own policy, society, economy, and culture.

Time for Mahmoud Abbas (L),Khaled Mashal, and the rest of that crew to realize that the gig is up - and they lost.

While the incoming Trump administration's Middle East policies remain obscure, President-elect Trump himself vociferously opposed Resolution 2334 and has signaled (for example, by his choice of David M. Friedman as ambassador to Israel) that he is open to a dramatically new approach to the conflict, one far more favorable to Israel than Barack Obama's. With his life-long pursuit of winning ("We will have so much winning if I get elected that you may get bored with winning"), Trump would probably be drawn to an approach that has our side win and the other side lose.
Victory also suits the current mood of Israel's prime minister, Binyamin Netanyahu. He's not just furious at being abandoned in the United Nations, he has an ambitious vision of Israel's global importance. Further, his being photographed recently carrying a copy of historian John David Lewis's Nothing Less than Victory: Decisive Wars and the Lessons of History (Princeton University Press, 2010) signals that he is explicitly thinking in terms of victory in war; Lewis in his book looks at six case studies, concluding that in each of them "the tide of war turned when one side tasted defeat and its will to continue, rather than stiffening, collapsed."

Netanyahu carrying John David Lewis's "Nothing Less than Victory."

Finally, the moment is right in terms of the larger trends of regional politics. That the Obama administration effectively became an ally of the Islamic Republic of Iran scared Sunni Arab states, Saudi Arabia at the fore, into being far more realistic than ever before; needing Israel for the first time, the "Palestine" issue has lost some of its salience and Arab conceits about Israel as the arch enemy have been to some extent abandoned, creating an unprecedented potential flexibility.
For these four reasons -- Security Council Resolution 2334, Trump, Netanyahu, and Iran -- the moment is right to meet the new year and the new administration with a revamped Middle East policy, one aiming for the Palestinians to "taste defeat."
Daniel Pipes (@DanielPipes) is president of the Middle East Forum
The above text may be reposted, forwarded, or translated so long as it is presented as an integral whole with complete information about its author, date, place of publication, as well as the original URL.