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[ news] May 19, 2010 - Newslinks

May 19, 2010 - Newslinks

Thailand Civil War News:

Bangkok Post: Bangkok in shambles
-- Buildings set on fire, looting widespread / Leaders of the red shirts surrender to police / Clashes leave 2 protesters, 1 news photographer dead
-- Anarchy in Klongtoey

-- Death toll on Wednesday may rise to 16

-- Nine bodies found in Pathumwanaram Temple

-- Fires erupt at 27 spots across Bangkok

Thailand The National:
-- Fiery rage hits Bangkok

Red-shirts have not concluded their battle
-- Rioting broke out in Bangkok's business district on Wednesday night following a government crackdown on Red-shirt protesters. After looting and firebombing

Death toll from Bangkok military operation on "red shirts" reaches 15

Thailand's Red Shirt rebels flee as troops are unleashed in Bangkok

Bangkok burns with anger as protesters riot

Clashes persist in Bangkok after army rout

Thai protesters head home

-- After their surrender, anti-government protesters make their way home.

Thailand's top banks to close all Bangkok branches amidst civil unrest

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(U.S.) Americans who join militants can be targets - White House

(U.S.) Times Square Car Bomb Plot: Terrorism: Times Square suspect denied bail in New York -- Faisal Shahzad

(U.S.) Times Square Car Bomb Plot: Boston Attorney: Local Men Didn't Fund Failed Terrorism Plot

(U.S.) Times Square Car Bomb Plot: Jamaican cleric inspired Times Square bomber
Linked to UK deportee Sheikh Abdullah al-Faisal

(U.S./Pakistan) Pakistan Army Major Reportedly Arrested Over Link to NYC Bomb Suspect\05\20\story_20-5-2010_pg7_8
-- Pakistan arrests army officer linked to Times Square bomb suspect

--- The major's involvement with Faisal Shahzad remains unclear, but authorities say the two met in Islamabad and were in cellphone contact.,0,1667275.story

(U.S./Pakistan) US spy chief, security adviser brief Pakistanis on failed Times Square bomb attack

U.S. citizen pleads guilty to sending funds to al Qaeda
-- CNN: "A Moroccan native living in Kansas City, Missouri, pleaded guilty in federal court Wednesday to providing funds to the al Qaeda terrorist organization."

-- "Khalid Ouazzani, 32, admitted providing more than $23,000 to al Qaeda, to which he had pledged an oath of allegiance in 2008, federal officials said."

(U.S.) Poll finds anxiety in U.S. over terrrorism

(U.S.) Hutaree: Fourth Member of Michigan Militia Is Released From Jail
-- Kristopher Sickles

-- 3 Hutaree released from jail
--- Detroit Free Press: "U.S. District Judge Victoria Roberts agreed to release Tina Stone 44, of Clayton; her stepson, David Stone Jr., 19, of Adrian, and Jacob Ward, 33, of Huron, Ohio."

Afghanistan: Taliban attack U.S. base in Afghanistan; 10 insurgents killed\05\20\story_20-5-2010_pg7_11

-- Bagram Attack: Taliban Keeps Focus Kabul Ahead of Jirga
-- Taliban attacks might signal new strategy
-- In Ambush, a Glimpse of a Long Afghan Summer

--- UAE: "Talk to the Taliban, otherwise the US strategy will fail"

Afghan army pays price as it takes fight to Taleban

(Pakistan/U.S.) US urges Pakistan to stamp out terror groups

-- Pakistan, US vow to step up efforts against terrorism\05\20\story_20-5-2010_pg1_1

(Pakistan) Four soldiers, 60 Taliban killed in Orakzai clash\05\20\story_20-5-2010_pg7_3

(Pakistan) 21 dead in Karachi target killings\05\20\story_20-5-2010_pg1_2

(Pakistan) Key TTP commander captured
-- PDT: "Security forces Wednesday arrested Tehrik-e-Taliban Pakistan’s (TTP) key commander Swat Khan, son of Zar Mohammad"\05\20\story_20-5-2010_pg7_4

(Pakistan) Intelligence agencies confirm Hamid Mir's voice in audio clip\05\20\story_20-5-2010_pg1_6

(India) Maoists kill four security personnel in India's West Bengal state

Iran: Draft UN sanctions resolution 'Illegitimate'

Saudi Arabia religious leaders call terrorism financing un-Islamic

Hamas legislator Abu-Tir to be released from Israeli prison

(Lebanon/U.S.) US to 'strengthen Hizbullah moderates' -- John Brennan

Israel: Home Front readies for mass evacuations if Hezbollah rockets strike

Israel: Kassam falls in southern Israel, no casualties

(Algeria) Two soldiers killed, 18 injured in explosion E. Algeria

(South Africa) Dutch authorities fear terrorism threat in South Africa

France: Carlos the Jackal rages at character assassination in film

War on Women News:

Pakistan: "Three killed in Balochistan over honour"\05\20\story_20-5-2010_pg7_12

(UK) Lesbian actress fears her script ends in death -- Kiana Firouz

-- London Times: "A young Iranian actress named Kiana Firouz will attend the London premiere tonight of a film in which she plays a lesbian seeking asylum in Britain because the Iranian authorities are pursuing her."
-- Save the Life of LGBT Activist Kiana Firouz

Other News:

(U.S.) 'Draw Mohammed Day' Unleashes Facebook Fracas

-- Free speech vs. hate speech on Facebook

-- Cartoon Contests and Human Dignity

Pakistan blocks Facebook access for two weeks
-- PTA blocks Facebook\05\20\story_20-5-2010_pg1_5

-- April 16, 2008: Pakistan PM Gilani at National Assembly meeting calling for international death penalty for "blasphemy"\04\16\story_16-4-2008_pg7_6

PC World: "Facebook and Islam: Culture Clash Is Just Beginning"

(Iraq) Prophet toon ire taking terror turn?

Pakistan: Muslim Teachers in Pakistan Allegedly Abuse Christian Students
-- Derogatory remarks, beatings, pressure to convert to Islam drive two girls to drop out.

Pakistan: Forced conversion of Christian and Hindu girls at rise in Pakistan. CLAAS

(U.S.) Reports on Mark Williams' comments on Islam
-- Original report references "monkey-god"

-- Huffington Post acknowledges CAIR comments

-- no mention of CAIR role as unindicted co-conspirator in terror trial - in United States of America vs. Holy Land Foundation for Relief and Development CR NO. 3:04-CR-240-G, List of Unindicted Co-conspirators and/or Joint Venturers, Attachment A, page 5, Section III, item 11
-- see also March 12, 2010: IPT: "DOJ: CAIR's Unindicted Co-Conspirator Status Legit"

(U.S.) New York mosque plan stirs up 9/11 memories

(U.S.) Muslim, Americans: How to Get Beyond Mistrust?

Iran: no release for jailed US hikers
-- Mothers of 3 detained Americans arrive in Iran

(UK) Andrew Gilligan: "Islamic fundamentalism in London: the threat is not over"

France: Cabinet approves veil ban bill

Finland: Town backpedals on headscarf ban

Against Nazi News:

Germany: Demjanjuk's health deteriorates, forcing trial suspension


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