Friday, November 30, 2012

Syrian Rebels Outlaw Women Driving, Family Photos With “Uncovered” Women’s Faces


Syrian Rebels Outlaw Women Driving, Family Photos With “Uncovered” Women’s Faces

A fat Al Qaeda terrorist in a hood with a machine gun. This is what Syrian freedom looks like.

Rejoice. The Sunni Syrian rebels, also known by their official trademark of “The Brave Syrian People (TM)” are continuing their fight against tyranny and for the freedom of the Syrian People.
As part of their liberation activities, they are working to bring the values of their Saudi and Qatari, not to mention Turkish Islamist values, to their newly liberated territories in Syria.First, in Aleppo, women are no longer allowed to drive.
This is why the provisional Military and Civil Councils of Aleppo have explained the situation to the inhabitants of Aleppo, and have decreed that women are now forbidden to drive. Any person who disobeys this order will be punished until they renounce the practice, if necessary, by the use of force.
Maybe if Obama supplies them with more RPGs, they will be able to use them against any heretical women who get behind the wheel.
And family photos are a no-no in the newly Islamist held parts of Aleppo.
“My son slept here,” Abu Ghaybar said, standing in his only child’s room. He spotted a blue tricycle atop a small four-door pine dresser. “My son keeps saying ‘baba, are the free army playing with my toys?” (The rebels had their own toys in the room, including a BKC machine gun in one corner.)
Abu Ghaybar moved into the living room, unplugging the TV and removing a few colored pencils from a drawer in the TV cabinet. He gathered up family photos, including a baby picture of his now five-year-old son. He pointed to a bare wall with two nails protruding from it. “My family portraits were here, where are they?” he asked.
“We burnt them,” said one of the dozen or so rebels in the room. “You know, if we come into a house and there are pictures of uncovered women we burn them.”
This is what occupation, real occupation, looks like. And it’s being sponsored by Obama, by Hollande in France and Cameron in the UK.

This is the Syrian rebellion being fought for a Syria without family photos or women driving cars. If you support the Syrian rebels, then you support the imposition of Saudi values on the rest of the region.

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