Wednesday, November 21, 2012

11-21-12: Top lawmaker pressures Obama’s official to explain altered talking points on Libya

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·  Krauthammer Doubts Intelligence Head Clapper Really Edited Benghazi, Libya Talking Points - Here's Why. Plus O'Reilly asks Charles if this was all about the campaign...


·  Sen. Lindsey Graham Lists Intel That Should Have Demanded More Security or the Closing of Embassy in Libya


·  MEDIA WATCH: CNN Gives Two PLO Mouthpieces Time to Bash Israel

FOX News_Logo

·  MEDIA WATCH: FOX's Shep Smith Suggests Netanyahu Started Gaza Crisis for Political Gain


·  MEDIA WATCH: MSNBC News reporter scolds United States for not negotiating directly with Hamas and reign in Israel

tea party

·  What does Allen West's loss bode for the Tea Party?


·  U.S. Rep. Jim Clyburn: Calling Rice 'Incompetent' Racial 'Code Word'


·  AWAKENING: French youth declare war on multiculturalism, social debt, and racism


·  City Christmas tradition snuffed out by officials - legal battle brewing over a nativity scene in Santa Monica, CA.


·  Four men detained in California in home-grown terror plot

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·  Has the White House been caught in a web of Benghazi (Libya) lies? Plot thickens over edited talking points and what was in President's daily briefings.

·  FOX News reporter runs for cover at Israeli school targeted by Hamas rocket

·  MEDIA WATCH: CBS - Bob Schieffer: Not Sure Benghazi, Libya Was Terrorism

·  FOX's Greg Gutfeld: Obama Admin Suffering From 'Wordaphobia' regarding Libya

·  Gov't agencies trying to hide controversial communications? Obama administration's transparency called into question

·  AP Reporter Slams State Department For Silence On Israel

·  Israel's 'Iron Dome' missile defense system working? Terror analyst Erick Stakelbeck weighs in

·  IL Gov. Employs Cartoon Python, 'Squeezy,' to Explain Public Pension Crisis

·  Rep. Allen West: It's About Getting Votes Counted Correctly


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Top GOP lawmaker pressures Clapper to explain altered talking points on Libya

House Intelligence Committee Chair is demanding an explanation from Obama's top intelligence official, James Clapper, for inconsistent statements made regarding who was behind changes to the CIA talking points on the Libya terrorist attack.

The World, Israel And The Blame Game

The only thing raining down faster than rockets into Israel from Gaza are the protests and hypocritical condemnation aimed at Israel throughout the world demanding Israel stop abusing and killing poor innocent Palestinians.

The U.N. Tilt to Terrorists

As the attacks out of Gaza continued, Israel pleaded. The U.N. ignored it.

Giving Thanks for America's Givers

While this election season was a contentious battle between makers and takers, this Thanksgiving season is a time to honor the givers who keep the nation's private philanthropic spirit alive.

The Gates of Jerusalem

Israel is a sideline in a regional struggle by fractured populations, divided by ethnicity and religion, by language and natural resources, to unite into a single commonality.

We have a national crisis in character

Does anybody really think we can change big government without talking about the human attitudes and values that produced it?

The Origins of Thanksgiving

The origin of Thanksgiving has been blurred by popular myth, and even a hoax document. But the real story of Thanksgiving's origin needs no myths to make it fascinating.

How Hamas Manipulates the International Media

There is nothing more nauseating than watching Palestinian Muslims in the Palestinian Authority and in Hamas occupied Gaza celebrates as rockets are being fired toward Israel from the Gaza Strip.

Benghazi and Willful Sharia Blindness

A failure to recognize the motives of sharia supporters left the U.S. caught off-guard by a terror attack. Again.

Beck's special message for Israel (Text and Video)

I want to tell you what it's like to live in most of Israel right now


Tehran, the Terror Capitol of the World

The attacks on Israel were ordered by Khamenei and the support for Syria's dictator Bashar Assad come from Khamenei.

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