Monday, March 28, 2016

ACT for America - 300 Students - 30 Universities!

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Meet the New Generation of ACT for America
300 Students
30 Universities


ACT for America is engaging thousands of “Pavement Patriots” from all across the country young and old as concerns rise about our national security, as well as defending this great country from terrorism.

Now that we've built a network of over 1,000 chapters nationwide, we are now empowering and mentoring students in grassroots activism. ACT is now engaged with 300 students from 30 universities nationwide.

We understand as well as you do, that the youth and millennials are the future leaders of our great Republic.

We understand the need to engage with millennials, as they are America’s future and will certainly add to our grassroots army of passionate citizen patriots.

And while there are great organizations working with students on college campuses focusing on economic freedom and defending Israel, NONE of them are focusing on national security and the importance of protecting America and our freedoms. The Muslim Student Association (MSA), has more chapters on American college campuses than both Democrats and Republicans combined. The Muslim Student Association is a front for the Muslim Brotherhood and a breeding ground for radicalism on college campuses.

Currently, we are actively recruiting Student Chapters on college campuses all across America to counter the MSA and we need your help to empower them. These Student leaders will do the “clipboard and pavement work” on their campus, educating their fellow students on the importance of National Security and keeping America safe.

We need your help to sponsor students for a three day training and educational forum at our annual National Security Conference, where they learn how to become a more effective activists impacting their universities and mobilizing fellow students to be engaged in the national security and global affairs issue. Our goal is 300 students.

Can I count on you today to sponsor a student for $750?

Can I count on you to invest in a future leader to be trained and empowered to stand up and mobilize on their college campus?

$750 dollars per student will cover their training, lodging, meals, national conference and legislative briefing. Any amount you contribute will help us bring these patriotic young Americans to Washington, DC and make a difference!

Students will learn about current national security issues, meet federal legislators on the front lines, and visit the offices of their congressional elected officials. Most importantly, they will leave our event understanding the importance and power of democratic grassroots advocacy and how much of a role they play in that process.

Millennials are the most active and engaged group both politically and socially. Those who get to them first will tap into an incredible resource of passion, energy, and activism. That's where ACT for America comes in. We provide them with the opportunity to be engaged, voice their concerns, and educate their fellow students on how to get involved in protecting our great nation and defending our democratic freedoms.

Those who are against America's fundamental and foundational principles of a free and secure nation are extremely funded and well organized. The time is now that we train, empower, and equip our patriotic youth to fight and face down those who are sabotaging our nation, especially on the topic of America's freedom and security, for without it, nothing else matters.

ACT for America continues to fight everyday as we battle the ongoing nemesis known as political correctness.  Thank you for standing with us today and helping sponsor one or more students as we work to pass the national security baton to the next generation.

Remember: if each of us does just a little, together we can accomplish a lot.

We're in this fight to win. But we can't do it alone. I'm counting on you to stand behind and beside us. Please send a tax-deductible, gift of $750 to ACT for America and help sponsor a student today and invest in a future patriot. 

Always devoted,

P.S. ACT for America's strength as an organization comes from the fact that we know the enemy and know how to fight against it. So from one freedom fighter to another, I ask you for a generous, tax-deductible, student sponsorship gift of $750. Please make sure we have the resources we need to fight for the future of our country by sponsoring one or more students today. Thanks! -- Brigitte

ACT for America accepts no funding from any governmental agency, any foreign influence peddlers, or political institutions. Your support of ACT for America is critical in winning a battle we cannot afford to lose. All donations are tax-deductible. Click here to donate. ACT for America education is a 501(c)3 organization.

Text PATRIOT to 71777 to donate.

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