Monday, July 25, 2016

Islamic State claims responsibility for jihad attack in Ansbach

Islamic State claims responsibility for jihad attack in Ansbach

Germany is at war — a war, like World War II, of its own making, and a war, also like World War II, that will ultimately destroy it. Angela Merkel is the most disastrous German Chancellor, for Germany and the world, since Adolf Hitler.

“Germany: IS claims responsibility for attack in Bavaria,” by Tomislav Skaro and Kirsten Grieshaber, Associated Press, July 25, 2016:
ANSBACH, Germany (AP) — A Syrian man whose asylum bid had been rejected in Germany recorded a cellphone video of himself pledging allegiance to the Islamic State group before he tried to get into an outdoor concert with a bomb-laden backpack. He was turned away and blew himself up outside a wine bar instead, injuring 15 people, authorities said Monday.
The Islamic State group claimed responsibility.
It was the fourth attack to shake Germany in a week — three of them carried out by recent migrants.
The 27-year-old, identified by federal prosecutors as Mohammad D. in line with German privacy laws, set off a backpack laden with explosives and shrapnel Sunday night after being refused entry to the nearby festival in the Bavarian city of Ansbach because he didn’t have a ticket.
Bavarian authorities said a video found on the Ansbach bomber’s phone showed him pledging allegiance to the Islamic State. Germany’s top security official, Interior Minister Thomas de Maiziere, had said it was too early to rule out terrorism as a motive, but noted that the suspect had twice attempted suicide and had been receiving psychological care.
“Or it could be a combination of both,” de Maiziere said.
The attack was carried out by “one of the soldiers of the Islamic State,” the extremist group said.
The IS-linked Aamaq news agency said the man carried out the attack in response to calls by the group to target countries of the U.S.-led coalition that is fighting IS….

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