Monday, November 19, 2012

11-19-12: Congressman: Obama Can't Utter the Words 'Muslim Terrorist Attack'

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·  MSNBC Anchor Tells Israeli Ambassador Hamas Rockets ‘Rarely Do Damage'

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·  Congressman: Obama Can't Utter the Words 'Muslim Terrorist Attack' (Libya)


·  Students welcome soldier back through song - Special assembly for classmate's father


·  Israel and Hamas exchange rocket fire for fifth straight day


·  Bill Maher Tells Sean Hannity to Commit Suicide (Warning:Vulgar Language)


·  Thousands to Video TSA Pat Downs in Protest


·  Based on the classic essay by Leonard Read, a beautiful production from the Competitive Enterprise Institute explaining how the market works to create a simple pencil


·  How Campus Censorship Is Ending the American Debate


·  BREAKING: Petraeus Said CIA's Talking Points on Libya Were Play Down Terrorism

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·  Source: PETRAEUS Wants to Testify That He Knew Benghazi was Terrorism Almost Immediately

·  GREG GUTFELD: Obama ‘rage over criticism of Benghazi (Libya) far exceeds his rage over Benghazi'

·  John Kerry for Defense Secretary? SWIFTBOAT VETS for TRUTH co-founder John O'Neill weighs in

·  'Couldn't Be More Wrong, Absurd!': Donnie Deutsch and S.E. Cupp Clash over Conservatives Need To Re-brand

·  BENJAMIN NETANYAHU hopes 'Hamas has got the message' after Israel strikes Gaza

·  Violence escalates along Israeli border with Gaza

·  GOV. PERRY: Not interested in DC's plan for health care - Texas governor on state deadline for ObamaCare

·  ISLAMIC SHARIA LAW Comes to Great Britain

·  JOBLESS NUMBERS SURGE by 78,000 Week after Election - Highest Number in Over a Year - jobless numbers show weakening of the Obama economy

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White House denies terror delete: Contradicting remarks made by ex-CIA chief Petraeus regarding Libya

The White House denied it edited talking points about the terrorist attack that killed the American ambassador to Libya - contradicting remarks made a day earlier by disgraced David Petraeus.

Where is My America?

There is little to justify optimism about the immediate future, notwithstanding my confidence in national resiliency. Is America a different nation?

Getting the Hell Out of Their Way

What is the difference between John Galt and Barack Obama? Who is the benefactor, and who is the threat?

The Other Cliff

Warren Buffett says the US economy is strong enough to withstand a fall over the coming fiscal cliff when taxes and spending cuts are scheduled to take $600 billion a year out of the economy.

Obama's war on energy is a war on jobs

Natural gas gives the economy much-needed boost.

Petraeus Spins the Media

Petraeus is an admitted adulterer who covered up an extramarital affair. He was forced to resign and has no credibility left.

BREAKING: President Obama knew the truth about Benghazi, Libya

In a blockbuster report, John Solomon, the former AP and Post reporter, has ferreted out the president's daily brief that informed him within 72 hours of the Sept. 11 attack that the Benghazi attack was a jihadist operation.

Rockets? What Hamas Rockets?

Violence between Israeli Defense Forces and Palestinian terrorist organizations in Gaza this week is prompting the usual outcry from Islamist groups in America and abroad.

President told within 72 hours Benghazi attack linked to al-Qaida extremists

Officials divulge president told it was armed extremists, not spontaneous mob that killed Ambassador Chris Stevens

Morphing to Murder

Today, a backward Muslim world has been taken over by the latest fascism de jour, militant Islam.

Why Did Cantor Protect Obama?

The record shows that Cantor had knowledge of the affair from an FBI whistleblower before the election but decided not to go public with the allegations of high-level misconduct by the CIA director.

BREAKING: If Petraeus Said It Was Al Qaeda, Then Who Changed His Memo?

Petraeus stoked the controversy over the Obama administration's handling of the Libya terror attack, testifying that references to "Al Qaeda involvement" were stripped from his agency's original talking points...

"TWINKIES DEAD: Union's Stubborn Stand Kills Hostess and cost Americans 18,500 jobs"

A union's stubbornness with Hostess is being blamed for the shutdown of one of America's snack food icons, the loss of 18,500 jobs just before the holiday season.


Dangerous Game: Rise & Fall of David Petraeus

There is no way to sugarcoat it: Petraeus is guilty of extremely poor judgment, perhaps even criminal negligence.

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