Thursday, November 8, 2012

11-8-12: With Election Over, ABC Wonders About Obama's 'Cover-Up,' 'Refusal' to Talk about Libya

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·  MEDIA WATCH: With Election Over, ABC Wonders About Obama's 'Cover-Up,' 'Refusal' to Talk about Libya


·  What does the future hold for ObamaCare? Less care for Seniors, Doctors will dictate your healthcare, Employers will drop your coverage...


·  Foreign policy challenges for President Obama's second term and a close look at the communication breakdown during the Libya attack


·  MEDIA WATCH: MSNBC's Martin Bashir Apologizes to Young Viewers Frightened By Charles Krauthammer's Face On Screen


·  Obama Supporters Celebrate Election Victory: ‘No More Israel... F**k That Sh*t, Kill Those Mother F**kers'

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·  MEDIA WATCH - MSNBC'S Chris Matthews: "I'm so glad we had that storm last week"


·  Same old 'fiscal cliff' quagmire ahead? Are Pres. Obama and Congress serious this time about confronting looming defense cuts and tax hikes...


·  Awkward ? Netanyahu congratulates Obama on winning

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·  Some Good Economic News: Gun Makers See Sales Boom After Election

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·  Update on trial of Muslim who tried to behead witnesses at his previous terror trial

·  Remember Benghazi

·  Stakelbeck on Terror: A Closer Look at 'Benghazi-Gate'

·  Islamization of Egypt Could Spark Coptic Awakening

·  Giuliani slams FEMA failures in New York: Former NYC mayor says storm response 'not efficient'

·  Frank Gaffney: Shariah & "Civilization Jihad" in America

·  Mother Goads Palestinian Girl to Push, Scream at IDF Soldiers in Propaganda Video That Backfires

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More Radicalism from another White House Guest

An Islamist activist honored by the White House last December as a "Champion of Change" called Zionism "racism" this week and said "nothing is creepier" than the belief in a Jewish homeland.

Friendship? Hardly: Rabin, Arafat & the Oslo Accords

The Hamas terrorist organization, in violation of the Oslo Accords, does not recognize the State of Israel, and uses violence against it.

The Infiltration of the U.S. Government

The new threat, radical global Islam, has been sanitized by the Obama Administration, which wants the American people to believe that we should actually offer financial aid and assistance to Islamist regimes in the Middle East.

A Fistful of Fatuity: Negotiating Truth with Spin Doctors

Everyone on the media these days answers questions, pro and con, as "Absolutely," meaning yes without question or hesitation and no without any holding back.

Game Called on Account of Darkness

The lights have gone out in America now. They may come back. They may not. It's up to us. No one is going to come help us do it. Other countries have America. We have ourselves.

Hope Over Experience - A divided country gives Obama a second chance.

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Some of our conservative friends will argue that Mr. Obama's victory thus represents a decline in national virtue and a tipping point in favor of the "takers" over the makers. They will say the middle class chose Mr. Obama's government blandishments over Mr. Romney's opportunity society. We don't think such a narrow victory of an incumbent President who continues to be personally admired justifies such a conclusion.

Wall Street Casts Its Vote: 'The Market Is Going Down'

Fears that President Obama's re-election could send the US over the "fiscal cliff" helped trigger a major stock selloff and sent investors into the safety of Treasurys


The Hollow Force, Version 2012

Years of unrelenting pressure by the cultural left have utterly transformed the United States armed forces, changing them into something that Reagan would not recognize.

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