Tuesday, January 22, 2019

An Asylum Seeker Needing Protection Against Islamists in Canada? Very Concerning by staff


An Asylum Seeker Needing Protection Against Islamists in Canada? Very Concerning

by staff
Rahaf Mohammed Source: Screenshot, Youtube

The fact the Canada gave asylum to Saudi Arabian teen Rahaf Mohammed is commendable. What is not so commendable is the fact that this girl is now in need of twenty-four hour protection because she fled from abuse.
Canada is home to Imams and their followers who plainly state that apostates must be killed. Imam Sheharyar Shaikh has stated:  "This is in Islamic Lawif you apostasies, if you turn your back from Islam, according to the [Islamic] Law it is death."  
Sheikh Ahmed Abdul Kader Qandeel of  Quebec stated: "...that [apostates] be killed or crucified or that their hands and feet be cut off from opposite sides."
Various mosques throughout Canada have called for the death of Jews and Christians. Imams have called for an Islamic Caliphate which encompasses Sharia.
Ms Mohammed is threated. By Islamists in Canada. She needs protection. Will the Canadian government provide that protect? That is a big problem.
"No Answers from Hussen on whether Liberals will help pay cost of protecting Rahaf Mohammed" Global News January 22, 2019
"Immigration Minister Ahmed Hussen is refusing to say whether the Liberals will help pay for the cost of protecting Saudi teen refugee Rahaf Mohammed.
In a press conference with reporters on Tuesday, Hussen was asked several times whether the government will pay for the private security firm hired by Toronto’s Costi Immigrant Services, which is handling Mohammed’s resettlement to life in Canada since her arrival on Jan. 12........"

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