Wednesday, January 23, 2013

01-23-13: Giving Islamists the Rope to Hang Us (Plus: Vet Stands Up For 2nd Amendment)

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vet at anti gun rally

·  Veteran Stands Up For 2nd Amendment at Chicago Anti-Gun Forum

DONt MESS with TEXAS _ large

·  Texas rolls out welcome mat: New Yorkers who believe their 2nd Amendment Rights are being violated may have a home in Texas


·  USA gift of F-16 fighter jets headed to Egypt: Critics question use of foreign aid package after Morsi's harsh rhetoric


·  Ben Shapiro on Obama's 'Orwellian' Speech


·  What's at stake for Clinton in Benghazi (Libya) testimony?

obama laugh

·  SATIRE: NewsBusted 1/22/13


·  MSNBC's Andrea Mitchell Hammers Pro-Lifer, Gives Pro-Abortion Rights Guest Softball Interview


·  Holly the cat made it home! - lost cat journeys 200 miles!


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LARGE_patriot_don't tread on me_SCOTUS

·  "Guns across America" - Protestors Rally across USA to Defend Second Amendment


·  FrackNation: Susan Sarandon, Yoko Ono Hide from Tough Questions


·  GOP demands a budget in exchange for a debt limit hike

usa_stars and stripes_ flag america

·  Tax Friendly Cities in the USA!


·  Stakelbeck on Terror Show: On Frontlines from Israel's Gaza Border


·  Can Money Buy Happiness? The Science of Materialism, Animated


·  Obama Declaring the end of Reaganism: Krauthammer on inaugural address: 'Obama unbound'

OBAMA_exiting white house door

·  Senator Rand Paul: Obama Administration May Be Involved in Guns-to-Jihadists Cover-up



In Case You Missed It


·        The country's oldest Medal of Honor recipient is celebrating his 96th birthday - World War II veteran Nick Oresko received his medal from President Harry Truman

·        Do you feel safe? Obama Allowing Islamic Terrorism 'Virus' To Infect U.S.

·        "We will not stop as Muslims until the whole world is governed by Islam" - Islamists Protesting in England - coming soon to the USA!

·        Rudy Giuliani weighs in on gun control debate

·        Must Watch: Tiananmen Square Activist Turned American Second Amendment Activist

·        MSNBC's Chuck Todd: Obama's Gun Control Speech Was All Emotion, No Substance

·        Gen McChrystal: 'Irresponsible' Sequestration Cuts 'Catastrophic' For Military

·        Sen. Ted Cruz: Obama Started Trying to ‘Exploit' Newtown Tragedy ‘Within Minutes'

·        Hurricane Sandy victims get $500 power bill for uninhabited home

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Obama's Kids: Stooping to New Presidential Lows

The overwhelming imagery is no accident. It's emotional manipulation, and I've never seen a more lowdown exercise of it than the White House's "gun violence" event this week.

Universities Slash Teachers' Hours to Evade ObamaCare

What goes around comes around. The very institutions that fawn over Obama and also do their best to brainwash our children, deal first-hand with the consequences of their careless promotion and support of ObamaCare.

Giving Islamists the Rope to Hang Us

The United States suffers from a character flaw -- "political correctness." PC silences the majority, for fear speaking out will trigger the "-ist" label -- as a racist, sexist, supremacist, etc.

The Obama Military - Evolution and Legacy

President Obama is working very hard to destroy US military superiority, consciously and unconsciously to the advantage our global enemies.

Best Thing Ever To Emerge from a Celebrity Trip to North Korea

Clinton's visit, which included posing for a photo-op dignifying the late Kim Jong Il with the company of a favor-seeking former leader of the Free World, was effectively the payment of a ransom demanded by North Korea.

Über-Stealth Jihad in America

In June 2012, the "National Security 5" -- five members of Congress led by Michele Bachmann - called attention to U.S. government infiltration by Muslim Brotherhood operatives.

Thousands of Islamic Extremists Attack a Christian village

Muslims burned at least six homes of Coptic Christians and tried to demolish the local church. Wrath unleashed at the alleged rape of a Muslim girl by a Christian. Village Iman calls on youth to protect Christian shops.

The War Rages, The White House Ducks, Death Abounds

As with the Soviet-supported terrorists of an earlier generation, there is enormous reluctance to acknowledge the role of evil regimes.

An EU-US Free Trade Deal is a Good Idea, Though it Strengthens the Case for British Withdrawal

If Britain were not in the EU, we'd have signed a free trade agreement with the United States years ago.


New Campaign against Rep. Bachmann for Anti-Brotherhood Stance

People for the American Way has launched a new campaign against Michele Bachmann, who has been re-appointed to the House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence.

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