Friday, January 25, 2013

01-25-13: Hillary’s Hissy Fit (Plus: Repugnant Pro-Abortion Ad)

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glock girl with gun

·  Glock Releases New Pro-Gun Commercial That's Sure to Make Gun Owners Smile

giuliani_ RUDY

·  Rudy Giuliani reacts: F-16s being sent to Egypt

hillary testimony libya

·  Clinton Contradicts Admiral Mullen about Watching Benghazi, Libya Attack

baby face LARGE

·  Repugnant Pro-Abortion Ad Features Actor Celebrating Baby Murder

hillary clinton_long hair

·  The beatification of Hillary Clinton

rand paul _ LARGE

·  Sen. Rand Paul on US, F-16 fighters, Egypt and Israel


·  Will allowing women in combat make military's job more difficult?

john kerry_reporting for duty

·  Senator John Kerry: I Will Implement 'President Obama's Vision for the World'


·  FEMA won't let us rebuild our home

In Case You Missed It

hillary testimony libya

·  Rand Paul to Clinton: 'I Would Have Relieved You of Your Post' (Benghazi, Libya Terrorist attack)

·  What if Benghazi, Libya happened under Bush?

·  Senator Rand Paul reacts to tense exchange he had with Hillary Clinton during heated Benghazi (Libya) hearing

·  "Hillary mops floors with congressmen and senators!" Ralph Peters: Congress went easy on Clinton - strategic analyst examines how Hillary's Libya hearing went

·  Marco Rubio sounds off on Hillary Clinton's long-awaited testimony on the Benghazi (Libya) terror attacks

·  John McCain Stomps Hillary Clinton Benghazi (Libya)Testimony


·  Frank Gaffney and Allen West on North Africa jihad

Obama bus

·  Students in This School District Will Now Be Protected by 14 Recently Purchased AR-15s

hillary testimony libya

·  Rep. Duncan: 'You let the consulate become a death trap' - Congressman blasts outgoing secretary of state regarding Benghazi, Libya

·  BREAKING: Hillary Clinton lashes out at senator over Benghazi (Libya) questioning

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Hillary Clinton's Hissy Fit

This week, the U.S. secretary of state tried to conceal her incompetence with an outburst of emotionalism.

What Obama Can Learn from Saddam Hussein

The worst decision of the Afghan war made to date by Obama was letting the Taliban know the U.S. commitment to Kabul was on a December 2014 timeline.

The National Association of Scholars Report on American History

Most Americans are understandably disconcerted by the gap between the credentials of college graduates and what they actually know.

Obama's Second Declaration of War on America

Obama means to eliminate all opposition to his policies and agenda. He will go for our throats.

Rotten to the Core: Obama's War on Academic Standards (Part 1)

Moreover, there are organizations that have reasons to work for lower and less-demanding standards, specifically teachers unions and professional teacher organizations.

Harris Zafar's Islamic Intellectual Incoherence

Individuals who criticize Islam in Western democracies are not necessarily safe from angered Muslims and their allies either.

Subsidizing Stupid

If hippie greenies are foolhardy enough to pay more for their heat and electricity because it's "green," they're free to do that.

Defense Department Expands Women's Combat Role

The change is intended to ensure that the best qualified and most capable service members, regardless of gender, are available to carry out the mission, Panetta said.


Barack Obama: Our Orc-in-Chief

The leitmotif of Barack Obama is destruction for destruction's sake.

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