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‘Silence in the face of evil is itself evil. 

 Not to speak is to speak.

  Not to act is to act.’

~ Dietrich Bonhoeffer ~

The "Victimology" Subterfuge

Canada and the West need to declare and defend a pluralistic, democratic approach to rights and freedoms without any shame, and without fear of offending anyone who might try to intimidate their citizens.

 'Muslim Patrol' vigilantes attempt to control London streets

 Thugs masquerading as 'Muslim Patrols' have been accosting residents in London, demanding they abide by the laws of what they deem a 'Muslim area'.


Nine men are accused of grooming and abusing vulnerable girls in Oxford

Seven men of Pakistani origin and two from North Africa are accused of 79 offences against six vulnerable white British girls. The charges include child rape, sexual trafficking and child prostitution.

UK Fascism: EDL Leader, Kevin Carroll, Arrested for Facebook comment, Sharia Blasphemy Enforcement

Joining the co-founder of the EDL in prison, Kevin Carroll has been arrested for a Facebook comment.  This is part of the war on freedom and its champions. Kevin Carroll and Tommy Robinson are true fighters for freedom. They oppose the oppression, subjugation and racism of Islamic supremacism. But the savages have succeeded in imposing the Sharia - hence their arrests.

Tommy Robinson (in prison) discussing Luton

Facebook's "Accidental Mistake" and Free Speech in the Arab World

Earlier this week, Facebook closed down this writer's account for "security reasons," arguing that he had posted an item that violates its terms of use. Twenty-four hours later, Facebook issued a "sincere apology" and said that a member of its team had "accidentally removed something you posted on Facebook. This was a mistake."


How Muslims Created Islamophobia

The fact is that over 90 per cent of Muslims are not associated with any Islamic organisation or mosque and visit it no more than once or twice a year. That alone should make America skeptical of Islamist groups like CAIR, ISNA, ICNA and MSA.

 Obama Administration Downplayed Brotherhood Warnings

The Obama administration chose to listen to voices suggesting that Egypt's Muslim Brotherhood was moderate rather than those who warned it would resort to violence if it came to power

The battle that Michele Bachmann is waging on the House Intelligence Committee may be more important to the well-being and security of Americans than all the battles over budgets and debt ceilings combined.

This is why the Freedom Center has launched a counter petition to the one a radical group gave to Speaker Boehner. As a staunch supporter of the Center and someone who cares deeply about America's security at home and abroad, I'm counting on you to add your name to the Stop the Witch Hunt Against Rep. Bachmann petition and share it with your family, friends and colleagues.

Please follow this link right now to sign the petition


Aaron Swartz committed suicide in the wake of relentless bullying and persecution/prosecution by Eric Holder's Department of Justice. Swartz was "driven to the edge" by the government's aggressive prosecution of a non-existent legal case. Swartz made public documents available to everyone -- this was his crime. “It’s like trying to put someone in jail for allegedly checking too many books out of the library.”


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