Tuesday, February 24, 2015

02-24-15: Fighting Islamic State One Terrorist at a Time

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·  Retired Admiral says any thinking American should see Obama strategy: It's anti-American, it's pro-Islamic, and pro-Muslim Brotherhood

·  O'Reilly Talking Points: Rudy Giuliani versus President Obama

·  ObamaCare architect Jonathan Gruber ripping off taxpayers again

·  Mueller family questions why Obama negotiated for Bergdahl

·  New Obamacare Glitch to Make Tax Time ‘More Complicated' for Nearly a Million Taxpayers

·  The Worst of Jen Psaki

·  Somali terror group calls for attack on the Mall of America

·  Mark Levin says Obama is a 'patsy for Islamic terrorism' - discusses the president's 'contempt' for America

·  Giuliani Doubles Down on Obama Comments: "I Do Not Withdraw My Words"

·  General and Senator describe military's response to Obama's summit

·  Krauthammer's take: WH's message problem, Psaki's promotion

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·  O'Reilly Talking Points: The Holy War begins

·  Pro-amnesty Rep Gutierrez gets hammered by Megyn Kelly

·  CNN's Toobin: Immigration Stay is a 'Very, Very Bad Ruling' For Obama

·  Cruz: Obama "An Apologist For Radical Islamic Terrorists"

·  Dennis Kucinich and Rudy Giuliani sound off on radical Islam

·  Jihadist in latest ISIS video from North America?

·  Is the administration clueless on how to fight ISIS? State Dept. spokesperson says 'we cannot win this war by killing' terrorists

·  Assessing the morale of the U.S. Military: - James Rosen evaluates the commander in chief's impact on American troops' confidence

·  Rumsfeld on ISIS and Obama's 'radical Islam' problem

·  Eric Holder lashes out at Fox News: defends administration's reluctance to say 'Islamic extremism'

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libya coptic beach beheaded
The Daesh spokesman at their execution made clear these men were murdered for their Christian religion, and warned that Daesh would conquer "Rome" as the victims' blood flowed into the Mediterranean Sea.

There appears to be a covert commitment at the White House to the Muslim Brotherhood, to where many of its leading American representatives seem to have an open door, according to media reports.

It is difficult to name a single Muslim country failing to indoctrinate its children to hate kafirs-i.e., non-Muslims-viewed as sub-humans in need either of conversion or eradication.

The scientific and engineering tradition at Navy is moving ahead at flank speed in embracing all things "cyber."

While humanity is not at war against Islam, a part of Islam is certainly at war against humanity. To ignore that fact amounts to a dereliction of intellectual responsibility.

There may well be a civil war going on within Islam, but it will be Muslims, not American politicians, who settle it.

The whole world is laughing at the Obama administration's latest weapon in the War on Terror: jobs for jihadists.

Hector Pedroza-Huerta has received a sweetheart plea deal for yet another violation of U.S. federal law 18 USC § 1326 (Unlawful Reentry of a Removed Alien).

The President's defense budget has been submitted to Congress and at $585 billion is getting a lot of attention.

"And I'm proud of the fact that, basically, you've had an administration that's been in place for six years in which there hasn't been a major scandal," he pronounced at a University of Chicago event.

Although President Obama insists that the "fight against terrorism is not a religious war," Hamid seems to disagree with him.

After six years in office, the Obama presidency has transformed the geopolitical status of the Middle East.

The study of Mexican crime statistics is an ongoing enterprise.

Speaking at an Iranian-American Community symposium, an obviously frustrated former New York City mayor Rudy Giuliani posed a rhetorical question to his audience.

You see, the ISIS problem is spreading. Here are some of the places where we're now seeing Islamic State "flags" pop up:

Now that ISIL has tugged on the cape of Superpower America, will it incur the wrath of a force it cannot hope to match, or will Uncle Sam transform into a mild-mannered Clark Kent...

There is a reason why Obama's summit is striking all the wrong chords with the public...

The President's comments at the National Prayer Breakfast demonstrate no historical understanding as to what the Crusades were all about.

What is the big deal about President Obama's speech to the National Prayer Breakfast?


It marks the third time during the Obama presidency that the U.S. has had to abandon its diplomatic outposts (Libya, Syria, and now Yemen) because of Middle East and North Africa hostilities


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