Thursday, February 26, 2015

Ezra Levant: How ISIS Are Worse Than the Nazis

Ezra Levant: How ISIS Are Worse Than the Nazis

The Rebel, by EZRA LEVANT, Feb. 26, 2015:
Islamic State terrorists went on a rampage in a museum in Nineveh, smashing priceless treasures.
At least the Nazis hid away great art when they invaded countries — they didn’t destroy it.

This primitive impulse towards chaos and destruction isn’t just something going on “over there.” Look at the Edmonton girl who was recruited to join ISIS in Syria.

Even one left-wing gay activist seems to be catching on:

He shocked a CBC panel by saying, “I know I sound like Ezra Levant, but…”, then went on to talk about Canadians being recruited to take part in terrorism (a word the CBC doesn’t officially allow.)
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