Tuesday, February 24, 2015

A must read book for your children


A Must Read Book for Your Children

We have been overwhelmed at the great response for the book, “Understanding the Threat of Radical Islam,” since first announced on February 5.

Beyond words, we thank our supporters for this fantastic response which will educate many young people to understand the true nature of this threat to America.

You know they aren't getting this education at school.
You know they aren't getting this information from common core.

We owe our children the truth...

For the next 9 days, until March 5, we will continue to offer two copies of this book for all gifts of $50 or more. Make sure your kids know the truth on these important issues before they are challenged in the classroom.

Simply Click Here or on the Donate button above, and we’ll ship out 2 copies of this important book, “Understanding the Threat of Radical Islam.”

Help us educate your children and grandchildren about this issue and get them active.
If you don't have grandchildren, order the books and donate them to your local school library. Let's give our children options to learn and share the truth about things they are watching on TV.

Today, you can make a difference for the future of America. Click here.

ACT for America Education
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Every day, ACT for America Education a 501c3 non-profit organization is on the front lines fighting for you in meeting with politicians, decision makers, speaking on college campuses and planning events to educate and inform the public about the threat of radical Islam. To maintain and bolster our efforts, we need your continued solidarity, activism and financial support. We are only as strong as our supporters. We thank you for helping us carry on this important work.

The news items, blogs, educational materials and other information in our emails and on our website are only intended to provide information, news and commentary on events and issues related to the threat of radical Islam. Much of this information is based upon media sources, such as the AP wire services, newspapers, magazines, books, online news blog and news services, and radio and television, which we deem to be reliable. However, we have undertaken no independent investigation to verify the accuracy of the information reported by these media sources. We therefore disclaim all liability for false or inaccurate information from these media sources. We also disclaim all liability for the third-party information that may be accessed through the material referenced in our emails or posted on our website.

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