Tuesday, November 1, 2016

German government ORDERS children to visit mosques after parents refused school trip

German government ORDERS children to visit mosques after parents refused school trip

GERMAN officials have ruled schoolchildren have to visit mosques as part of their curriculum after a mother and father would not allow their son visit an Islamic place of worship.

Mosque Germany
German schoolchildren to have no choice in going on mandatory trips to mosques

Last week it was revealed that the parents of a German teenager who refused to let their son visit a local mosque as part of a school trip may appear in court for “truancy”.
Earlier this year, the parents had been issued a £270 fine from the local education authority, after they stopped their 13-year-old son from going on the geography field trip in the northern German town of Rendsburg in Kiel.

A Ministry of Education in Germany has rules all children must visit mosques on school trips
The couple appealed the fine, and were last week informed that the case would be referred to a prosecutor's office to decide whether they would be taken to court.

But now, the Kiel Ministry of Education has ruled that a trip to a mosque is a mandatory part of the lessons, according to German media.

The Ministry also decreed that children cannot sit in a different class while the rest of their own class is on the trip, which is designed to give children an insight into Muslim society.
Muslim woman in Berlin
The parents of a German boy were fined for refusing to let him visit a mosque

The parents who originally sparked the debate said they don't belong to any religious group, and cited "ideological reasons" for their decision, claiming they were worried their son could become "indoctrinated" by the trip.

In a letter addressed to the school, the father reportedly argued: "For years we have been hearing reports about religiously-motivated violence connected with Islamic people."

They maintained that nobody should be forced to enter a place of worship against their will.


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