Wednesday, November 16, 2016

GOP Leaders in Virginia Endorse Terror Linked Mosque


GOP Leaders in Virginia Endorse Terror Linked Mosque

Tell Rep. Comstock and Chairman Whitbeck to stop pandering to our radical adversaries.

Given Donald Trump’s remarkable blowout victory over Hillary Clinton, the American people are unmistakably fed up with the PC nonsense from their squishy and spineless leaders.
Stunningly, some high-ranking Republicans still can’t get it in their head, just how sick of their political pandering we truly are.
Let’s help them get the message once and for all!
Following the election, Virginia Congresswoman Barbara Comstock and Chairman of the Republican Party of Virginia, John Whitbeck, visited a notoriously terror linked Mosque, the All Dulles Area Muslim Society, or ADAMS Center as it is more commonly known, in northern Virginia, to pander for political support.
The ADAMS Center was founded by senior Muslim Brotherhood leaders, and its Executive Director Imam Mohamed Magid, is the outgoing President of the Islamic Society of North America (ISNA), designated by the FBI as the “nucleus” for the Muslim Brotherhood’s movement in America.
ADAMS also states on their website that 1/8 of their collection (Zakat) goes towards Jihad.
It should make every patriots blood boil that Rep. Comstock and Chairman Whitbeck continue to validate a mosque with such alarmingly dangerous connections by not only visiting it, but actually doing outreach there.
This is in addition to the Virginia legislature issuing an official commendation to the ADAMS Center and Dar Al-Hijrah, another Northern Virginia mosque with strong terror ties.
They should know better, -- every official in the Commonwealth of Virginia should know better -- and after last week’s election, they should know that the American people are no longer going to tolerate this.
Rep. Comstock, if you want to do Muslim outreach in your community, at least do so somewhere other than one of the most well-known terror linked mosques in the United States!
Please call Rep. Comstock’s office and let her know what you think of her bridge building with a knowingly terror linked mosque!
Rep. Comstock can be reached at 202-225-5136. Call now and leave a message if necessary!
Regarding members of this radical mosque, Chariman Whitbeck proudly proclaimed, "One of the things they need to hear from me is that the Virginia Republican party values religious liberty and we stand with them, and they're part of this community too’,”
Oh, really? You stand with a proven radical mosque Chariman Whitbeck? You welcome their anti-American hatred in your community? Enough is enough!
Please call Chairman Whitbeck at 804-780-0111 now.  
Let both know how you feel in respectful, yet no uncertain terms.
Respectfully, but firmly remind these two that they should not support, or align with any person or entity with ties to Islamic terror.
Additionally, we encourage all our members to write to them on their Facebook and/or Twitter pages, which we have linked below.
We take radical Islamic financers and infiltrators very seriously, and we do not take kindly to our political leaders legitimizing them, and providing additional cover for their devious intentions.
Again, they should know better!
Please don’t wait, call or write now, and share this message with all you are able, encouraging them to do the same.
For Freedom,
ACT for America

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