Monday, November 7, 2016

Meet the new ThoughtCrime: Xenophobia.

Meet the new ThoughtCrime: Xenophobia.

Xenophobia, the ersatz flare for the phoney, done to death “Islamophobia”
‘Islamophobia’ quickly loses its shine – even among the lesser-gifted members of Generation Snowflake. The new V-weapon of the open border brigade on our public payroll is ‘Xenophobia’. Indeed, Xenophobia shapes up as the new outrage among compassionistas in the media, on campus and in organic coffee shops for the summer of 2017.

After all, suffering from an irrational fear of anything foreign is a much broader slap-down and not as easily debunked as the fear of Islam. By now even modestly-bright moral poseurs can’t avoid the unsavoury facts about Islam before us.

So what does the crafty compassionista do, when she needs to end debate without having a sound argument? She comes up with an even bigger bully word and declares the other mentally unfit because of his irrational fear of all things foreign. Repeat ad nausea throughout our regressive left media et voila! – we have us a new ThoughtCrime.

This will probably be the last one before the big backlash against the moral inversion, which is already brewing among the ever growing basket of deplorables.

Jennifer Oriel skilfully dissects the Xenophobia fab in the Oz:…/4d7e85601106514769a8ae16d…

“The Western world is edging towards a precipice. The postwar consensus that cast internationalism as a global ideal is unravelling. The Muslim migrant crisis has revealed that the political ideals of the West’s ruling elite and the people they govern are not simply different but apparently opposed.
Historically, such a clash of ideals between the governing and the governed tends to produce the mass suppression of dissidents by the elite, or a grassroots revolution from below. Each tendency has become amplified in the battle ­between sovereign citizens and supranational elites over border policy.
In previous centuries, mass revolt usually has been caused by a combination of economic inequality and political disenfranchisement. The modern trust deficit between the rulers and the ruled is civilisational. It arises from a widespread belief that Western elites are ruled by and ruling for foreign interests against the sovereign wealth of their states and the sovereign interests of their people.


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