Monday, November 14, 2016

Sting reopens the Bataclan after the Paris attacks with the song, "Insha Allah" Victor LaszloRebel Commentator

In a stunning display of sanctimony and insensitivity, the performer Sting, opens the club where over 90 French citizens were murdered to the cries of "Allah hu Ackbar" by Muslim jihadis with the song, "Inshe Allah", which translates roughly to, "If Allah wills it".

Before he begins, he speaks in French for a bit.
Here is the translation:
The next song is called Inshallah. It’s a prayer [unintelligible]. It’s a proof of humility, courage and hope. It’s a story about a family on a small boat. I don’t have, unfortunately, any political solution to the migrant crisis, but I think if there’s any solution, we can find it if we show empathy, if we imagine ourselves on one of those boats, with our children and the loved ones. Here comes: Inshallah
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