Thursday, November 10, 2016

The inconvenient truth about Maryam Monsef

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In September, it was revealed that the federal Minister of Democratic Institutions Maryam Monsef was born in Iran, not Afghanistan as she previously claimed.

According to the Liberal cabinet minister, it was all her mother's fault. Monsef says her mother lied and misled her about where she was born.

Maryam Monsef is a darling of the political left in Canada. She built her career in politics around the ultimate refugee success story: a poor girl from Afghanistan, almost sold into a marriage at age 10, comes to Canada and becomes a young cabinet minister in the Trudeau government.

She was even praised by U.S. President Barak Obama for escaping Afghanistan and becoming the first Afghan-born minister in Canada.

But as it turns out, Monsef’s refugee story was not true.

Far from being born in the midst of a war zone, Monsef was born in a sophisticated hospital in a wealthy pocket of Iran.


Monsef now admits that her passport contains incorrect information about where she was born. If the same errors appeared on her citizenship application, that may mean that citizenship fraud was committed.

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has said he believes in citizenship revocation for people who commit citizenship fraud. His government regularly strips citizenship in cases similar to Monsef.

In October, I reported that a file had been opened within the immigration department to investigate Monsef for citizenship fraud.

The investigation could lead to a number of outcomes, including possible citizenship revocation.

I explain the entire case in a new video that you can watch by clicking here.

Monsef's case creates a serious dilemma for the Trudeau Liberals. Will they apply the law equally, even it means that a Liberal cabinet minister gets stripped of her citizenship?

I'll continue to keep you informed on this important issue.

Yours in freedom,

Candice Malcolm

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