Tuesday, November 6, 2018

FRANCE: Stunning admission by former military chief – “If the French (Muslim) migrant suburbs erupt, we don’t have the capacity to control them”

FRANCE: Stunning admission by former military chief – “If the French (Muslim) migrant suburbs erupt, we don’t have the capacity to control them”

During a TV debate, Philippe de Villiers, a right-wing politician and founder of the successful medieval park “Puy-du-Fou”, said what his brother, Pierre, (Ex-Army Chief) told to the President of France, Emmanuel Macron.

Voice of Europe  Phillippe de Villier’s brother is Pierre de Villiers, and from 2014 to 2017 he was Chief of the General Staff headquarters of the Armies (in charge of the French Army). Find out why he resigned his post HERE
According to le Point, during a pre-tape for a TV debate that will air on November 3, when Philippe de Villiers was asked about the “reality of France’s political situation”, the politician dropped a bombshell that echoes what Gerard Collomb told in an interview to news outlet Valeurs Actuelles.

“If suburbs riot, we are not capable to face them, we don’t have the means to, we don’t have the men”, the chief of army said to Macron, according to Phillippe de Villiers.
These statements come just two days after a “purge” took place (video below) in several major French cities, where policemen were targeted by rioters.

ReutersMore than 100 young people were arrested in the Paris suburbs on Halloween — after messages by an a 19-year-old Arab Muslim teen circulated around social media calling for a “purge” of the police force, according to new reports.
It all started when last week, a young Arab teenager named “Aissa”, urged people on Snapchat to riot and assault the police on Halloween, apparently being inspired by the film franchise “The Purge”.

One of the messages was titled “Purge’s rules in Corbeil-Essones” and featured 10 rules. Some of the rules are : “Dress in black, with a mask if possible”, and “All weapons are authorized”, “Burn all you see”, “Any theft is allowed (car, bike, scooter)” and “The police should be attacked with mortars, fireworks and stones”.
Gangs of masked mostly Muslim teens stormed through the city center of Lyon, harassing cops and passersby, smashing store windows and setting trash bins on fire.
In one case, in the heavily Muslim migrant Seine-Saint-Denis area north of Paris, youths robbing a grocery store attacked police with acid, according to Denis Jacob of the police union Alternative Police. A sportswear store was also looted.

Authorities needed to use tear gas to control the rioters, reports said. 15,000 cops were deployed Wednesday night.
Muslim migrant youths in depressed suburbs of French cities have been torching hundreds of vehicles every New Year’s Eve and Bastille Day since the early 1990s.
MORE IMAGES from Muslim migrant suburb riots on Halloween night:

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