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02-16-11: Egypt: The Islamist Takeover Begins? (Plus: Chet Nagle)

Egypt: The Islamist Takeover Begins?

The Editor
Rumors from Egyptian democracy activists suggest that the army has hijacked the "people's revolution" and is even doing secret deals with the Muslim Brotherhood.

Solar Max Saves the Obama White House

Chet Nagle

The problems created by a major solar flare can approach those created by an EMP device. There was a big flare in 2010 and major flares look more likely as 2012 approaches.


1. Video: Paul Ryan: "Biggest Threat to Our Country and Economy Is Our Debt"
2. Video: Pelosi "Republicans put women and children last..."
3. Major Hasan, 'Star Officer' (By DOROTHY RABINOWITZ)
4. Videos: Bachmann, King and Slaughter: Highlights of the Pigford Press Conference
5. Video: Dr. Zuhdi Jasser on Glenn Beck's Radio show discussing the Muslim Brotherhood at CPAC
 6. Video: Rep. Allen West (R) on FOX with Greta
7. Video: Austrian Activist Faces Jail Time for Criticizing Islam, Shariah Law
8. Video: AMAZING STORY! Stranded 84-Year-Old Survives in AZ Desert for 5 Days
9. Video: Helen Thomas on America's ‘Attitude' in The Israeli-Palestinian Conflict
10. Video: Great news: Supercomputer utterly destroys all-time champs on Jeopardy

Islamic Justice: Justice Par Excellence

Amil Imani

A satirical take on Islamic standards of justice, which bears out the maxim "Many a truth is spoken in jest." Islamic justice is so surreal, it should alarm Westerners that anyone sane would allow it.

"Lily Pads" (Deployment and Launch Operations)

New Adaptive US National Military Strategy - Joint Global Warfare Strike Operations: Part 1

Maj. Gen. Paul Vallely, US Army (Ret)

Introducing a new series on how America should be adapting its military strategies in relation to the changing patterns of global power.

The Political Language of Dialectics and Obama's Speech

Nancy Kobrin, PhD, Joan Lachkar, PhD

Fine speeches may impress the media at home, but in the Middle East, expectations are different, and even the word "democracy" can inflame anger.

Islam + Democracy = Islam

Edward Cline

An author argues that Western attempts to impose democracy upon Islamic countries are doomed to fail, due to the nature of Islam itself.

Today's Hot Topics

We choose, you peruse.

  1. Poll: Americans Unconvinced Economy on Rebound

  2.  General Petraeus 'to quit as Afghanistan commander' (TELEGRAPH)

  3. 2 ICE Agents Shot, 1 Killed in Mexico (CBS)

  4. CBS News' Lara Logan Assaulted During Egypt Protests (CBS)

  5. U.S. Had Year of Warnings Over Egypt (WSJ)

  6. Wake-up call may end the American dream (WT)

  7. Healthcare Reform Law Requires New IRS Army Of 1,054 (U.S. NEWS)

  8. Tough-talking Chris Christie plans D.C. rollout (POLITICO)

  9. Seahawk becomes first Gulf of Mexico drilling company to file bankruptcy due to offshore drilling moratorium (DAILY CALLER)

  10. House Begins Debate Over Plan to Chop Spending for Remainder of 2011 (FOX)

Obama Administration Losing Ground Across Mideast

Peter Brookes

Where America once had a degree of power and influence in the Middle East arena, in two short years the current administration has been losing its grip and now the U.S. appears weak.

Citizen Soldiers Are Key to Pentagon's Future

James Carafano, PhD

With an ailing economy, there are calls by some to slash defense budgets. But reserve forces could keep the military strong without making the country bankrupt.

Fort Hood Shootings Linked To Political Correctness, Senators Claim

Jim Kouri, CPP

Senators investigating the Fort Hood shooting claimed that they discovered evidence of "systemic failures" that eventually may result in improving federal terrorism investigations.

Michelle Obama: First Lady of Junk Science

Michelle Malkin

The notion that breast feeding a baby can protect it against future obesity is not founded upon incontrovertible science, but the First Lady is still promoting this as scientific "truth."

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