Monday, February 28, 2011

02-28-11: Where Heroes Are Not Welcome (Plus: Last U.S. vet of WWI dies at age 110)

Oh My Allah, They Killed Kenny!

Gadi Adelman

Zachary Chesser, the man who threatened South Park's creators, was sentenced to 25 years in federal prison Thursday. Was all this really about a cartoon?

Where Heroes Are Not Welcome

Lt. Colonel James Zumwalt, USMC (ret)

The culture of contempt for America's brave defenders is so embedded that a wounded veteran was jeered at Columbia, the same university that hosted Iran's war-mongering president.


1. Video: Farewell to Frank Buckles, last surviving U.S. World War I veteran
2. Video: O'Reilly Factor "Why the President Hasn't Gone to Wisconsin "
3. Video: Rep. Paul Ryan: ‘I Didn't Like ObamaCare, But I Didn't Walk Out'
4. President G.W. Bush Refuses Invitation That Also Went to WikiLeaks Founder
5. Video: Amanpour Interviews Gadhafi's Son
6. Video: Union Thugs: Chris Christie is ‘Terrorist' Who Would Shoot Workers
7. Video: News Reporter Attacked at Wis. Protest During Live Broadcast
8. Video: Heritage and Reason deflate myths in Public Employees Unions debate
9. Video: Courageous Clarence Thomas Criticizes Critics for ‘Undermining' High Court

Declaration of Independence as Law

Ronald R. Cherry, MD

While our Constitution and Bill of Rights are the greatest secular laws ever written - it must be acknowledged that our secular Constitution has a sacred mandate - The Declaration of Independence.

The Obama Administration's Criminally Negligent Foreign Policy

Manda Zand-Ervin

Is the administration's failure to practically support calls for freedom in Iran and Libya a sign of hypocrisy, or is America now Europe's simpering poodle?

Jawohl, Mein Professor

Bruce Kesler

The American Association of University Professors has gone abroad to authoritarian regimes and overboard to try to suck the air out of critiques of academia. And on Israel? Well...

Israeli Muslim Brotherhood Leader Arrested On Arson Charges

The Global Muslim Brotherhood Daily Report

The Muslim Brotherhood continues its machinations with acts of arson in Israel, forcible gender segregation in Gaza and setting up a political party in Egypt...

The Global Caliphate and the Universal Delusion

Diana West

Is it really delusional to argue that American democratic precepts have a natural place as "universal principles" in a culture grounded in Shariah principles?

Playing Israel's Good Hand

Caroline Glick

While excoriating Obama and the US, the Palestinian Authority (PA) is actively wooing Hamas. On Wednesday, the PA accepted the legitimacy of Hamas control over Gaza.

The Mad Dog of Tripoli

And The Emperor's New Clothes Syndrome

Nancy Kobrin, PhD, Joan Lachkar, PhD

How is the madness of Libya's Colonel Gaddafi different from the madness of other dictators?

Islamist Rally Calling For Sharia Law in U.S. Must Go Forward

Chris Carter

British fanatic Anjem Choudary and his Islamist buddies want to demonstrate outside the White House to call for the overthrow of democracy and for America to be ruled by Sharia.

'On Wisconsin!' Public Servanthood and PATCO

Frank Hill

The uprisings in Wisconsin and now Indiana and Illinois bring to the forefront what a ‘public servant' really is. Elected leaders are ‘cowards' for running away from the debate...

America: Break the Silence on Islam

Amil Imani

A former Muslim argues that the American people must hear the truth about Islam continually until they are completely aware of its dangers.

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