Monday, February 28, 2011

Saudi Arabia: The Next Capital of Islamic Feminism?

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Saudi Arabia: The Next Capital of Islamic Feminism?

by Phyllis Chesler

February 28, 2011

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In the midst of a Middle East meltdown, in the midst of the most dangerous mayhem and madness, can a feminist and human rights revolution really be brewing in…Saudi Arabia? We know that Saudi Arabia is exceptionally barbaric towards its women and to all progressive thought. Women are not allowed to drive, and they cannot travel, accept employment, or open a bank account without the approval of a male relative. In addition, Saudi women must be fully veiled from head to toe and from front to back, and they must submit to arranged child marriage and to polygamy.

Sharia law rules. Thus, adultery, choosing a husband of one's own, or refusing to marry, might be privately punished by solitary confinement, beatings, or being honor murdered. Adultery or failure to veil might lead to execution by the religious police or by the state.

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