Thursday, July 21, 2011

07-20-11: Supporter of Armed Jihad Addresses American Group [PLUS: Watch Hero 10 Pound Dog Thwart Robbers]

Why the World Needs a Strong America

by Peter Brookes

Never has one country done so much for so many, for so little thanks, as the United States.



1. VIDEO: 10 Pound Dog that thwarted robbers hailed as hero, goes on national TV
2. VIDEO: Tucker Carlson: 'Very Few People Have Done More To Divide The Country Than Chris Matthews'
3. VIDEO: New Jersey governor Chris Christie [R] had a message for congressional Republicans and Democrats today: A pox on both your houses.
4. VIDEO: Illegal alien breaches security at largest U.S. nuclear plant
5. VIDEO: O'Keefe Team Investigates Carolina Medicaid; Gov't Health Care for 25 IRA Terrorists?
6. VIDEO: Let's stop spending the future over a cliff!
7. VIDEO: Breast-Feeding Doll to be Sold in the U.S.
8. VIDEO: Senator Coburn [R]: U.S. Gov't Headed Toward Imposing 'Financial Repression' on American People
9. VIDEO: Rep. Jan Schakowsky [D] Agrees with President: Americans are Too Stupid to Understand Complex Debt Ceiling Debate & Social Security Threat
10. VIDEO: Whistleblower in U.K. Hacking Scandal Found Dead

Iran Continues to Change the Balance of Power in Middle East

Maj. Gen. Paul Vallely, US Army (Ret)

The United States is still lacking a clear forward, coherent strategy to deal with Iran and seemingly too distracted with domestic events and issues to develop one.

Today's Hot Topics

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From Farragut's Raiders to the First Man on the Moon

Military History, W. Thomas Smith, Jr.

Commemorating this week's anniversaries of defining events in American military history.

Latest al-Qaida Magazine Touts Gains and Losses

Steve Emerson

The sixth issue of the online al-Qaida magazine "Inspire" has been released, later than usual due to the chaos in Yemen where it is produced, and the deaths of local "martyrs."

Supporter of Armed Jihad Addresses American Muslim Group

The Global Muslim Brotherhood Daily Report

A former Pakistani Islamic judge who has called for "aggressive military jihad" to establish global Islamic supremacy gives a speech at a course hosted by a U.S. Islamic group.

Another Terror Group Seeks Alliance with Al-Qaeda

Jim Kouri, CPP

The terror group known as Boko Haram is famous for attacking Christians in northern Nigeria. Now, like other African terror groups before it, it wants to join the al-Qaeda network.

Obama's Ministers of Culture and Agitprop

Michelle Malkin

Instead of one government-supported arts czar, the White House has designated an entire herd of them.

Quote of the Day - July 20, 2011

FSM: Quote of the Day

An inspired conservative woman...

Influential Conservative is Dangerously Wrong on E-Verify

Peter Gadiel

Recently, Tom DeWeese argued that the E-Verify system would be an attack upon liberties, even though it guarantees that employers only hire legal residents, thus protecting American workers.

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