Thursday, July 28, 2011

07-28-11: Islam Demands Unconditional Surrender [PLUS: Hannity Takes On John McCain]

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1. Special Ops Chief Warns of Al Qaeda 2.0 [FOX]
2. Rep. Jackson Lee [D] at Radical Islam Hearing: Let's ‘Have a Hearing on Right-Wing Extremists, Ideologues’ [CNS]
3. Report Shows Terror Recruitment in U.S. Still a Problem [FOX]
4. Palin to Keynote Tea Party Rally in Iowa [RCP]
5. Obama urged to invoke 14th Amendment by Rep. James Clyburn and a group of House Democrats, as debt ceiling deadline nears [POLITICO]
6. World Jewish Congress: Ban Iran from Olympics over anti-Israel boycott [HAARETZ]
7. U.S. Is at the Start of 500-Day Retail Recession [CNBC]
8. ATF Manager says he shared Fast and Furious Info with White House [CBS]
9. Members of Congress earn 3.4 times the average U.S. salary [PROJECT TAX PAYAERS]
10. Another NY Times Columnist Compares Tea Party 'Budget Maniacs' to Al Qaeda Terrorists, Threat to National Security [TIMES WATCH]



1. Thomas More Law Center's Obamacare Challenge First to Reach U.S. Supreme Court
2. VIDEO: Walter Reed Army Medical Center officially closes after 102 years
3. VIDEO: Hannity Takes On John McCain [R] Over Tea Party ‘Hobbit' Smear
4. Machinists union now trying to organize Boeing workers in South Carolina
5. VIDEO: Ed Schultz: Martha MacCallum Shows ‘How Dumb Some of Those Fox Anchors Really Are'
6. Disgraced U.S. Congress Rep. could be eligible for $1M in pension, benefits
7. VIDEO: Carney [White House] vs. Henry [FOX News] - Round Two
8. VIDEO: Al Franken [D] "Welcome Terrorists"
9. VIDEO: Liberal. Lawmaker: ‘We Don't Have a Deficit Problem Right Now'
10. 'Swift Boat' Veteran Who Defended Kerry Stripped of Silver Star

Islam Demands Unconditional Surrender

Amil Imani

Whereas democracy is defined as the rule of the people, by the people, for the people, Islam is defined as the rule of Allah, by Allah and his emissaries, for the pleasure of Allah.

Adult Children of America

Tom McLaughlin

In three generations a culture of entitlement and dependency has emerged, supplanting earlier communities where notions of work ethics and personal responsibility mattered.

Need A Free Cool Trillion? Ask China!

Peter Huessy

China might not purchase U.S. bonds in future if the debt deadline is ignored, but China broke its obligations to pay interest on bonds bought by Americans before Mao took power.

Fake Freedom Fighter Works for North Korean Dictatorship

Brenda West

An editor who was praised for challenging Islamist bigotry is now revealed, it seems, to have collaborated with the Communist dictatorship of North Korea.

Pakistan Today

Darlene Casella

Pakistan continues on its path to becoming another Islamist-controlled failed state, a failed state with the added danger of possessing nuclear weapons.

"We Stand with the Gentleman from Florida"

Phil Orenstein

In the recent spat between Wasserman Shultz and Congressman West, the congressional Democrats are rallying to show their support for Wasserman Shultz.

Palestinian TV Continues to Deny Israel's Existence

Itamar Marcus, Nan Jacques Zilberdik

State television provided by the Fatah-controlled Palestinian Authority, a group that claims to be engaged in "two-state negotiations" denies the existence of neighboring Israel.

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