Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Taxes, Patriotism and Common Sense [by Ralph Peters]

I do get angry, though. Not about paying my taxes. But that 49 per cent of my fellow citizens pay no income tax at all, thanks to political pandering. And that, last year, I paid more taxes from my middle-class income than General Electric did-after that corporation enjoyed a wildly profitable year.

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Family Security Matters Contributing Editor Ralph Peters is a retired Army officer (and former enlisted man), and an author. The latest of his 26 books, The Officers' Club, a novel set in the post-Vietnam Army, was published in January.

Taxes, Patriotism and Common Sense

Let's Leave Mindless Slogans to the Left.

by Ralph Peters

An author who is proud to pay tax suggests that tax loopholes need to be closed and the system needs to be given a complete overhaul, even if such measures are currently unpopular.



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