Wednesday, January 9, 2013

01-09-13: Chavez Inauguration: Weekend at Bernie’s Revisited?

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·  Former U.S. Marine vs. Piers Morgan on Guns: ‘We Can't Give Up Our Rights Because We're Afraid' Marine's scathing letter to Sen. Feinstein, titled "No Ma'am," went viral last week.

·  Aborting babies at taxpayers' expense - Congressional investigation needed!

·  Will Hillary Clinton testify about Benghazi, Libya and the 4 murdered Americans, before she leaves Her Obama cabinet position?

·  Hannity: Are we still a constitutional republic? How to go about saving America

·  Getting away with murder in Benghazi? A look at how the sole suspect in the Libya terror attacks was released and whether anyone will be held responsible for four Americans' deaths

·  Ollie North: 'Israeli Phobe' Hagel Backs Hamas And Hezbollah

·  Is Iran behind photos of missing ex-FBI agent?

·  Ben Shapiro Introduces The Left's Biggest Bullies


In Case You Missed It

child debt

·  Santelli updates the national debt readings, explains how politicians inadvertently created a new program called "All Kids Left Behind," and explains why they should not be proud of it


·  Ronald Reagan makes some excellent points about how unpatriotic it is to buy votes with other people's money.


·  A gross violation of your privacy by the press - Newspaper puts citizens in danger!


·  1776 Will Commence Again If You Try to Take Our Firearms!


·  Senator Ted Cruz: Government Shutdown Is on the Table


·  Krauthammer Slams Hagel Nomination


·  New film investigates threat from Muslim Brotherhood

chuck hagel_obama_LARGE

·  Hagel: 'The Jewish Lobby Intimidates a Lot of People up Here'


·  Tough confirmation battle ahead for John Brennan? Will Obama's pick for CIA head be approved?

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·  The Video of the Best Pickpocketer in the World That You'll Likely Want to See

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Chavez Inauguration: Weekend at Bernie's Revisited?

"Weekend at Bernie's" was a 1989 comedy film in which two bumbling businessmen, invited by their boss to his beach home, arrive there only to find he has been murdered.

Planned Parenthood receives record amount of taxpayer support

The latest annual report showed Planned Parenthood performed nearly 334,000 abortions in 2011, which The Susan B. Anthony List said was a record.

From the River to the Sea

The Land of Israel stretches from the River Jordan to the Mediterranean Sea.

Fascism In America

It is not coincidental that the Obama administration pushed aside the primary bond holders of General Motors in an effort to give the Union of Automobile Workers (UAW) effective control of the company.

Becoming a Great Leader: Advice from a Zero

We shouldn't praise bureaucrats, public "servants," and "great leaders." It only encourages them.

Placing the Blame for Mass Murders Where it Belongs

There are two issues which have a direct causal bearing on these mass killings and yet have not been accorded the attention they deserve.

Chuck Hagel: Weak on Jihad and Terrorism

President Obama has selected one of the worst possible candidates imaginable to become Secretary of Defense.

A Prophecy Worthy of Recognition

Sadly, the Obama Administration turned a deaf ear to the forces of secular democracy and threw its weight behind the Muslim Brotherhood and their Salafi ilk.

Iran's nuclear bomb program complete

Source reveals secret site; last obstacle is to arm missiles...


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